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India makes contact-tracing app compulsory in viral hot zones despite most local phones not being smart

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For years we have been told not to have bluetooth active on your phone in public places as it is a security risk and opens up you to other users in the area who may want to still your personal data. When did this change?

Get over yourselves: Life in the multiverse could be commonplace

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Great post

Excellent post...

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2

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Windows 7 works fine for me

Loaded Windows 7 Home Edition to my Samsung NC10 and as far as I can tell, it runs just as fast as it does under XP. I've made it a due boot system which makes it pretty easy to compare performance. Also loaded the Office 2010 Beta and that runs just fine too. Maybe I'm just lucky...


Google Squared - the Cuilest search app ever

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no more potty mouth...

I'll be avoiding reading anything by this author unless he cleans up his act and refrains from using swear words in his text - not needed and not clever...

Google says sorry as Gmail plummets out of the cloud

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A days down time is nothing

A days down time is nothing - you should try working in the environment I have to suffer. Naturally it's a MS Outlook/Exchange environment which is maintained for our organisation (a local authority) by a well known outsourcer and it's down/broken more often than it works! My private gmail account knocks spots off my corporate email system by a mile

How Chrome puts the skids under Nokia

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Fast as a Chrome thing...

I'm finding Chrome blindingly fast compared to Firefox V3 and IE7. I've had to turn Flash off in Firefox to get it to move at any sort of usable speed! Plus Chrome seems to handle pages that Firefox has a problem with just fine. Only found one page it failed on when it for some reason wouldn't handle the id/password field entries - very odd. Love the minimalistic GUI...


Dell offers 'Windows Vista Bonus' to frightened customers

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reply to William

William - get a life and clean your mouth out.

Leeds thieves target Ford Focus chips

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Not just in Leeds

"It would appear that Leeds is vying for the title "UK's Dumb Criminal Capital"

My friends in Manchester have had their Focus broken into twice and the radio nicked and the local plod told them exactly the same story...

Sony Ericsson K660i internet phone

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Can't see this does much more than my K800i

Doesn't seem to be much (if any) of a leap from my K800i which does most of what is included. If I load down a couple of things, them it's on a par. Just seems like a marketing exercise to me.


IBM gets back into PCs

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It ain't Lotus Notes

Kind of missing the point - it ain't Lotus Notes, it's an IBM'd version of Open Office they're pushing.