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Huawei S7 7in Android tablet

Jason Chapman

Galaxy tab

Gt currently 399 from thecarphone warehouse for 32gb one.

Humax HDR-Fox T2 Freeview HD DVR

Jason Chapman

So can I copy from PVR over ethernet to my laptop / handheld

I have a Humax 9200T (I think) I have tried copying from its HDD to PC over USB directly (which took forever and failed regularly - 30 mins of program in 20 mins). Then opened the box and used piggybacked of the IDE cable. What I want to do is copy content from my PVR to laptop to watch on the train etc. Will this box do that?

Can I play on laptop with MS Windows Media Player / my MP2 player?

How long to copy 1hrs TV?

Looking at the q&a above it appears not for HD, but what about SD?



Mobile Broadband Best Buys

Jason Chapman

My 3 & T-Mobile Experience

I have had my 3 dongle for a year and tried the T-Mobile offering. T-Mobile at the time of taking it offered the "if it doesn't work where you live bring it back" and that's exactly what I did and they did it without any fuss (Warrington). Install was fine, coverage wasn't good where I needed it.

For a client I also got all the main PAYG free SIM only and stuck them in a nokia to see the 3G coverage (Kent). This worked well and allowed them to settle on a network that worked everywhere they needed it before forking out on a contract.

So 3's service and probably the same for all:

1) Not good when in transit - e.g. on trains, cars etc. You spend all your time looking at the connection monitor to find out why outlook won't send, MUCH less productive than being offline. Fortunately Virgin West Coast have free wifi for 1st class and payfor in standard (it is t-mobile and google thinks you are in germany).

2) Connection time is painfully slow, i.e. from clicking connect to actually being able to use the connection. With a laptop on battery on the London to Ashford train you want to do a quick pick up whilst at good coverage stations. No chance, normally well over a minute to connect. Why can't it be seconds?

Specifically for 3

- when no 3G reverts to Orange coverage which is nice (2G so slow, but fine for emergencies on the side of a hill in wales when someone server as abended).

- When i took out the service I also took a 3 handset, but 3 wouldn't let me use my handset as a mobile BB connection. Therefore needed an extra bit of kit for the few times I need to connect - grr.

- Having a 3 handset is useful as it tells me whether it is worth (signal wise) booting up the laptop where I am or whether I need to find "higher ground".

Well worth it for me as an insurance for home working if BB goes down and occasional out in the field usage.

Mozilla plans to tie Firefox 3.7 pigtails in pretty Ribbon

Jason Chapman

pedant of the week award.

I thought ribbon birthed itself Office 2007.

Acer debuts thin and light notebooks for the masses

Jason Chapman
Thumb Down

Spec looks good, till you get to the screen res.

I need 1680 x 1050, not 13768 or whatever. Shame, I was going to get an Acer last time, but ended up with a Dell as Acer advertised in their lit a high spec XP machine, but no-one in the UK could get them (about 3 yrs ago).

Pret customers get free Wi-Fi

Jason Chapman

And it works!

McUpChuck has earned at least 3 meals worth from me in the last 12 months. Its free wifi has meant I have gone in sat down, eaten, picked up my e-mail. Actually their coffee is alright, but what do they add to the food to make you more hungry after you have eaten than before?

Wifi service is good. Just waiting for Virgin West Coast trains to catch on - as per your "stories" 2007 and before. Current rumour is Spring 2009.


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