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Who's afraid of the SOA police?


SOA = Enterprise Architecture = bulls**t.

SOA, the whole purpose of which is to generate consultancy revenue.

Of course some people will try to defend it, they have a vested interest.

Universal thaws out The Thing


Down with this sort of thing.

FFS, stop remaking John Carpenter films and just give the man more money to make something new.

McKinnon supporters plan Home Office demo



He might have done the crime, he needs to stand trial. Simple.

If he'd done the crime against servers in the UK, he'd still be arrested and tried.

As much as I like to get annoyed with Merkins, their legal system still requires a high standard of evidence for a conviction and he will get a fair trial with access to make a full and complete defense.

As for one sided extradition treaties, yep, let's sort that out. But let's not try to sort it out by withholding people from trial.

"He was just curious", yet it's still illegal.

"He's got aspergers", yet he still knows right from wrong.

"But the sentence is really really harsh", he could of course not have, allegedly, committed the crime. It would have saved all this hassle.

If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

UK to outlaw cartoons of child sexual abuse


Olympics 2012

Damn, they just banned the Liza Simpson giving head logo.

Expect another pointless waste of money on another logo.

SOA benefits: too much reuse of reuse?


Mmm an SOA story

You do realise that everyone outside the SOA/Enterprise Architecture community thinks your talking complete and utter bullshit?

WaSP gives browsers 'fail' grade


As someone who writes a browser ...

.... I know of a couple of simple way to improve standards compatibility.

1) No standards without reference implementations or even closed source proven implementations, that means you W3. If you can't check the validity of your own specs in running code, why is everyone else supposed too?

This isn't rocket science, it's the method that IETF has used with its RFCs for years.

2) No standards without full test cases, when your standards feature non-local user content, the specs need to define the failure behaviour as well.

Since the mid 90's the W3 has made over 90 specifications available, maybe they should spend a little more time checking they really work.