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O2's free Wi-Fi in detail: How free is free exactly?

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How to kill your computer


just an efficient way to get MB replaced

Back in the dark ages I did PC hardware support for a big bank. 1000's of pc's.

All pc's where under repair contract from dell, IBM etc.

Once in a while you had one pc who always crapped out on irregular intervals without repoducable cause on a blue screen or freeze etc.

So to make sure we got those replaced and not returend "without fault found" we simply lifted the processor, put some tin foil under it, put the processor back with the foild between the cpu and the socket, and hit the power button, pulled the plug , removed the tin foil and made a call to get a new mainboard.


You did what? The trials of supporting remote users


talking to a "dba"....

Doing remote debugging of an Oracle db problem, ct told me he was on windows ...

no matter what we checked, it was all fine according to him, but he could not connect locally (and claimed to not be able to test remote),seen he was next to the server and this was a dev system I asked him to check the oracle service and restart this. Suddenly everything went TO quiet at the other side.

Asked what he did, he cut the power of the box. - So I asked to start the system again.

Then he asked with what login he needed to use, so I suggested an domain admin login.

After more confusion it turned out he was not on a windows box but a sun box...

Finally got someone else on phone, who logged in with a user acount that had the correct permissions to make local connections, after commenting out the windows authentication adapter again in the NET8 config........

Nokia N810 internet tablet

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not including a "phone" is a good idea imho ...

I carry my mobile almost everywhere, while I don't need everywhere GPS or a Internet device. It's a add on to a phone, not a replacement, while the Iphone is really a replacement for your current phone I find that still quite bulky as *phone*.

While some people prefer the bigger EEE I find the small form factor of the N800/N810 the main reason to tuck it away in my backpack or in the car - so it's nearby when I need it, but in my pocket I have a small mobile with one mission: call and provide 3G.

And bonus is that if the tablet get flat on battery's I still can call :)


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