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3Com gets out of China, shows fists to Cisco

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I'm with DRendar

I'm with DRendar, 3Com shafted us once, they will do it again.

I also bet that their tech support hasn't improved because it was really bad then. Add that to poor quality equipment that broke down constantly and it was a nightmare. I had literally tons of that equipment in hundreds of sites and it cost us a fortune to be constantly rotating their turds.

I'm never going back to 3Com. Lowlife scumbags.

Apple: No Jesus on the Jesus Phone


Fair enough

You can't look at naughty things, you shouldn't be able to look at the other extreme either. I'm tired of god-botherers, of whatever religion. Muslim or Christian, its very tiresome.

Any clouds in your sky?


Clouds are Enterprise tools

The current kerfuffle around Clouds is temporary while the press catches up. Just because Google and Amazon are marketing the crap out of their solutions, Corporates have been building their own Clouds for the last three years. Mostly based around VMware and looking a lot like Amazon EC3, we just don't talk about it much.

Cloud Computing is all about rebuilding corporate data centers, the vendors are using the current 'online clouds' as free marketing while they finish off their management tools.

Brocade and Cisco squabble over future fabric standards

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Except he wasn't rebutting your piece.....

he was taking my posting to task and specifically referenced my article

Credit, I did extract the initial information from your post.

eBay told to stop forcing Aussies to use PayPal


But few people use PayPayl in Australia

The weird part of this is that very few people use PayPal in Australia, preferrring to deposit money directly to other peoples accounts.

I can't make sense of why PayPal is used by most people.

Vodafone axes 450 at Newbury HQ


Jobs to Germany

Most likely the jobs were moved to Germany since the labour laws mean they can't sack some of 28000 (ex-Mannesmann) employees they have there. They have been moving services and operations to Germany at an enormous rate for a few years now.

Nice sleight of hand though, replace 450 full time, long term jobs with 330 part time casual jobs and the Register can't detect the reality. Hiring 330 to teach people mobile phones, ha.

See those people wearing red coats outside the Vodafone stores lately ? Pestering you like a 'lucky heather gypsy', that is the new job.

How Phorm plans to tap your internet connection


Evil and more evil

There are two impacts, my personal privacy is lost, and Web sites that rely on ad-generated revenue. I am concerned about both.

Please join a Web site that opposes this e.g. http://badphorm.co.uk

I expect Google to be quietly campaigning behind the scenes because of the impact to its business.