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NZ council to scrub Muff Road


no title required

I live near Penny lane in Liverpool and after many years of streetsigns going missing the council ended up painting them straight onto the brickwork.

Driving to Cockermouth always raises a smile from me for some reason.

Satanic blob beast menaces North Carolina


Half Life anybody ?

Why do I suddenly get the urge for a game of Half Life ?

Give it a crack with the crowbar to see what it does....

Bristol crim caught with mobile up jacksie


poop deck

In some prisons they now have a special seat where they can x-ray up the poop deck without having to resort to rubber gloves.

NZ couple do bunk with £3.9m bank error


hypothetically speaking...

if your bank deposits 3.9 million in to your account by accident, could you then transfer it to another savings account, wait for the bank to get in touch a few days/weeks later, transfer the money back when they ask for it (after 4 working days). Then keep any interest accrued

'Lord of the Universe' disciple exits Wikipedia


@Moss Icely Spaceport

There is only one way to find out


Spacewalking astronaut drops toolbag


Get Real

OK lets get real here, I am a man and would have to think more than twice before going out on a "spacewalk" never mind having the "balls" to even take lift off in the shuttle. Add that to the fact of fiddling about with handtools in a pair of space gloves, I really think the girl needs some sympathy.

Hubble transmissions cease as computer fails


SLA - response times ?

I would like to check the response times agreed to on the on the SLA for a fix by the field engineer....

BOFH: Dealing with engineers



Any chance of hotlinking some of these acronyms ie : BOFH, PFY, RPITA to an explanation, i mean WTF does KZZZERT mean......

Scientists discover galaxy's youngest supernova


Supernova = Boring

I thought they were going to release evidence of ancient civilizations on Mars, not some boring old supernova palaver.

Vote now for your fave sci-fi movie quote


Mad Max 2 Classic

" I've never seen a man beat a snake before "

Gyrocopter pilot to Max after Max had foiled his ambush.