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'Overplayed' privacy concerns rile Symantec boss

Robert Smits

It's why we need government protection!

Business has a sad and sorry history of NOT protecting the privacy of it's customers. They have inadequate safeguards against loss, are not forthcoming when a loss occurs, and think it's perfectly OK to mine their customer's data for their own business purposes. Is it any wonder we feel we need government protection?

Until he can claim 100 % of businesses are ethical, honest, and straightforward, he belongs with the Wall St spin doctors.

Rude Tintin pulls out

Robert Smits

So? Where is it?

What I want to know is where's the first site for it online?

Chinese net censors unblock BBC, Wikipedia

Robert Smits

Reporters aren't techs

Of course they are. They're in exactly the same position as most web users who aren't techies, and wouldn't know a VPN from a Vice President. They're largely sports reporters, a.k.a. jocks, not technicians.

What's really obnoxious is that the IOC knew the Chinese wouldn't live up to their commitments, and awarded them the games anyway.

Patent violation, prosecution, acquisition: pick your top open-source project

Robert Smits

Lame and lamer - only choices available

Vote for anyone? All I saw as choice were really lame projects I'd mostly never heard of - there certainly did not appear to be any way of adding your own choices. I certainly abstained from making a choice in most categories.

Mayor Boris to cover Porsche costs in CO2 tax brouhaha

Robert Smits

Translation, please

Translation, please.

What on earth is a "people carrier"?

Don't all cars carry people? Do you mean a bus, or a van or a station wagon?

Bob, in Canada

White space fillers are hospital system killers

Robert Smits

Sharing Critical Frequencies does not work!

The real problem is combining over-the-air use of frequencies with stuff that's supposed to stay within the cable system. It shouldn't be news to anyone that rf does not stay inside the cable system - it leaks out and interferes with all kinds of over-the-air transmissions, including police, fire, ambulance, aviation safety and now medical services.

They all need to be on separate, discrete frequencies, and if that means taking away some opportunity to watch Judge Judy on forty different channels, so be it. People that tell you low powered in-house systems can co-exist with over-the air systems are just lying to you. Ever tried to watch cable channel 18 near a 150 MHz region paging system?

Comcast proposes P2P 'bill of rights'

Robert Smits

Colour me Sceptical

Suggesting Comcast could come up with a bill of rights for peer to peer users is like suggesting Colonel Saunders (of Kentucky Fried Chicken) could come up with a bill of rights for chickens.

North America is rapidly losing any lead it once had in telecommunications and information technology - and mostly because existing providers see increasing demand only as an opportunity for squeezing more and more cash out of their existing customers without making any substantial investments in increased bandwidth that could spawn a whole new generation of applications.

US.gov disappears European-owned Cuba websites

Robert Smits

Ideological midgets!

Just another example of why you can't trust the Yanks not to behave like unreasonable bullies when it comes to the rights of foreigners. Here's someone who is abiding by the law in the country he lives in, has no connection at all except a domain registry and he gets his business and his livelihood threatened by these ideological midgets.

No wonder many of us won't do business with American companies.

Microsoft officially 425 years behind the times

Robert Smits

Next thing they'll do!

Knowing Microsoft, the next thing they'll do is lobby legislators to do away with the inconvenience of leap years altogether!



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