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Nork splash shot snapped by passing satellite

Hugh Fiske

I saw a film about this once...

Kim Jong Il: [to terrorists on a giant monitor] Who's responsibre for browing up Panama?

Terrorist: We were upset about Cairo.

Kim Jong Il: Goddamnit, how many times do I have to tehr you? You don't use the WMDs untihr you see the signahr! I have worked ten years on this pran! It is a very precise, and a compricated pran! I am sick of you terrorists fucking it up! Now take the weapons where I tord you and wait for the *goddamn* signahr this time! Goodbye!

[shuts off monitor, and cools down]

Kim Jong Il: Why is everyone so fucking stupid?


Was Team America : World Police right all along??

USAF Colonel goes on the offensive with botnet destroyer plan

Hugh Fiske
Paris Hilton


Think you'll find that should be hare-brained.

(I was hair-brained once before most of it fell out..)

Paris cos she's got bald bits too, or so I'm told.

Cybercrims dump swag on open botnet server

Hugh Fiske

Finjan press release


El Reg obtains snap of OGC logo reveal

Hugh Fiske

@AC - This is not funny

Wrong, it's funny because it IS puerile and very, very silly. Get over yourself.

Apprentice contestant to offer Zeppelin trips above London

Hugh Fiske
Paris Hilton


Paris is more like a dead heat in a peanut race. Kelly Brook on the other hand..

Convicted cybercrook stands for election in the Ukraine

Hugh Fiske

It couldn't happen here..

A politician with an in-depth working knowledge of computers, whatever next?

UK gov unveils 'Innovation Nation' plans

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Paris Hilton

Innovation Nation

It's also the name of a recent competition organised by the Daily Rant for the Ideal Home Exhibition. Some of the winners have been shown on tv this week and they included such technological wonders as a device to automatically dunk your biscuit in your tea and a ladies' shower unit featuring a carefully positioned protrusion to rest one's foot on when shaving one's leg. Is this the sort of thinking Gordon has in mind?

Paris? Just because.

Mass compromise powers massive drive-by download attack

Hugh Fiske
Paris Hilton

Spam = Malware = Spam

They're inextricably linked and often come from the same gangs. Firefox + Noscript should prevent most malware redirection attempts, we need to spread the word.

Paris? Already being spread.

Road charging, the sequel - Kelly unveils 'wired m-way' plans

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Paris Hilton

@ By Name

"When travelling at a safe speed there is no need to look where you are going....."


Paris says wtf too but she means where not what...

El Reg decimates English language

Hugh Fiske

@Chris Collins

Offensive and patronising at the same time, must've taken some thinking about..