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Microsoft nails second Android device maker


Fruck 'em


Microsoft? Fuck 'em. Preferably up the butt with the spikey end of the pineapple.


Sony expands legal offensive to more PS3 hackers


Just confirms my opinion of Sony

A bunch of w@$#ers

New NASA model: Doubled CO2 means just 1.64°C warming


Climate Change - Probably, Global Warming - Hmmmm....

My neighbour is one of many in the UK who get paid ( approx £40/annum! ) to make daily recordings of local conditions (In his case Bucks) and send them on to the Met Office. His message to me today reads :-

This morning there was the years 161st ground frost beating last year’s new record of 160. Given the forecast available to 23rd December, it appears we shall reach at least 176. The possible of 184 looks attainable, taking frost frequency to just over 50%!

The big one is still outstanding, climate change from Temperate to Arctic Tundra. As at today this has a probability of 52%. Currently we have 21/30 days towards the change with 111 days during 2010 where the mean temperature has been below 6˚ C.


Makes you ponder, huh?

Alan Sugar's 'cockup braindead in call centre clueless' BT row

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@ Sarah Bee's Love Slave

Cracking handle!

Diary of a Not-spot: One man's heroic struggle for broadband

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If that 90ft is where I think it is...

Then Matt was probably trying to set up at least a 100Mb pipe for commercial use. I can assure you, and you can probably assure me, that that is a very different kettle of fish to 11g wireless 8-)


Hi Matt..

you still at the Grauniad?



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Sarah... You are FAB

Indian village bans single girls from mobile use


@ Why...

Because it's cheap and big business has no god other than price.

Location-based advertising grows up

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Brilliant question

"It is worth taking a moment to consider who you would trust more with your personal data – a major corporation like Telefonica or Google, or yourself, 20 years ago."

Although it's relevance will, as stated, not be appreciated by the young.

Fox News outs Beatles as 'Manchester's favorite mopheads'


Sorry Sarah.....Please don't hit me......AGAINNNNNNNNnnnnn....

Bleeding bhaand ter 'appen iffen yer lets ruddy kids write storys, innit!?

EU to lift flight ban on carry-on liquids


At (almost) bleeding last.

Thank (insert choice of deity) for that. I accept that until they have a scanner they need to limit liquids carried on board. What I have never managed to swallow(!) is that there is no potable water available once you pass security unless you pay the RIP-OFF prices charged in the airport shops. Any supermarket will sell you a 1.5 litre bottle of agua for about 10-15p (just 12 cêntimos here in Portugal) but they want £1.50 for a litre at the airport.

I don't know why I haven't written to the DM about this.

Oh yes, I don't read it.

Texan cooks up deep-fried Guinness



So I took your advice and went to have a look.

Hmmm... A full page of Flash. Should I allow and have a look? Nah, not THAT interested.

But thanks for the heads-up anyway.

Extreme porn now illegal north of the border


Sorry about this...

Although it was the relevance of pic.3 that caught my eye there are some other crackers too.


EU says Google and Microhoo still violate data protection law


@ Knox

Hi Stephen, meet fool.

Two years later, Apple Safari still open to 'carpet-bombing'

Jobs Halo

Well, looking at the voting ...

It would appear that we have an apple fan happily abusing Caesar's rigid digit.

Come, come good Sir, do not be shy. Put virtual pen to paper and give us your thoughts. It is always good to at least hear all sides of an argument before ignoring the ideas that don't agree with ones own opinion.

Samsung ships phase-change memory for mobes

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"Throws NOR out for PRAM" YES!!!

Give that madam ( or manam ) a cigar. What a cracker of a subbie.

Rogue admin waits for verdict


Come on folks, answer some easy questions

"Would you employ him", and "Would you employ his manager"

For me the answers are "Like a shot" & "No bloody way"

Chinese go beyond binary with ternary molecule

Paris Hilton

I majored in Analogue Computing

but switched(!) to Digital as soon as possible. Hell of a lot easier to control the noise figure.

Jesus, am I really THAT old!

Paris, just to be noisome.

El Reg PARIS team unboxes some toys


The driver of that silver car has had it,

if the Spanish plod have better image enhancement capabilities than my copy of Photoshop 3.0, cos he is all over the centre solid white line.

Attacks exploit unpatched weakness in Adobe apps


By gum lad

You need an editor.

Zeus spyware pretends to be Royal Mail PDF


@ Quxy. Whoah!

_IF_ you know what you are talking about (and I certainly can't offer evidence against you) then you truly deserve the use of the genius/nerd icon. I'll drink a pint in your honour. In fact I'll drink a few, too many.

MS kernel patch skirts infected machines


@ Neal 5

Don't mean to diss you pal but if you are really

_fully conversant_ with Linux you are exceptional in the EXTREME, and will be soon be getting multitudinous offers of employment. (From me among others)

But... CMD is better than bash! Let alone ksh!!!

Ahhh, sorry, I get it. Don't fish myself.

Microsoft wants pacemaker password tattoos


Excellent! But...

I do hope that it does not give the Identity Card mob any ideas.

Neil Armstrong slams 'devastating' Constellation cancellation


@ Cyfaill - We need the frontier... time is short. → #

I take my hat off to you Sir and give you a well deserved thumbs-up

My eyes welled as I read your beautiful prose. In fact I was so taken with the strength and elegance of it that I went to look at all the other postings you have made. Nice, very nice. If I had half that sort of skill with words I would be over the moon (sorry, just keeping on topic).

Pray allow me to offer you a virtual pint.

US Army considered attack on Wikileaks

Black Helicopters

@ Not suprising

Tell me..... What makes you think they are not?

Sony Bloggie


Well, well, well...

In the dim and distant past pretty much every bit of Hi-Fi and consumer electronics I owned was Sony kit.

You paid more but got a top quality product.

In time other manufacturers began to raise the quality bar up to (and beyond) the Sony level, but the Sony *brand* was always more expensive.

Being geared more towards quality than brand loyalty I began to buy a more mixed bag of kit.

Then Sony decided they were big and important enough to force their customers into their over-priced proprietary Memory Stick *standard*. Since then, I haven't bought a single Sony product. Why would I lock myself in?

If their move toward SD continues I might begin to consider buying Sony again. (Although not this particular overpriced piece of poo)

Female porn director turned pol grabs Kent by the ballots

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Way to go!!

Good on you girl. A little bit of honesty could (perhaps) go a long way in politics. I think ( and actually, hope ) that the Lib Dems have as much chance of making a significant political impact as a fart in a thunderstorm, But I wish you well and hope you make a real impact on politics. All the very best to a real champion.

Dell's profits shrink as revenue grows


Would you buy from Dell?

I know mileages vary, but who buys from some of these companies?

Never bought Dell 'cos of the web horror stories regarding their after sales (dis)service. It seems that if you get a _good one_ you end up with a fine product at a reasonable price. If you end up needing service; the word seems to be... Dump it and buy something else, from someone else.

Would not buy HP again after my suffering with one of their colour laser printers. Hardware seems fine but the consumables prices are WAY high and the control software is, IMHO and only on a good day, shit. Massive, flaky and stuffed full of sales guff and phone home attempts is about the nicest thing I can find to say about the software. ( 'tho printer works fine under Linux which is nice : )

Have bought Acer products and never had any problems ( unlike Asus, shudder ) but not with Windows so perhaps I have been lucky.

I act as IT everything for my wife's company and while I have given up buying desktop computers, as I reckon they can be home built cheaper and better, laptop purchasing is still a nightmare. The last one I bought was a Lenovo as it was the right spec and available with XP Pro rather than Vista. I spent so long removing all the crud that had been loaded on as _extras_ ( and they dump EVERYTHING into the C: drive root ), and partitioning so that data was separate from programs and Linux could be loaded (she has promised to move to Linux in the near future), that I think I could have built it quicker out of raw materials. That PC was such a mess that Lenovo is definitely off my list.

I want to be able to buy a product without all the extra crap that the producers get paid £15 a unit to add, even if it costs me more. And I want an original software disk with drivers so I can always do a repair or clean install. Is that really too much to ask?

And another thing .......

Cisco ejects HP from privileged partner camp


Nice one Cisco?

Err... just who are you still talking to?

Remote tribe discovered worshipping iPad

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Excellent MinionZero!!!!!

'Tho methinks it was too subtle for some

Entire UK will be on ID database sometime in next 3 millennia

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@ Sarah

Excellent! I do so love it when you are on duty and dishing it out.

PS. Any chance of having that ghastly flashing TopStory box removed. I can stop the flashing ads but have no way of halting that bloody box.

China swings at Clinton as Schmidt fudges exit plan


@Stone Fox

When I tried _The Islam is... google autocomplete thing_ with google.com, google.co.uk & google.pt (from portugal, it may make a diff) I got the blank autocomplete as per the original poster.

Hmmmmm.... the plot thickens.

Knuckle rap for riot shield sledging coppers

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This just proves the saying..

9 times out of 10 there is nothing wrong with the staff, it's the management that are plonkers

Nvidia gets biological with life sciences nerds

Paris Hilton

OK, I'll bite....

It seems to me that using those GPU cycles is a really groovy way to crunch. But....

Comparing apples & pears is always interesting/difficult/wasteoftime/essential/etc.

The pears are mildly well described:- _128 Opteron cores on its Cray XT3 super_, _1,024 Power cores on its BlueGene/L super_.

The lemon, sorry apple ( 'tho I doubt it ), are somewhat more nebulous:- _personal supercomputer with two Tesla C1060 GPU co-processors_.

Of course, I am an old fart who has been locked in a cage for a few millennium, so what do I know? Help me out here folks. A _personal supercomputer_ (that well known er, appliance?) consists of what approximately? Running what approximately? At what cost approximately?

Not that I want to get picky or anything.

Paris, 'cos the angle is in the dangle.

Google to mobile industry: ‘F*ck you very much!’

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Must be doing something right.

Already 106 comments on the article, and counting.

Opinions toned every shade from black to white.

So love him or hate him, Andrew Orlowski is doing HIS job rather well.

Aliens more likely to live on moons than planets, say boffins


Yes, but.....

As long as we lock ourself into the belief that our gravity/oxygen/temperature/etc is the only way that life could reasonably exist we severely limit our chance of alien rapport.

Think structure/methane/nitrogen/dontknowwhatitisen/etc and hug an alien.

Mines the one with an xxxx in the pocket. Well - they might Bee gorgeous.

Crypto snafu grounds 3D Avatar screenings in Germany

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Delighted of Ealing!!

As far as I'm concerned, the more often that DRM is seen to stick the green end of a pineapple up it's own back-side, the better.

Last patch train of the decade rolls in from Redmond



Freeing Ms. Bee..........

Google chief: Only miscreants worry about net privacy


That does it for me.

I never really had much of a relarionship withh the big G, but...

Google is no longer on my search engine list.

My Gmail account has been abandoned.

Ho hum... On with my life

Police drop BT-Phorm probe


They let me off once.

I just got a warning instead of a speeding ticket. Perhaps this is the the same kind of thing and BT was just sort of speeding. There is not a LOT of difference is there?

I think I'll just go home now.... Please.

Toshiba takes wraps off netbook


Got to get the specs right first

It's a netbook for lawds sake - why does it need 120Gb HD?

My view FWIW.

Just put in an 8-16Gb SSD and make sure it can use SDHC cards.

Make the screen 1024x768 and the web will be more usable.

Battery life should be 5Hrs+ whilst using WIFi.

It should not be made by Asus 'cos they rip you off re. battery capacity.

XP is good for people like me (6 months ago)

Linux is good for people like me (now)

Weight should be less than 1.2Kg

Keyboard must go right to sides of the case.

Yada, yada, yada............

UK.gov told not to subsidise superfast broadband


@Martin Lyne


Dear man.... You appear to be somewhat stressed. What you need is a nice glass of lightly taxed alcoholic beverage and an evening in front of the box watching something original and entertaining.

Hmmmm .... I see what you mean. AARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH

Mine is the one with a passport in the pocket.

Nuke-nobbling US laser jumbo fires test beams

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You gotta love it!!


"First ray-play day for ICBM sky fry guys"


Give the subbie double bubble for this line.

Thailand clamps down on rude websites

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@AC......At Some Point


Community owned RB-WAN

Needs a bit more thinking about but I reckon it could be made to work.

Any red hot system nerds out there who want to refine the details a bit?

If a workable system can be arranged I'm up for it.

Asus 8.9in Eee PC surfaces


Oi!! Get in the queue sunshine!

I'll have two please

Nine Inch Nails cracks net distribution (maybe)

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Now I will buy music again

I gave up buying music & movies after rootkits appeared on commercial products.

I have never heard NIN music but for $5 it has to be worth trying the FLAC download. Thats less than it costs me to drive to the shops.

Well done that man.