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Musician dumps instruments for iPhone


ah I've been beaten to it

as mentioned above both Jonathan Coulton (check him out!) and The Mentalists have used iPhones in stage shows.

Don't know about the mentalists but JoCo was good, but there it was a gimmick for one song not the backbone of his act.. I hope this guy's the same cos the gimmick appeal probably won't last for a whole set. I don't know though, I wouldn't be going to a Take That gig anyway, they might love it!

Doc invents videogame sedation headset


I had the same confusion as Jonathan

- thought the game somehow sedated you, not an attachment. (Now thinking of Hypno-Toad from Futurama!) It's an interesting idea but it would never have occurred to me it was a necessary tool..!

Sega Mega Drive to be revived next month


Alex Kidd! Dear lord..

Proper old skool gaming there! Wouldn't mind getting one of these, I must admit. Although most of our old faves are now available on other formats aren't they? I know Sonic is..

Geeks re-invent breakfast



Blast - I was just about to get excited about being able to have my breakfast Wallace and Gromit stylee! Aardman need to start designing kitchens!

Novo Minoru - the world's first 3D webcam


It is kind of cute

... or it was until I read g e's comment anyway! - but I'm not sure it's worth £50, I tend to multitask whenever I'm online and I can't imagine being able to do anything else on a machine while wearing 3D glasses which puts me off..

Like Alzain I think I'll be opting for holographic display and other effects for my existing webcam rather than splashing out on this.

Toaster used to recharge gadgets

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asking for trouble?

I would be so worried about kids seeing this and not realising that it's ok to do it with this toaster, but not with your normal one

Obviously it's entirely hypothetical at the moment but that would be my concern if they did launch this as a household item.

BudBuds, for best buds only

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Nice idea

Quite a nice idea I think and potentially useful for any mobile/silent disco attendees.. (do those things still happen? Haven't heard of any for a while)

Laptops to blame for Qantas jet plunge?


Is it just me..

or have there been a lot of plane problems recently.. Seems to be more than usual. Or maybe I'm just more aware of them because I've flown quite a bit this year..?

PC market defies credit crunch


TVs too

It's interesting, LG have found that TV's are also bucking the trend, unfortunately I can't lay my hands on the exact stats right now but I'll see if I can dig them out!

Only 3% of us recycle mobile phones, finds report

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Wow.. I'm kinda surprised it's that low.

But then I suppose it depends on your definition of recycling - I normally give my old handsets to charity or to friends in need.. It's not technically recycling but it's not binning them or leaving them in a dusty drawer.

I think a new initiative is a good idea - I do know phones can be recycled but I wouldn't know where to take them - can you take any brand in or only Nokias?

Another problem as AC points out, a lot of us only replace a phone when it actually needs replacing - several of mine have only been bought because their predecessor was stolen or broken

SMS addiction awakens 'sleep-texting' phenomenon



Haha, I love that I'm not the only person who's immediate response was 'ELEVEN menu options?!'

My next thought has already been raised by Anon Coward (curse you for betting me to it!)

I find it very hard to believe that muscle memory or whatever the technical term for this would be, would allow you to write and send a coherent text message in your sleep - I find it hard to send a coherent text message when I'm tired, let alone asleep! I think the theory put forward by Scott Fromherz is much more likely. I know for a fact I've had short calls wake me in the night and not remembered the conversation/call at all the next day so I think that's far more viable.

Man makes table-sized NES controller, complains about mug-marks


Is bigger better?

Combine that with a jDome (http://jdome.com/) and you've either got gamer paradise or a recipe for disaster!

Surely it's harder to play on such a big controller?

Brits vote for useless gadgets



It must be hard designing these gadgets, it's sometimes a VERY thin line between useless and cool/off the wall and wanted/niche but useable and just useless and laughable.

If you haven't already seen it, Wired decided to exact some revenge on gadgets gone bad - http://www.wired.com/gadgets/miscellaneous/multimedia/2008/04/gallery_gadget_abuse

This DVD will self-destruct in 48 hours

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Very eco-friendly!

Why oh why?

Newcomer punts miniature 'pub phone'


Interesting that they went with music over a camera.

I would have thought the opposite was preferable, I can rarely find a pub without music these days and I'm with James McGregor - photos from the night before are often the only things that get my friends through the morning after!

Also, if you want something more suited to a night out don't you want something less shiny and mugger attracting..? Personally one phone has always been more than enough for me.


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