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Western Digital WD TV Live Hub

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Album/Song Artwork

iTunes populates album artwork through a link to the store, so if an album is no longer available, the artwork will go away - it's not truly embedded into the MP3 file. To get around that, you have to find the artwork yourself, save it as a jpg, then tell iTunes to use that file for the artwork for the song(s). The artwork will then be embedded and most media players can then see it.

Kate Winslet sports top celeb bod

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UK Women and US Men

We both like women with womens' bodies, not the bodies of half-starved chiuldren - it's only the women-hating fashion designers who are trying to make us believe that stick = sexy

Apple iPhone 3GS

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Voice command not just a gimmick in US (unfortunately)

In Yankville, the "we know what is best for everybody" liberals have decreed that hands-free cell phone use be the law in many states, so the voice command (catching up with Windows Mobile) becomes almost a necessity, since even the Favorites list speed-dial method can be inconvenient while driving...

Brit D-cell torpedo in icepack-bottom probe

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Not very *green* for a global-warming kool-aid program

You would think that an expedition launched under the auspices of the global-warming crusade would at least be environmentally conscious enough to use rechargeable batteries...

Ha ha ha...

McKinnon loses extradition fight

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Opportunity and chances

1. He has admitted the offense, so the 'prima facie evidence' issue seems moot.

2. He had the chance for the easy sentence if he would have extended his confession (one obtained by British authorities, not a CIA black bag team) to a guilty plea.

3. By being stubborn and unreasonable, he has gone into the "it's not the crime, it's the stupidity in not just going to the easygoing jail for six months and getting things over with, but instead wasting almost three years' worth of time and money" zone, so the comments about how the sentence is expected to be disproportionate seem a bit vapid... he he had his chance for the slap on the wrist sentence that many commentators have suggested feels right to them, and threw it away.

Ave Atque Vale.

(Perhaps he will be abducted by aliens and not only be saved from jail but vindicated in his UFO beliefs... or not.)

Japan kicks off electric car format war

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I vote for the Shipstone

Robert Heinlein 'invented' a superbattery called the Shipstone, which was never recharged by the end user, but replaced.

I submit that the most efficient way of dealing with battery capacities and long-distance driving is not to have recharging stations, but battery switching stations. This would only require that all car batteries be the same shape and size, with larger cars simply having more of them installed.

Then, when a car's charge is running low, pull into a service station, switch out the discharged battery(ies) for fully charged unit(s), and away you go. It would cost so much per battery, to deal with the cost to the station owner for electricity, and be very simple (assuming the car makers cooperated and made the units easy to access and replace (burying them under the seats, for instance, would be a large faux pas...).

LiveLeak pulls anti-Koran documentary

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No Difference?

When faced with articles, cartoons, movies, TV shows, societal fads, government policies, etc., that are in opposition to their religions:

Christians write and pray (and yes, sometimes assemble).

Muslims riot and threaten to kill (and often do).

And yet, the multiculturalists want to claim that societies and cultures based on these two faiths should be treated the same...

"Highly illogical, Captain."

(Yes, these statements are generalizations, but the examples are with me.)

Illegal immigrants spared the gamma-ray scanner

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Cross-Pond Solidarity

Yank viewpoint - it's bad enough when the politicians manufacture the crisis in order to gain power from a frightened populace, since it is at least possible to see the falsity of the situation. Here, (and no finger pointing coming from me, since our own set of dipsticks has allowed an equally bad, if not worse, situation to develop over here), they have allowed a *real* crisis to take place. The situation is so bad that a verifiable proof of legal residency is now a reasonable response. Oy! (Can of worms caused by the word 'verifiable' in the preceeding sentence is noted and purposefully avoided).

{IT angle - or at least, tech angle - as for the actual radiation... are gamma rays used in common devices which are used or encountered by the general public? If not, then I admit to a lot of uncertainty regarding safe levels. Physicists, please respond. Is all radiation created equal? That is, is a dosage of X intensity for Y duration of X-rays equally as hazardous as the same dose in gamma rays or neutrons? I don't mind causing illegals discomfort (say, to the level of tear gas etc.) during detection, but permanent damage goes too far for me.}

BTW, is the gamma ray device so much better than heat sensors? If it is, then full speed ahead (oh, and don't forget to arrest the driver and impound the truck - sell it at auction to reimburse the government for a small portion of the expenses and sentence the driver to street cleaning or other community service in neighborhoods known to be illegal sanctuaries).

{Paris Hilton angle - see if irradiating her with Gamma particles will turn her into the She-Hulk - that's hot!}

Polar caps wane as Mars tries global warming

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Source for the Goose?

Michael Crichton's State of Fear should be required reading for anyone allowed to vote. As for wikipedia, using them as a source, especially after they were willign to hire a known and exposed fraud, seems a bit "absolutely brimming over with wrongability."

Most scientists believe that there was an ice age 20K years ago. The ice melted, and not an SUV in sight. Climate change is just that - change. It does not require human intervention, and to assume responsibility for natural occurrences is at least arrogant and at most blind foolishness.

Should we seek non-polluting technologies for transport and power generation? Of course, because pollution is bad for our health. But let's do it for proven valid reasons, not because we read the summary of the summary of the summary of the real WHO scientists' global warming report, which did not conclude that human activity was causing anything at all.