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German robots sent to Oz to make GPS millimetre-perfect

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Re: Impressive.

Funnily enough, Kraftwerk are playing at the Sydney Opera House on Friday...

iOS 6 Alarms bug hits Australia

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Android did it right...

I set an 8AM alarm on my phone (S3) just after midnight on the night before daylight savings kicked in. Not only did the alarm go off as planned, but ICS was even smart enough, when setting the alarm, to indicate that it was set for '6 hours and 54 minutes from now', correctly accounting for the missing hour.

Dreaded redback spider's NEMESIS: Forgotten Captain Cook wasps

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Redbacks and funnelwebs

I have a photo of a daddy long legs devouring a big female redback on the ceiling of my house (the females are the big black ones with the red bits, the males are boring brown)

My sister's ex fiancée was pretty much immune to redback bites, having been bitten around 20 times. He used to just walk up and squish them with his finger. He wasn't that smart though, one of the reason's he's my sisters ex fiancée, not her current husband.

As for funnel webs, living in Sydney I've come across them occasionally, one (angry male) decided to come strolling in to the house and stand on the kitchen floor, right in front of the cupboard with the flyspray in it. Cue much stretching to retrieve said flyspray with approaching the spider. Half a can of the stuff and it still took 30 minutes for the thing to look anything other than annoyed.

Dell airdrops military-grade data-centre-in-a-crate

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...data centre that "blended in" ... would not be a target)

Surely some thermal imaging optics would let you target the one that glows in the dark?

Reloaded Doom 3 shoots onto shelves this autumn

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Re: Never jumped so high in fright before...

Indeed similar experience for me. Lights off, headphones on, girlfriend (now wife) sneaks in to room and brushes gently on the back of my neck at some appropriately spooky moment.

I used to schedule my PC upgrades on id games releases. Built new PC's for Doom 2, Quake2, Quake 3 and Doom 3. Didn't bother for Quake 4, which is the last id game I bought...

Facebook testing "announce important post" feature

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I had a similar option to 'highlight' a post from my home PC earlier this week. I clicked it and it asked if I wanted to pay some amount of money ($2.50ish) to do what this announce feature seems to do.

I haven't seen it since.

IBM dreams of optical chips with tiny light pulse device

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Actual size

So you have made me find the first bright pixel on my monitor.

Looking at the 'Actual size' picture, I noted 1 bright pixel, and thought 'that must be it then'

Then I scrolled the page and the picture moved, but the bright pixel didn't...

Polish builder sacked for humping hoover

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Come on?

Nobody has made any jokes about him being a builder, and therefore a specialist in erections....