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Google 'open' memo betrays deep corporate delusion

Thomas Glover

I'm with devnull

If Google don't want to release the code they use in their search engine (ie the same code that's made them the leading search engine) then that's their prerogative.

Sure, it looks a bit silly to then turn round and say "we're so open because we release code for other bits and bobs", but at least they do share some stuff. They don't have to, after all.

Why exactly is this worthy of a full-length frant feature? Or am I missing something?

Wikipedia sued for publishing convicted murderer's name

Thomas Glover

I'm confused...

He was convicted, Wikipedia merely stated that. What possible law could they have broken?

UK.gov says extreme porn isn't illegal if you delete it...

Thomas Glover

Heart's in the right place, but surely there's question's of funding and enforcing

While I find the kind of stuff the Government is trying to ban here utterly repugnant myself, and can see how the 'extreme porn' may have repercussions, how the hell are they going to police it and how much money has gone into this?

At a time of financial crisis, how much are they wasting on this scheme of making sure people on the internet "delete extreme porn, but not if they're techies, in which case they'll have to burn their computer". Why can't they just focus legislation on people who run the websites for extrem porn?

Also, how the flying HELL are they going to determine the level of expertise necessary to say whether someone can recover deleted files? I don't know how to, but I know with a Google search I could find software or instructions on how to. So what would I do if I was found to have it? Surely anyone with a net connection and knowledge of search engines ultimately is capable of recovering deleted files?

Any harm this genre causes would be prevented and any images people already own would come from a production from which any harm has already been done.

To police the computers of everyone who might have this would amount to a ludicrous amount of funds.

Skull and crossbones because that's not a cartoon - it's from my next violent porn production:

"Skulls and cross boners"

Linux weaktops poised for death by smartphone

Thomas Glover
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Everything about that blog is wrong

Much as I love the idea of smartphones and hate myself for thinking the iPhone looks sleek, I would never, EVER buy one. Why? There's too much crap on them.

I want my phone to send and receive SMS and MMS messages and make and receive phone calls. Beyond that I really couldn't care less what it does. Hell it can even lose the clock, I have a watch. Not because I'm a technophobe - because I'm not - but because I'd prefer a simple and reliable device that has decent battery life rather than some unholy hunk that has to constantly deal with GPS, WiFi, motion sensor technology, touchscreen (which is THE most pointless innovation EVER) cutting its battery time in half. (I currrently have a Samsung U800 which is very nice, gets me a low contract and does the shit I want from a phone).

If I want to work, write and do internet stuff I'd use a computer. My laptop is very nice, but far too big and heavy to use on the move, so I have an Asus EEE that I got as a bargain (new for half the retail price - yes, from a legitimate store!). £150 and I can browse the internet, yes. But I can also take photos off my D50 on the move - directly useful to my job - for moving to a memory stick or e-mailing.

But to say they are solely web-based is just... wrong. My EEE has, yes, e-mail, Firefox and Google Docs. However, it also has the full Open Office suite and GIMP image editor.

Short of connecting to the company network, it has more functionality, both online and off, (and seemingly more RAM!) than my office computer.

I'm definitely picking up an anti-netbook vibe here but for the life of me I can't understand your reasoning.

Sony delays PS3 virtual world Home - again

Thomas Glover

Flaming idiots

"What a load of drivel!!!

"PS3 has the best online system as its the only HD console with a web browser."

Thats the funniest thing i've read in a long time!!! Lets not even attempt to defend the dreadful matchmaking / friend system / voice chat online system that Sony has attempted with the PS3! No no!! Lets hit em where it hurts!!! THE WEB BROWSER!!

Wow i never saw that coming. HD web browsing? Yes that exists doesnt it? Obviously you haven't tried the brilliant Opera brower in the Wii. Fluid, simple and very easy to use, vastly superior to the PS3 browser, on ANY tv!!! Tell me something... did you post to this article using your PS3?

Besides the point anyway. COD4 on the 360 is a much better online experience, and it is not slower than the PS3. Lord knows where you got that from! Still waiting for those maps on the PS3? Forshame."

At least his arguments have something to them. Your argument about the web browser for the Wii is that it's "fluid, simple to use and vastly superior" - well guess what, the PS3 web browser is fluid and easy to use (if anything more so than the Wii - I was at a friend's flat recently and watching him trying to input characters using the Wiimote was painful - it took him about five minutes for him to enter a URL). Whereas the PS3 - enter a couple of characters, select the word from predictive text - all done with no arm bobbing.

"Vastly superior on any tv" just isn't an argument - there's no reasoning behind it.

I for one couldn't care less what console people own and I think all three have their strengths - it just pisses me off when people feel the need to bash other consoles, presumably in some attempt to justify their spending decision.

Hacking attacks can turn off heart monitors

Thomas Glover

Scare story much?

"We do not know of a single case where an IMD patient has ever been harmed by a malicious security attack."

Then what have they proven exactly?

Not to sound harsh, but that's like saying hundreds of nursery schools around the country are open to bomb attacks as they are completely unguarded. You'd have to be a pretty sick individual to hack a heart monitor, but you'd also be the first. Oh no, wait. They were.

Polish builder sacked for humping hoover

Thomas Glover
Paris Hilton


Sucks to be him.... Oh, wait...

I'm amazed Henry still had a smile on his face. The dirty red tyke...

On a serious note I think the guy's disgusting for trying to take advantage of his cultural heritage and lack of awareness on the guard's part by pretending vacuum sex is normal in Poland. You been caught red-handed and red-something else, just take it like a man. Henry did after all.

Paris because there'd be no chance of hitting the 'blow' setting by accident...