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China's Chang'e-5 lands on the Moon to scratch surface

Turgut Kalfaoglu

what does the article mean by `trumpted by the Chinese media`?

Going to the moon IS a big deal for any country, of course media is going to cover it.

If this was any other country, say, UK, would he write the same garbage?

HP: That print-free-for-life deal we promised you? Well, now it's pay-per-month to continue using your printer ink

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Nice to see that the Great Ink Robbery of the industry still continues.. Give away the printer and steal money on ink.

China compromised F-35 subcontractor and forced expensive software system rewrite, academic tells MPs

Turgut Kalfaoglu

LOL, F-35 is a war machine, right? How come its software is so weak?

Huawei launches UK charm offensive: We've provided 2G, 3G and 4G for 20 years, and you're worried about 5G?

Turgut Kalfaoglu

It's stil laughable to ban a company just because "they might be able to" to something..

It's ridiculous that a country that has organizations like the NSA can fail to find a backdoor if it existed.

Sad to see a company getting dirt thrown against it just to save Apple.

One man's mistake, missing backups and complete reboot: The tale of Europe's Galileo satellites going dark

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Are they running Windows?

That's what it looks like..

Airbus ditches Microsoft, flies off to Google

Turgut Kalfaoglu

It's about time..

They could have done better by NOT opening themselves up to any cloud service, but Google beats Microsoft in my book.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro: The unfashionable estate car wants to go to town

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Huawei makes excellent phones!

I'm still on my first Huawei. A mate 9, several years after it came out.. I'm still using it because it works great. Despite my rooting and fidding with everything possible afterwards. I'm sold on Huawei phones.

iPhone 8: Apple has CPU cycles to burn

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Why do you need a very fast CPU on a cell phone?

I can understand on a desktop or even laptop; but why do you need a such fast CPU and such a huge price tag on a cell phone? My current phone, a new Huawei, does everything amazingly fast, still costs a fraction of what Apple charges.

Boeing preps pilotless passenger flights – once it has solved the Sully problem, of course

Turgut Kalfaoglu

no no no

A truly bad idea.. I won't be flying a pilotless plane any time soon.

Plenty of fish in the C, IEEE finds in language popularity contest

Turgut Kalfaoglu

C# that high?

C# is that high? Must be the power of advertising..

Microsoft's Windows 10 nagware goes FULL SCREEN in final push

Turgut Kalfaoglu

I found out that Linux Fedora 24 is far better than any windows I tried.

Hence, I won't be "downgrading" to windows 10.

Microsoft on the Threshold of a new name for Windows next week

Turgut Kalfaoglu


Brit Sci-Fi author Alastair Reynolds says MS Word 'drives me to distraction'

Turgut Kalfaoglu

why not libreoffice?

Why not use Libreoffice like everyone else does?

Google Glass: Would you pay a mere $299 to plop one on your brow?

Turgut Kalfaoglu

no way

Too limited; I'll wait for version 2.. or 3 :)

Review: HTC One

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Battery power

Am I the only one that would gladly sacrifice some of this thinness with more battery power?

It really irks me that my current HTC Sensation would go down a notch on its battery icon before lunch, after an overnight charge? Why do the manifacturers always churn out these paper thin machines with lots power gobbing features, and a flimsy battery?

ICANN under fire as Verisign warns of rushed domain-name expansion

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Corporate greed at its best

Here goes the corporate greed again; changing something that works well with something that will make them more money.

A history of personal computing in 20 objects part 1

Turgut Kalfaoglu

why so many apple machines listed?

The author skipped a large number of machines and just highlighted a lot of apple products, for some reason.

Last remaining reason to order an iPhone 5 disappears

Turgut Kalfaoglu

iphone users perceived as novices

I regard iphone/ipad users as noobs - that is, people with too much money, too little knowledge.

I assume the majority of the world feels the same way?

Samsung's appeal gaffe keeps Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in US

Turgut Kalfaoglu

As Sneaky as Apple

Apple has gone sour after their leader died.

Here is the plot:

1) Follow what opensource is doing,

2) Patent all their work quickly,

3) Sue them while implementing their work.

They are doing this to Android. Hence, we do not buy Apple anymore.

Mozilla dumps iOS, pulls Firefox Home from iTunes Store

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Glad to hear Mozilla distancing itself from the evil empire

I no longer have any respect for Apple after the frivilous lawsuits. Therefore, I'm glad Mozilla is moving away from them.

Nvidia coder primes Optimus for Linux

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Wonderful news!

This is wonderful news, I hope its support goes mainstream soon!

Pirate Bay founder arrested in Cambodia

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Swedish laws are weird -- a court can decide that you cannot appeal against it?

A court can decide that the presumed guilty cannot appeal against its decision? What arrogance!

Ho ho ho! Apple's Samsung ban bid pushed back to Christmas

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Will never buy Apple again

After seeing their abuse of the patent system and their mud slinging in courts -- not to mention their starving of Chinese workers while they make billions, I refuse to buy any more Apple products.

Apple demands Samsung flogged for 'unethical' court doc leak

Turgut Kalfaoglu


Nice tactic -- first patent everything you can, from scrollable bars that others had invented ages ago, to rectangles on the screen, and then prevent anyone else from producing better products at far cheaper prices!

Won't ever be buying apple again.

Apple wins EU-wide Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 ban

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Never gonna buy anything Apple again

I will never buy anything Apple again - I hate their sleazy practices!

Did your iPhone 'just stop working' - or did you drop it in your BEER?

Turgut Kalfaoglu

More ridiculous patents?

Don't the judges realise what they are doing? That this company is patenting every little thing?

What will happen when Apple patents judge's hammer? How will the judges pass judgement then??

Samsung fails to get Galaxy Tab ban in US lifted pending appeal

Turgut Kalfaoglu

So Glad I already got it!

SOO GLAD I already got this tablet 2 weeks ago!

Btw, Both 10" and 7" models (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2) are GREAT machines.. Highly recommended..

Fast, roomy, crisp.. I also rooted it without any difficulties. I'm in tablet heaven.

Turgut Kalfaoglu


It used to be "as greedy as Microsoft", now the tables have turned and we have a new Greed Winner: APPLE! Congratulations capitalism, you sure produce the best and the worst.

Apple lands slide-to-unlock patent blow on Motorola

Turgut Kalfaoglu

ridiculous patents, dumb courts

Totally ridiculous to patent something like swiping.

I'm just glad that no baker so far patented "cutting bread with a knife" action :(

In the mean time, I'll work on my new patent application entitled "fart to unlock."

Leaked Nokia WinMobes ready for midrange scrum

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Wrong answer to the problem

Trouble was never the platform for Nokia. So I fail to see how going to an inferior operating system will help solve the managerial issues at Nokia and boost revenues.

Apple blocks sale of Samsung's Android fondleslab across EU

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Apple - as greedy as Microsoft?

Do companies get greedy and unfair when they get wealthy?

Why do they have to kill any competition -- at the expense of users who are deprived of better products.

MacBook batteries susceptible to hack attacks

Turgut Kalfaoglu

very clever hack!

That's a very clever hack. Perhaps it just shows that we are overly computerized now. A battery with firmware that's remotely upgradable?

Microsoft surprises Street with double-digit growth

Turgut Kalfaoglu

One is born every day

A sucker is born every day and they will continue to buy microsoft products - or rather, have no choice in the matter because the PC they buy, will come with it.

Microsoft kills Windows Vista SP1 support

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Best upgrade

The best upgrade you can do right now is to Linux.. My favorite is Fedora. Install it and feel the intelligence.. Automatically recognises hardware, software runs faster, machine does not heat up, etc.

Top level domain explosion could wreak MAYHEM on NET

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Top Level TLD's

This explosion of Top level TLD's are the greediest thing that ICANN has ever done.

Microsoft bags two more Android patent deals

Turgut Kalfaoglu

ridiculous claims

Most of the companies fall to this bullying and blackmailing.

It's a shame and explains why Microsoft is so big despite its products.

Apple will 'own games industry'

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Games and apple

Well, while I owned an iphone 3g, I bought a total of zero games

When I switched to my android, I bought about a dozen.

So, in ten years, I can falsely predict that Android will own the games world!

Microsoft spends $7.5m on IP addresses

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Suckers that buy Microsoft

No problem, they can just get the amount back from suckers all over the world.

Prepping the great Windows 7 migration

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Upgrading to Windows XP

Recently I trashed my Windows 7 Virtualbox in favor of Windows XP.

Not only everything works faster, but also programs that deal with the hardware, actually work.

What do I run my Virtualbox under? Fedora Linux.

Oracle kills Sun.com after starvation diet

Turgut Kalfaoglu

very sad

Very sad to see Sun go.. It has been a great company, too bad it got taken over by a DBMS company.

HP lays cuckoo egg in Microsoft nest

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Bundling should be illegal

Forcing people to buy software when they buy a computer should be illegal.

I would hate to spend 50-100 dollars on a new PC, so that Microsoft can have its ransom.

Turgut Kalfaoglu

About time

About time HP offers something better than Windows..

Check out http://techrights.org/2008/12/01/leaked-oem-vista-ad-incentives/

for why companies "recommend" windows :(

HTC 7 Pro WinPho 7 smartphone

Turgut Kalfaoglu


Windows 7? No thanks, I have long passed the days of regedit..

ROBOT COP scatters LIVE GRENADES in San Francisco STREET

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Sad state of police

So they couldnt just pick up a hand grenade that has been sitting around for years and dispose of it? They had to use thousands of dollars worth of toys to do so? Geez.. Such brave police farce, oops, force..

Google and Apple locked horns over iPhone location data

Turgut Kalfaoglu

iphone is already beat

With is protectionalist attitude and censored marketplace - not to mention slow and dull devices, iphone already lost to open-source android..

Steve Jobs takes 'medical leave of absence' from Apple

Turgut Kalfaoglu

Steve, get well soon

He has been a visionary that propelled the industry forward.

I wish him full recovery soon.

Will Windows on ARM sink Windows Phone 7?

Turgut Kalfaoglu

sluggish vulnerable windows vs. world

The sluggish vulnerable windows does not stand a chance against android and iphone OS.

They have been trying it for years, and if it wasn't for their forced allies, there would be no windows phone/pda at all in the market.