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'Leccy price hike: Greens to blame as well as energy biz

Russell Long


The objective IS to reduce energy consumption. A five-minute trawl of most 'green movement' articles in the Grauniad will show you that the Green movement is ideologically wedded to reducing energy consumption, presumably because it believes in a mythical pre-Industrial past where the world was perfect and hobbits danced.

Apple opens iCloud to world+dog

Russell Long

'Not serious'????

They are serious if they convince people to part with money or compromise their personal details.

It's easy for you to be smug and tell people they 'shouldn't be using a computer unsupervised' but in the same way that most people couldn't fix their car if it went wrong, because they just get in it and use it, most people can't fix their computer. That's quite normal, and we - the geeks - are the aberrant ones.

Further, since 'everyone knows Apples don't get viruses', if your Apple tells you to do something, you can trust it. That's the thinking that's been engendered.

164XXX jubs shake Middle England

Russell Long

An acting career beckons...

...in Japan. Presumably they'll supply the sailor uniform and betentacled horrors.

Win7 machines harder hit by infection as VXers change tactics

Russell Long


The article states that XP's infection rate is 14 per 1,000 PCs. WIn7's is 4 per 1,000 PCs. That does make it, by a fair margin, 'the most secure Windows ever'.

I can't say I'm surprised that Java is the problem. The ENDLESS F***ING UPDATES for it mean that even I get fed up to the back teeth with them and stop bothering. The article does compare favourably with my experience, which is that Win7 machines get infected when teenagers get a Facebook update that says 'OMG CLIK HEAR 4 TOTALLY SHKOCING THING!!!!!ONEONEONE' - and inevitably they click on it.

Intel's Tri-Gate gamble: It's now or never

Russell Long

Socket change then? What a treat for us!

Can't wait. New socket type, so time to redesign motherboards, so new RAM, new cards, new PSU with different power requirements, and so on for ever.

Changing the blasted socket every 9 months isn't progress. It's a royal pain in the bum. It's getting to the point where you can't get parts for a 2 or 3 year old machine.

China sets out space-station plan, asks public to name it

Russell Long

Maybe they'll get Rickrolled.

It'd be fun to see the first space Chinese space station called "Never Gonna Give You Up".

TalkTalk claims wooden spoon for highest level of broadband gripes

Russell Long

Still with TalkTalk?

More fool you. Spend five minutes on ThinkBroadband and you'll be able to find a far better supplier. I switched to IDNet 18 months ago, and it's been a dream - no incompetent call centre and almost perfect uptime.

Fujitsu promises rural UK 1Gbit/s - if it gets 'fair deal' from BT

Russell Long

As usual.

Monopoly abuses market position to exclude competition shock. Regulator toothless, incompetent, unable to create true free market with low barriers to entry further shock.

Oxfordshire cops switch speed cameras back on

Russell Long

You forgot a couple.

In your list of Evil Things. You didn't mention Thatcher or Murdoch, which are rolled in to a gigantic gestalt entity with Clarkson and DailyMail to create a vast, throbbing Thing To Hate for people who think that the Guardian is the Fountain Of Lovely Truth.

HMS Ark Royal goes under the hammer

Russell Long

No Sea Harriers available.

Gordon Brown scrapped them five years ago. He kept the carrier, of course, because it was serviced at Rosyth, which is the constituency next door to his.

Digesting the Budget: First-belch reactions

Russell Long

Doesn't have to be the economy.

Take immigration, for example. A government could say "We want the country to have 50 million people in it by the end of the 21st century", and limit permanent inward migration to 50,000 per year for the lifetime of its parliament. It would be up to following governments to keep to the policy if they chose to, but certainly some indication of long-term planning wouldn't go amiss.

Other examples might include long-term plans infrastructure development or a clear vision of the role and purpose of education.

Even some indication of thought beyond the most primitive cerebral activity would be nice from most of our MPs.

European parliament loves the Tobin tax

Russell Long

One fat downside.

The Co-Op is associated with, and gives money to, the Labour Party. So if doling out cash to those .... individuals ... is your idea of a good time, then go for it.

Windows 7 customers hit by service pack 1 install 'fatal error' flaws

Russell Long

It was ever thus.

Windows XP SP2 did the same thing to tens of thousands of machines. So did SP1.

Direct action group defaces Vodafone in tax avoidance protest

Russell Long


Because not everybody subscribes to the mentality that company profits are merely a holding pen for money destined for the NHS.

Apple MacBook Pro 13in

Russell Long

£1000 and a 5400RPM drive?

What's the point in having a Processor Of Doom when it's spending 80% of its time trimming its nails waiting for the slug-a-bed HDD to wake up? I'm sure that drive's in there instead of a 7200 drive to save battery life, but a grand for that?

I think you do have to compare on price, because that's what normal people buying a normal computer do. I think you have to say to Apple "You must be pulling my plonker if you think that's worth £1000".

ECJ gender ruling 'could throw insurance into turmoil'

Russell Long
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Anecdote =/= data

I've been shunted twice in three months. Both times it was a man.

I have to say that this is probably the most hilarious thread I've read on The Register for quite some time. The amount of incoherent anger is truly awesome. You guys clearly don't have enough work to do.

Russia has 'secret space warplane' to match US X-37B

Russell Long

There's a reason that it looks identical to the Shuttle.

That reason is that the Soviets stole the plans and designs. Just as they did with their Harrier equivalent and their Concorde equivalent. However, stealing the plans isn't the same as having the skills and engineering to design, build, test and operate a successful Shuttle, which is why the Buran never came to anything but the US Shuttle did. The same applies, of course, to Concordski and their Harrier copy.

Police reject Labour MP's call for Bristol-wide DNA test

Russell Long


Bristol =/= Bradford.

Who will rid me of these obsolete PCs?

Russell Long

Local charities a reasonable bet.

I set up new PCs for clients. Most of the time the client doesn't want the old PC so I agree with them that I'll take it to a local charity. They're much less snotty than the big names about what they get. They've a furniture warehouse and they have a part-time geek who builds the computers up and sets them up and sells them on. The machines go without hard disk drives in (those go back to the owners) but they all have an XP licence sticker on the side. Bung in a hard drive, install XP, and you've got a serviceable machine.

Have a look around and see whether you've any local charities that will do that kind of work.

Gov pays Greens to lobby it, says report

Russell Long

Left-wing comfort zone on display again.

They've retreated to that safety zone of the Left, which is the shouty abusive protest. The TPA are all evil, tax-dodgers, millyaniayriees, thieves, spivs, banksters - they're probably even Thatcher.

Insulting your opposition doesn't work. Proving them wrong does. Before the TPA came along there was nobody - literally nobody - prepared to talk about value for money in the public sector or the need to cut public spending. The discussion on value for money needs to take place because it's our money, not the government's.

Is it right that taxpayers' money goes to groups which then lobby government? Some people might say yes, some no, but that conversation needs to take place and the information needs to be available for that conversation to take place.

Unless and until the people who object to the TPA's work analyse its numbers and tell me why they're wrong, they've nothing of value to add. I find it particularly worrying when a site like the Reg, which I rather assumed was read by rational people who were good with numbers, appears to have in its comments section the same group of incoherent media studies graduates who roam across the forums at the Guardian.

Telegraph to charge for online news

Russell Long

Can't see how this will work as a revenue generator.

The FT gets away with it, AFAICT, because they have a specific market that they're targetting and they produce original, high-quality copy. The Telegraph does not. There are interesting commentators - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, the Cassandra of the Telegraph, is a good read - but the quality of the actual news they publish is atrocious. If they stick up a paywall, who's going to bother paying to read the same unresearch, poor-quality guff they can read on every other site?

Gov report urges total consumer contract law overhaul

Russell Long
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So it's EU law harmonisation then?

That is what it appears to be.

Here's the EU "proposal" on a Directive for Consumer Rights.


All part of our glorious, voluntary absorbtion in to the Great Socialist State of Europe.

Electric mass-driver catapults to beat Royal Navy cuts?

Russell Long

@"Why not balloons"?

A couple of reasons that I can think of:

The size of balloon required to shift the radar platform, the time to inflate, the strength of the winch and the thickness of the cable required to keep the balloon under control, and the storage space required for all of this.

Further, the balloon can only float above the carrier, and since it's a huge, visible radar signal what it's basically doing is advertising to the enemy the precise location of the enemy carrier group, whereas an aircraft can stand 100 miles or so away.

Woman finds Romanian living in shed

Russell Long

T'aint just the Wail and the Torygraph.

No, the Guardian's comment pages attract just as many nutters, Marxists, ecomentalists, people who believe we should eat more trees (no, I'm not making it up), female supremacists, apologists for mass murder so long as it's in the name of socialism....same stories, different nutters, that's all. The Independent, of course, has hired the nutters and gives them weekly columns.

Navy's £1bn+ destroyers set to remain unarmed for years

Russell Long
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Not up to us any more.

We HAVE to buy European now. We aren't allowed to do anything else because with our new European Army, European Navy and European Air Force all ex-countries of the superstate have to have the same kit, whether it sucks or not.

IPPR calls for National Policing Agency

Russell Long

Centralisation is the problem, not the solution

The increasing distance between public servants and the public they serve is the problem here. In the case of the police they have become increasingly centralised and increasingly remote. Fifty years ago there was a police house in every village and policeman in every village. Now, my town of 30,000 doesn't even have a permanent police presence. The station is closed at night, because, of course, no crime ever happens at night, does it? Officers have to come from 9 miles away.

A centralised police computer system (another massive public sector IT project, of course) isn't going to resolve the core problem with policing which in my opinion is that police are too far divorced from the communities they are supposed to serve.

This IPPR report is par for the course for them, unfortunately. New Labour apparatchiks to a man and woman (and, of course, funded by generous donations from the willing taxpayer), they believe that greater control over the public services will improve the quality of those services. Of course, the more they tighten their grip, the more services will slip through their fingers...

Can the UK have its identity strategy back, Mr President?

Russell Long

Are we really in a position to decide?

The ID database and ID card is a European project and not a British one. I doubt we are in a position to decide which system to pick. The database will be EU-wide and therefore it'll be a single system.

Unfortunate, but that's what you get with dictatorships.

Latest Navy carrier madness: 'Sell 'em to India'

Russell Long

Excellent article.

I think that the biggest problem with the armed forces is the MOD. They are hopelessly incompetent, unable to carry out basic budgetary functions, unable to grasp the long-term strategic needs of the UK and unable to deliver even on the needs they DO recognise.

Firefox 3.0 ekes ahead of Internet Explorer 7 in Europe

Russell Long


Lots of people are still using pirated versions of XP, hence IE6. Take a look at the stats for Asia, for example.

Wrath of Spielberg smites Welsh uni leaflet

Russell Long


As an ex-Lampeter student I can assure you that nobody famous ever went there apart from that chap who ate his mum.

Still, the beer was cheap and the courses were undemanding.

More Tasers for cops: not in London

Russell Long
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To Anonymous Coward @ 17:05

You are David Blunkett, and I claim my £5 ($1.50, E0.23).

HP breaks Japanese excessive packaging record

Russell Long

Ebuyer is as bad

I ordered a Belkin wireless USB dongle, and received it in a box 4ft long by 2ft wide by 2ft high. A consequence, I assume of stuff being shipped now being priced according to weight rather than bulk (due to changes in EU postal legislation which also led to the closure of thousands of post offices in the UK).

MPs: Fight grog-fuelled crimewave with PDAs

Russell Long


No doubt our dear leaders, who are so keen to recommend price rises on booze for the great unwashed masses, will be taking the lead by raising prices in their three private subsidised bars in the Palace of Westminster.

Merrill Lynch confirms IT job cuts

Russell Long


""Most jobs will go on the infrastructure side - IT, finance and operations, where there is overlap between the two companies," Thain said."

Surely there are also overlaps at the top? Both companies have boards of directors, for example. Of course that wouldn't occur to them. Big bonuses all round, boys!

MEPs vote to recognise flag, anthem, motto

Russell Long
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Is anyone surprised?

The point to be made about this action should be, surely, that the EU constitution (on which France, amongst others, voted no), explicitly stated that the EU would have its own flag, anthem and motto. It explicitly recognised the EU as a legal entity. This statement was removed when the 'Lisbon Treaty' was rolled out. Now it's been put back in.

I can't say I'm surprised. The mendacity of these utter cunts never surprised me. True to form, the EU grinds mercilessly onwards. "The more you tighten your grip, the more countries will slip through your fingers."

EU bids to dominate future nebulous buzzword

Russell Long

Closing down blogs?

Presumably that's what this Web 3.0 is all about for the EU.


Axon takes 100mpg wonder car for a spin

Russell Long

@The Cube

By The Cube-"The problem is the heavy vehicles on the road which offers us a very simple solution, ban everything over 1500kg from all cities during daylight hours. This will do wonders for fuel economy (the Polo is good primarily because it has been on a diet), pedestrian and cyclist safety, emissions, in fact almost all vehicle related problems. Even better it will permanently rid us of the sort of inbreed who thinks they need a 4x4 to do the supermarket and school run."

So no commercial vehicles would be allowed on the roads during daylight hours either? Great thinking! Cities aren't a fucking playground. They run on commerce. Banning everything over 1500kg means nobody can do any work and your city grinds to a halt.

BSF programme boosts schools' IT spending

Russell Long

Train the teachers.

If only schools realised that IT spending does not add value unless teachers can actually use the equipment. Inadequate training is the biggest problem, particularly in the area of interactive whiteboards and technophobic teachers.

Temp workers to get equal rights after 12 weeks

Russell Long

Death to the Unions.

Look forward to rolling 11-week contracts.

The TUC really are morons. We're heading in to a recession and what's their answer? More legislation. Since they only represent around 25% of the workforce, what right do they have to impose their opinion on all of us?


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