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Why Microsoft vs Mankind still matters

Andrew Abbass

MS is needs to become just plumbing for Mediasoft


MS created a great p2p publishing system for independentl music and movies with the Weedshare network.

Then they closed it down arbitrarily by rolling out software updates just because they might want to eventually incorporate it into the Zune.

Not cool.

Pentagon to hold event prior to battery tech prize

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How about a radioactive power supply, combined with a photovoltaic cell tuned to absorb gamma rays?

Microsoft tells Ultimate Extras fans to 'hang on'

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Man... I think that DreamScene stuff would be the shizznit.

I was thinking about how cool it would be it those grassy fields in standard windows backgrounds could be animated to show the wind blowing through the grass.

It's actually got a 'window into another world' zen-like appeal.

Peter Gabriel takes sledgehammer to music downloads (again)

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Open Indie Advertising-Free Canadian DRM system available!

Check out www.newdor.com for more information.

DRM-free music: EMI calls the tune and Apple takes the credit

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DRM is not useless

DRM is not useless.

If properly rolled out as a universal container format, it could be integrated into a suite of applications that could be accessed from any portable media device.

Books, games, music, video... any form of intellectual property could see a brand new distribution channel in the form of DRM.

Microsoft and Shared Media Licensing have access to a wrapper format that disconnects the files from the client server relationship by placing the client info directly within the file itself.

However, these two companies are currently at odds over who gets the percentages for maintaining the database.

The truth is neither of these corps should get it. This format should be managed and maintain by a non-profit similar to ICANN for maximum playability across the board. Leave it open-book and let everyone know where the money is being spent and who its going to.

DRM is a natural progression. But corporate taxation of the format is not a natural progression and should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Microsoft calls on UK public to raise the Office standard

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The Real Counter Petition

Here's the real counterpetition.


Forget document formats, they're trying to patent music distribution itself.

Windows Media Player sends music site silent

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Missing the Point

I used to work for this company. I'm vocally cut my ties in response to the closure. I'm a Canadian and think the technology that backs this corporation would be better off in the hands of a non-profit public agency like CBC.

Their tracking data only links to email addresses. Everything remains anonymous. The tracking data is what allows customers to earn money through file sharing.

Imagine a YouTube where people could produce professional videos and have them up for sale in a easily accessible digital format in a day.

The DRM Revolution isn't over... it's just in it's beta version.

There is one additional benefit being overlooked by this system in all the issues with DRM. This is the only system that allows for a new form of 'music store on a CD' revolutionizes the CD format and makes it more efficent.

Compiling 10 times as many bands onto one CD means that you've cut your plastic and materials usage by 90 percent. Reducing the Recording Industries reliance on petroleum for plastic by that much would be a great step forwards for the Green Movement.