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Fraud guardian LifeLock accused of fraud

Jonathan Kraft
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Big guy Experian picking on the little guy LifelocK?

There are many people who just don't know what's actually going on in the credit reporting/credit protection industry, and your article here does a great job of showing what individuals' interests might be. Great reporting!

The background behind what's going on here tends to be stuff that most people don't think about, but companies like <a href="http://www.identitytheftsecrets.com/an_interview_with_likelocks_mike_prusinski_and_rev.html" title="Lifelock">Lifelock are challenging an industry which is controlled by three companies, who are really entrenched in protecting their position in the market, which is likely what's going on here (at least in our estimation of how this legal battle is shaping up).