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Two centuries of Hansard to move online



They are documented in something close to real time - poor demented souls work through the night to transcribe this stuff from the day's proceedings, and issue it in various formats, including to the interweb. Apparently they weren't even stopped by the blitz, although it was all paper back then.


The art of software murder



FWIW, if you have a moderately too much time and not enough pain in your life, you can always try - http://www.linuxfromscratch.org, and its various progeny, if you want to create a skinny, lithe penguin to shag....

Genetics boffins on the verge of artificial bacteria


As a sceptical agnostic..

..I have to ask whether he's in danger of getting sued by God on grounds of prior art, or whatever lawyers call it?

Dell's Linux sleight of hand


well actually...

Not that I don't like to see anyone with more than 12p to their name get a kicking, as a good anarcho-linuxist, but in fairness, if you look at these 2 pages you can find the same hardware spec Dell laptop with Ubuntu or Wispa, and the Ubuntu one is 30 quid cheaper. Took a while, though.




Google goes back to court over Vista search tools


judge sandwich

Never really understood what desktop search was, other than the obvious which doesn't seem that important, but fascinated to hear about papers being filled with a judge - with all that judge in there, can anyone still make out the text of the complaint? Does the judge smudge the ink? Are there different flavours of judge available? Pret-a-manger watch out. And as for a post-intelligencer, that really is sooo post-modern.

VMware follows paravirtualisation path


re: <pedantry>

<pedantry bloodymindedness="What are these videos in possession of?" />

Eats, shoots and never pays the bill.....

Swedes battle to name daughter Metallica


re: some parents should be shot

The other side of Drew Peacock would be my sister's long-since ex-boyfriend's brother -

Everard Dick

I kid you not. Last I heard he was banged up, which is hardly surprising in the circumstances.