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Google! aborts! Yahoo! deal!


yahoo ...

is so screwed now :)

Bill Buxton to change Microsoft from within, hug Steve Ballmer

Paris Hilton

Ahem ....

We're taking design advice from the company who thinks "glass" is the new black (as opposed to some horrible throwback to 3 years ago) and the new messenger is so "washed out" you can barely see it?

Who ever is in charge of Branding needs to be shot and any one working in their Accessibility department must cry themselves to sleep at night.

Paris: Because she should be shot too, though don't worry guys brain activity would remain unaffected.

Barclays to scrap 1,800 UK tech jobs



No really. Of all the jobs I could be doing - why IT?

Google plays Hide and Seek with Android SDK


Really ....

Do you remember Vista?

David Davis tells El Reg that Labour is 'mesmerised' by tech

Dead Vulture


People care a whole lot less about liberty than they do about money. If people knew exactly how much money the id card. systems, check were costing them each year they'd actually start kicking back instead of just acting like a door-mat.

But then again its hardly suprising that they don't as the Government keeps lying about it.

Canada for me ...

Government waves cutlass at IT budget

Dead Vulture

What now ...

Is there any way we could just scrap this lot of numpties and just start again?

Adobe boosts Flash media search with Google and Yahoo!

Thumb Down

And as usual ....

Microsoft are no where to be seen. Come on guys, it's getting embarassing now.

Microsoft denies Zune copyright cop


Couldn't agree more

People use youtube precisely because it does contain bother user generated and copyrighted material. I as a user don't care who's arse you have to kiss, I want what I want. If they aren't going to give it to me, I'll go elsewhere.

If MS aren't willing / able to follow suit, they may as well get out of the business now and save some money.


Local council uses snooping laws to spy on three-year-old

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Nothing to hide, nothing to fear ....

that is how the argument goes isn't it :S

Creative climbs down over home brew Vista drivers


Ass whupping

To be honest, I'm suprised Creative and other vendors (you know who you are) aren't feeling the heat from Microsoft. Vista isn't great but the failure of these third parties to provide decent usuable drivers has left Microsoft has made the situation considerably worse for Microsoft.


Darling talks, UK growth slows


Yeah man ...

Let's all move to Poland :)

Microsoft cuts Vista price


The huddled masses

When people upgrade and OS they want

a) everything to carry on working

b) see that its faster, prettier and play with the cool new toys

c) do all the stuff they used to

So Microsoft created Vista. It does everything MS needs it to do (They can tell industry how secure it is etc) but at the expense of Users. I hate the blasted thing. With reference to the list above here why.

a) half my software doesn't work or has "issues". driver are bollocks and not only do you get charged for upgrading your OS, you have to pay for all the hardware to go with it

b) it takes an age just to do simple things i.e like copy files (wtf?) and it isn't exactly pretty. its far behind MacOS and most Linux desktops and the funny thing is, that most Linux / Office distros are beginning to work more like windows that Microsofts Windows does.

c) the built in software is no longer there (fax) or its had features removed (backup) or its been moved (hidden?) or its been wrapped in a wizard that stops you changing all the setting you need.

and why the hell are there four versions? which idiot in MS though this was a good idea? do you see 4 versions of Tiger - no, because that would be stupid. The IS may be the most important thing to MS but to the rest of us its JUST an OS, we should have to think about which one we need.

So to the guys at Microsoft ...

For Vista service pack 2, please put all the features back, make it look like XP and please, please never release another OS without asking permission first.


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