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'F**k the Country Channel', says the Country Channel

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Definitely f*ck The Country Channel

The player is optimised for Internet Explorer - might work with Firefox if you install an Active X object!! Cookies need to be enabled to use the player!!

What the the f*ck are these people on?

If they want punters to view the site make sure it works with all browsers without having to install an Active X applet - and you do not need to have cookies enabled to view a video - get real guys...

BT targets 10,000 data pimping guinea pigs

Ashley Apps

It's got to be made public.

Unfortunately nothing will happen unless the majority of the customers of these ISP hear about it.

By far and away the majority of people affected will have no idea what it is all about and will be taken in by the idea of safer browsing.

You have to realise that most of BT/Virgin/Talk Talk's customers are not technically competent and have no idea that the so called benefit can be had for free without the drawback of being spied upon.

The only way something will happen is if this gets to be featured on mainstream TV i.e.BBC/ITN News. I have just contacted the BBC News website asking why they have not covered the story - I suggest you all do the same. If enough pressure is applied hopefully they will sit up and take notice. Another thing to do is to contact your local MP with the story.

This has to be made public before the 10,000 user trial starts for there to be any chance of a user backlash.

How Phorm plans to tap your internet connection

Ashley Apps

Petition submitted

I have just created a petition on the Number 10 website asking for the government to intervene to stop BT etc. going ahead with this deal.

Currently being approved.

If it appears all go along and sign it - pass this on to anyone you know.

Ashley Apps

Passed this story to the BBC

I have just passed the link to this news item to the BBC News website with a request they feature it - hopefully it will get wider coverage and shame BT etc to rethink their strategy.

Oh, and the good news is that my ISP (Zen) have no intention of taking part in this unsavoury practice - so if you are looking for a good ISP look no further than Zen.


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