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SCO sale blocked by court

Jonathan Adams

Can i be the first to say ...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha


Buy that judge a beer :)

Amish farmers lose court battle against RFID

Jonathan Adams
Gates Horns

616 is the number of the beast

At least according to QI :)

Microsoft to launch UK ad-funded online video player

Jonathan Adams

RE: Oh God Please No

"Microsoft, apart from some of "your" games, I've not been happy with anything you've had a hand in. You are an abusive bunch of sods and I aim to give you as little revenue as possible." ...

They make good keyboards and mice ... They work well in Linux and Solaris :)

Hackintosh maker rises from the dead

Jonathan Adams

RE: Why dont they.......

Umm ... the reason they don't sell the MacOS is that you can't legally buy it.

Mac only sell upgrades, i.e. you have to own a Mac, with a License to install MacOS, in order to install the software.

Anything else is, according to the software license, illegal and that is really what these guys are challenging in court.

Sun banks future on multicore virtualization

Jonathan Adams

Sever virtualization

which bit will be severed?

How to backup and restore your netbook

Jonathan Adams
Thumb Up

Clonezilla + Gparted

Another way of doing it is with gparted and copying partitions graphically (drag and drop) or with clonezilla if you have a networ drive, or intermediary.

A useful tool to have in your drawer is the combined gparted/clonezilla CD.


Scientology spokesman confirms Xenu story

Jonathan Adams

Re: Re: @Sean

"Atheists don't have a belief *system* ..."

except for a belief that they don't have a belief system.

No disrespect meant, but atheists have a theory that there is no god and religious folks have a theory that there is a god.

One of the groups is gonna be wrong, since you cannot prove the non-existence of something, and you're gonna have great trouble proving that a god exists (If you find him under a sofa, then he's not exactly omniscient).

If you're gonna pick a side, you've got to believe one theory is right.

EC will force users to pick a Windows browser, says Microsoft

Jonathan Adams

Opera Browser

Since Opera has been in the market for years and remembering that they are multi platform ... then why has Google Chrome, a relative newcomer, on only one platform got a greater market share.

Could it be that Opera isn't actually much cop as a browser nowadays :)

UK sportscar makers announce electric models

Jonathan Adams

Leccie? Leccie?

Come on guys give us the Hydrogen powered model! :)

Pope praises Galileo, celebrates the Solstice

Jonathan Adams

Why bother?

"...This would normally be the point at which we kick off an unholy row by asking whether the pope is then saying the laws of nature were laid down by God, and are not independent of him, whether he exists or not...."

It's his job to believe that the laws of nature were laid down by god; to be perfectly honest it is the point of god in the first place.

Do you think that this is how it'd happen?:

1) Universe is created.

2) God turns up and says "bl**dy hell, theres a universe here that doesn't have a god, I'd best stand around and take all the glory!"

Open source fanciers finger Beeb's Win 7 'sales presentation'

Jonathan Adams
Gates Horns

Wrong Date?

<QUOTE>The OSC, which got its facts wrong about when Windows 7 is supposed to land, has claimed that the Beeb is “advertising” the OS at the expense of the UK’s TV licence payers.</QUOTE>

With the way Microsoft release products are you really sure that they are wrong? :)

Freesat gets Five

Jonathan Adams

Five US and Fiver

Just checked ... there aint enough capacity at the moment ...


they're hoping to have the rest later when they budge the bingo channels off. (my interpretation)

OpenOffice 3.0 - the only option for masochistic Linux users

Jonathan Adams

Installing in Ubuntu

Took me about 20 seconds on google to find this one:


Umm ... even installs the menus

US judge says University can ignore Christian course credits

Jonathan Adams


Is there no way you would compromise in your argument? ;P

Jonathan Adams

RE: Gordon Pryra

"Anyone who believes in any deity is suspect, but to enforce your irrational views on an education system, just perpetuates this childlike view of the world and creates yet enough generation who fail to take responsibility for their own actions."

How strongly do you believe that?

Belief with no room for compromise _ON EITHER SIDE_ of the argument is irrational.

Sun unfolds 1TB of tape

Jonathan Adams

Disk versus Tape

Disks aren't known for their reliability, however newer disks are more reliable.

We are implementing a new system, using hard disks, for long term backup because we cannot justify the excessive cost of the latest tape drive systems.

we have:

3 x 1TB disks (mixed batches) running ZFS mirror/spare in our main building (UPS'd to clean electrical noise),

3 x 1TB disks running in identical configuration in our seperate building near by, ZFS snapshot'd very regularly

3 x 1TB disks in the same configuration at our offsite storage, ZFS snapshot'd on a daily basis.

that will store just under a years worth of data.

these disks will be stored in fireproof/airtight safes at different locations, and in general not kept electronically active.

The cost of 9 disks, 3 safes and associated computers still costs less than the cost of that tape drive system.

These drives are only used for backup, the Live system runs on other raided disk drives

If my boss has his way, we'll have at least 1 more site added to that list ... :)

C&W closes in on Thus acquisition

Jonathan Adams

Demo Status Telephone Line

We were with Demon from the beginning of this company, we currently have about 15 lines with them ...

When Thus bought out Demon, they shipped support to India, they forgot to bill people, and then sold off the loss to credit collectors and service went down hill

If there are any problems, we ring up, as always, the status line to be told that it's all fine. After hanging on for about 1/2 an hour (with calls to the status line on another phone, to check that it's still fine) we get through to a guy who says 'Yes there is a problem, we've lost scotland, but it's only affecting a few customers.'

Maybe I've got this wrong, but the old demon used to tell you everything, at a moments notice and tell you how long it'd take to fix, the current demon seems to hide it's head in the sand and hope the engineers fix it before people notice

And now ... they're being bought out by C&W, who have always been known for their customer support </SARCASM>

Microsoft! offers! Yahoo! less!

Jonathan Adams


Yahoo do do more than flickr ... they have yahoo pipes as well ...


(look for 'Milax') allows me to translate an RSS feed on the fly from russian, and then change the links so that the resulting pages are displayed via googles translation tools.

apart from that, i wouldn't touch yahoo with a barge pole, and would be happy for the beast to acquire them so that they both lose money :)

How to destroy 60 hard drives an hour

Jonathan Adams

These guys never heard of 'Boot and Nuke'

Yeah, its not a physical destroy, but this guy knows his stuff.


Plasma TV components applied to password cracking

Jonathan Adams

Random Data

You ever wondered if it'd be good to cat /dev/random to a file and ask any of these guys to decrypt it?

I reckon they could do it in half an hour :)

11-year-old Sun mascot beats up NetApp

Jonathan Adams

RE: 10 minutes or less?

we have some of suns kit here, the hardware was a cinch to install (it was rack mounted, easiest rack mounting i've ever seen) ... in fact if we hadn't watched our fingers we'd have probably lost them :)

We did reinstall the solaris to get the partitions the way we wanted (quite long, but less than an hour if you do a net install).

But if you're setting up ZFS, NFS and CIFS it takes no time at all, seriously, from raw disks to fully working in about 1 min, and most of that is deciding what you wanna call the partitions :)

Apple rewards developers with bricked iPhone

Jonathan Adams

RE: Bricked?

Bricked is also used when saying that someone 'Bricked' themselves.

If software fails and 'core dumps' or in some way takes out the phone, i'd say that it'd bricked itself.

Teacher's head explodes due to Wi-Fi, mobe radiation

Jonathan Adams

Ha Ha Ha ...

... graphic, if disturbing, evidence. In the interests of good taste the Reg has refrained from linking to the vid. Also, it has been taken down.


I got the joke ... the reg refrained from something for reasons of good taste?

Ok, so where is the link?

Solaris SPARC to x86 software highway opens

Jonathan Adams

RE: Making Sparc applications run on 80x86

Have you tried asking Adobe for the code to Acrobat Reader?

now i know there are alternatives to Acrobat reader for viewing PDF's ... but if you need to check on signed PDF's there is no alternative (if anyone knows otherwise i would dearly like to be proved wrong)

We also have products from Oracle (and others) that are no longer maintained, and although they can be 'converted' do not run the same on x86 hardware, the solution we've found so far is to keep some sparc kit around for the trivial job of running those apps.

For us this is trivial, but for other people it might be mission critical ... although i have to say for 440 quid for the workstation version it might well be as cheap to buy some sparc kit, and it's definitely not worth it just to run arcoread :)

BOFH: You think you know a guy...

Jonathan Adams

I still have my Acorn Electron

Stuck in the loft ... hasn't been powered up in about 5 years

but i still have it.

NZ parents may lose battle to keep baby '4real'

Jonathan Adams

You gotta be kidding

Are these guys allowed to be parents? are they really gonna name their kid with something that'll stick with him for the rest of his life.

all i can say is ... are they for real?

Sun's activity not to blame for climate change

Jonathan Adams

Sun is not damaging

I bet Jonathan Schwartz is well pleased with this report.

I would have thought that the energy that sun uses would add quite a lot to the CO2 levels :)

Oracle sends bloke cardboard laptop

Jonathan Adams

Encrypted Message ...

I wonder what was printed on the shredded material ... what would it say if you put it back together?

Malware targets OpenOffice users

Jonathan Adams

Feeling Left Out

I Use OpenOffice on Solaris ...

I'm feeling a little left out ... Since it was Sun who released the source code and started the project in the first place, and since Solaris is their OS ...

I feel really let down now, i'll just have to install windows ...

WEP key wireless cracking made easy

Jonathan Adams

WPA works?

I've never had any luck getting WPA to work for any OS so far, maybe it's a bad implementation, maybe it's that fact that Windows doesn't like it, maybe it's the fact that the only other OS i use (Solaris) doesn't yet support it ...

Even with the latest hack I'll still advise people to turn of WPA and use WEP.