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Court slaps UK BitTorrenters with landmark damages award

Simon Aspinall

Commence the Attacks

On this companies network by disgruntled script kiddies.


Xbox 360 owners tougher than PS3 fans - survey

Simon Aspinall

This just highlights the fact that

360's are owned by gamers where as PS3 owners who use it soley for BD movie watching are high, thus having no interest in the games machine they actualy own and more of an interest in reading books.

Of course there are people who read books who have a 360 but you can bet good money on the fact that gamers dont read as many books as non-gamers and that transpires through to PS3/360 user profiles.


Web'n'Walk falls over

Simon Aspinall

I once drove from

Manchester to South Wales for the whole journey without a signal on T-MOBILE and they told me they had 'localised problems'.

My kids lie less then these comedians.


Microsoft says ‘hasta la vista XP’ - well, kinda

Simon Aspinall


And never will be.

Open Source = No Control, pure and simple. Each group/person , only concerned with their little bit of code to do something.

The saying too many cooks spoil the broth is very rellevant to open source.

Could you really imagine your Gran running a linux machine. causes my blood to run cold.


Brown ignores scientists and pushes pot reclassification

Simon Aspinall

What is the point!!

Whats the point of an advisory panel if you completly ignore ewverything it has to say.

Why waste the taxpayers money in the first place if you are already decided on what you want to do.

Out of touch again.


Carphone Warehouse stares down BPI and UK.gov on three strikes

Simon Aspinall

Whats next.

Ford being told to stop people speeding in their cars!!

This country is becoming a joke nanny state run by idiots so out of touch with the people it's unbelievable.

Is that moster raving looney part still going, that's who's getting my voite next time around if they are.


Congestion Charge offers online tool for ANPR cam dodgers

Simon Aspinall

LMAO - Hi tech way of.

Looking at the damn car yourself whilst driving down the road.

Erm, it's not hard to find a reg of a black porsche now is it or any other car for that matter (perhaps a delorean might be hard to get hold of)


EU investigates DOJ internet gambling tactics

Simon Aspinall
Black Helicopters


Well at least those kids who want to go around shooting class mates wont get distracted by gambling websites eh.

What a joke of a country , where a 12yrd old can walk in his school at blast countless people to death with the arsenal he's amassed, but where you cant spend your own money on a bit of online poker.

Still at least they'll all be safe when the indians rise up again.


Ofcom stands up to Information Commissioner

Simon Aspinall

Shock Horror.

Ofcom manages to get of its lazy ass and do something, unfortunatley it appears they are in bed with the mobile operators and thus their role should be palmed off to a neutral organisations that doesnt papmer to the companies it's supposed to keep an eye on.

Oh yeah, instead of wasting time on challenging the information comissioner, perhaps they should concetract on BT/Virgin/TalkTalk trouncing the data protection laws in respect of the Phorm storm that is brewing.

Ofcom = waste of space. What exactly have they achieved over the years??


How Phorm plans to tap your internet connection

Simon Aspinall

Totally frightening.

There isnt a chance in the world that a program can work out what is/isnt personal data in a webpage.

I'm so glad the register is highlighting this. It now needs national press/tv coverage though to really put this into the spotlight.