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So, just what is the ultimate bacon sarnie?

Richard Bragg

My favourite bacon creation

Fry bacon (good quality middle or back, dry cured) and onions

Put in a chiabata "roll" with some good mature cheddar.

"Toast" in a panini press or similar so the cheese melts into the onions and sticks the thing together.

Slice in half.

UK ISPs promise punters 'full' and 'open' internet 'access'

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Re: I bet the Goventards regret privatising BT now we have interwebz

After which the screen display "collapses" to a little white dot or

a test card with the current incumbent of No10 playing school with the members of the cabinet.

Disable Gadgets NOW says Redmond

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Please provide a definition of "untrusted"

"Untrusted" by whom. Our friends in Redmond's idea of who to trust isn't necessarily the same as anyone else in the world.

Richard Bragg

GPU gadget really useful

When my PC started to misbehave playing a game then suddenly the screen going blank and 3 little beeps on restart. Googling suggested GPU overheat. Install nice little gadget. Start game play, then switch out to desktop and there is temperature of GPU climbing far too high. Quick clean on fans on graphics card and retry and GPU temperature stays OK whatever I stress it with.

Maybe there are other tools but this was nice a small and just sat there doing what I needed.

Europe's prang-phone-in-every-car to cost €5m per life saved

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Re: AirBag activation

1) Why put such a sensor in the drivers seat? You don't put child seats there or I hope not.

Vatican subtly shifts its position on The Blues Brothers

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I enjoyed both films

The music in both is good and the sequel wasn't too bad. At least they didn't just try to replace the dead cast with new actors who are changed by the rigours of time.

Linus Torvalds drops F-bomb on NVIDIA

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No problems with nVidia in Linux

Mostly I just enable the repository and off it goes. Even kernel updates are handled fine. When I have had problems I can download a file from nVidia which then (looks like) it builds something using the kernel headers and it still works.

Maybe what's needed is some dialogue such that updating either component can be done without breaking something.

Flying Dutchman creates dead cat quadcopter

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Re: Brilliant!

There is indeed such a book, as well as "Cat's Revenge - 101 uses of a dead human" and "101 more uses of a dead cat" now available in one single volume.

Stuck in a dull conference? You need Verity's survival guide

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I think that if I thought there was an error in the presentation I'd try to talk privately to the speaker afterwards. This would help if I mistook what was being said and the presenter can rephrase for me then I don't look dumb, and if the speaker has made an error or was unclear has the opportunity for them to make corrections without being shown up.


Richard Bragg

Wonder what that technology

would do to my pacemaker. Or those fitted to any pedestrian you passed by.

Powerful, wallet-sized Raspberry Pi computer sells out in SECONDS

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I'll wait just a little

until the cased versions are available. And the educational material that the founders want to produce.

Daniel Craig like Connery, Skyfall helmsman suggests

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Bond in the cinema should be fantasy

and ideally aimed at a family audience or more family than the later films. I want Bond to be slightly silly with lots of gadgets and that tongue in cheek plot line.

And David Niven was the best Bond.

BOFH: Moon landings, Pong and the case of the smoking server

Richard Bragg

Why pay for the flight

when putting the right information in the right places would mean an all expenses paid trip.

US Navy preps railgun for tests

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Irrelevant since they all arrive at the same time.

UK's solar 'leccy cash slash ruled unlawful

Richard Bragg

Under the rules you are not allowed to "store" electricity produced by your panels.

And if like us you don't have a smart meter then it is assumed that 50% generated is sent back to the grid. This can be an advantage so if you use lot's of high use appliances when generating, even if you use 150% of generated power, you still get 3.1p x units gen'd/2 on top of the 43.3p FiT payment.

BOFH: We don't need no stinkin' upgrade

Richard Bragg

Don't tell the bug finders that

fortunately as they squash the last bug in version 'n' it'll go out of support and they still have all the new bugs in version 'n+.001'

Once upon a time software was written to do a job. Now it's written to sell support contracts.

Half of Whitehall's websites axed in a year

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This is government. Of course each little web site had its own server with its own team and all developed in its own silo.

Firefox devs mull dumping Java to stop BEAST attacks

Richard Bragg

Not on Windows

we use Firefox for our users or will to access internal sites that will use Java. Users are not always on Windows platforms and Firefox is supported (Opera and Chrome aren't) by the vendor code on the site.

End of UK local dialling in sight as numbers run out

Richard Bragg

One area I lived in had a mix of 5 and 6 digit local numbers depending on which part of town/exchange you were on and it was a smallish town. And a couple of "institutions" couldn't accept the shorter number as their computer systems said nay. Not having a mobile that meant some fun and not having a mobile means I do utilise the shorter form of dialling local numbers.

Ofcom mulls smackdown for rogue religious TV channel

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As a Christian

I believe there is a God who can and does act in miraculous ways. I also dislike quite a lot of religious programming. Too much is either too nice and wishey washey (mainstream channels) or is exploitative and hyped up (some Christian channels). I really hate the prosperity gospel types and especially the "sell a blessing" crowd.

Mt 10:8 "Freely you have received, freely give" - (It is OK to fund raise to support a ministry it does cost to run a church or channel but that should never be liked to "getting the blessing".)

This channel has crossed a line that they have agreed to abide to, and that line isn't contrary to the Gospel, so they should be punished.

Daleks given a well-earned break

Richard Bragg

Yes they are .. the Tubbies are scary.

As soon as the merest hint of their arrival the remote comes up and the channel changes. You can't say that about the Darleks

Microsoft vision chief sees world without Microsoft PCs

Richard Bragg

But a PC user might.

Linux users know there are alternatives but one big hurdle to companies rolling out Linux on PC's is "No Office". Since you can make Linux look like Windows or at least function is a similar way the actual O/S becomes less important than what you can do with it.

If staff need to do Power Point presentations, connect to Exchange with all features (calendar, Communicator etc.) then you have to provide a platform that those tools work on. Take away the barrier and uptake of Linux on corporate PC's becomes much more attractive and another market for MS and others to work to.

BOFH: Pepper-packing bot plot

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Simply return a harmless device

with something delicate and valuable to the opposition inside. By this time they'll likely use one of those bomb disposal robots to deactivate and end up ruining their own possessions.

BOFH: Robot wars

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Common enemy

Brilliant, now let battle commence, especially once the two teams realise there is a common enemy present in both camps.

Ton-up speed merchant blames dyslexia

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I'm (mildy) dyslexic but

I can't see how you can get speed readings that badly out and if you are that bad then you really shouldn't be driving.

Doro 334gsm HandlePlus IUP

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It's not a generic granny phone

some grannies can manage much more complex devices. For some its not just the technology but simply remembering who you want to call or actually using all those tiny buttons. Having a nice simple device with your 4 most used numbers would be ideal. You may have more numbers you want to call but you can do that from a fixed line with you trusty address book.

This could allow some people to have a little more freedom. They can go out with some degree of monitoring, a nice panic button and an easy way to call for assistance.

Microsoft kills off newsgroups

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The problem with forums is

that they don't always work well if topics digress and split. The tree structure of new groups means you could follow parts of conversations and not others.

When forum topics grow they become so unwieldy and since most are date ordered it can get very hard to follow conversations.

Milkman skewers Google Street View over garage break-in

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They also return

because they think you may have used the insurance or opportunity to replace the stolen item with something better and newer. Additionally they hope that security has yet to be improved.

Drink beer not fizzy pop for pity's sake, say boffins

Richard Bragg

Is this beer

Or that nasty gassy lager stuff?

Atheists smite online God poll

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Something smells off here

Since there are more than 2% of the population who claim to be Christian and others following different faiths this does look like some sort of sting/concerted voting.

BOFH: Baitin' switch

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That's more like it .

nothing fancy just plain simple BOFH.

BOFH: Burying the hatchet

Richard Bragg

Appologies for my husband

He's not been the same since they replaced him with one of those automated card entry systems. They didn't let him keep the uniform either.

Jim's wife

Mobiles help UK malls track shoppers' every move

Richard Bragg

Don't have a mobile phone ...

Well I have one when I'm on call for work but that's it. When I'm not on call it's off and left in my laptop bag.

I have a perfectly good phone on my desk when I'm at work. If I'm not at my desk I don't want to be called.

Vote now for your fave sci-fi movie quote

Richard Bragg

Also from 2001

My mind is going.