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130,000 inflatable jubs missing at sea


a disaster of tit-anic proportions?

"a disaster of tit-anic proportions?"

no comment just an idea for a by-line...

HP boxes Mother Earth into submission


have to give them some credit...

at least all their packaging seems to be bio-degradable or recyclable cardboard, not that 'orrible greasy white or grey "gonna outlive the universe" foam stuff tht some other manufacturers seem more than happy to use

personally id rather have an exess of cardboard than a small amount of that 'orrible foam stuff!

Back the F:\ Up


its not just linux that wont work on modern laptops...

try getting windows xp working fuly on any laptop made in the last 6 months or so - anything with a geforce 8400m wont work as nvidia only provide drivers for vista, connexants audio drivers are vista only, some atheros wifi cards only have vista drivers and the list goes on..

the label needs updating.. not "designed for vista" but "designed for ONLY vista"

Danish ISP ordered again to block Pirate Bay


when will they learn....

...whenever they try to block some p2p site / network all the media attention does is make 100 times more people aware that all this free stuff is out there...

UK.gov says extreme porn isn't illegal if you delete it...


well thats the PFY shafted then

question is, will it be the boss or the BOFH to turn him in?

Nissan: buy our electric cars... rent our batteries


f*ck me thats ugly

how about i buy the batteries and you give me the ugly bastard car free of charge? - cant really see anyone paying for that!

could it be the first car that looks better AFTER you crash it?

Anal whitening biz drops one million clams for Vibrators.com

Paris Hilton


wonder if they'd be intrested in one of my beer induced registrations, namely www.wheretolookfothingstofuck.com ;)

paris 'cos weve all looked for that video....

Samsung Omnia 16GB smartphone

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O2 are scared of the omnia!

when i was out phone shopping for a new phone last month i was talkng to the store manager of our o2 shop and asked him when they were getting the omnia, i was expecting the usual "in the next 2 weeks or so" but instead got a rather sheepish "never - if we sold it we'd never shift the iphone 3g" - can't get a better reccomendation than that!

when i got my omnia the battery life was shite but then realised it had hsdpa set to enabled - as none of our cell transmitters come close to maxing out 3g having 3g+ enabled was pointless, end result was about 3x longer battery life

incase anyone hasn't worked out how to kill the vista-esq sidebar its:

start - settings - today - items - untick samsung widget

it seems to be the samsung widet thats responsible for most cases of the long press on the end call key to keylock not working

finally, am i the only one that reularly manages to twat myself with the stylus dongle trying to unrotate the screen when the omnias desided to screen rotate during a call?

final question.... does the omnia hold the record for the longest hands free kit bundled with any phone? the one that came with mine tops out at just under 7 feet!

SanDisk pre-launches slotMusic


ah right....

so thats what the external micro-sd card slot on sandisk's sansa mp3 players is for... 3 years on and they finally have a use for it!

Sony PRS-505 Reader e-book


ebook ripoff

why do sony / waterstones see fit to sell the drm encumbered ebooks at significantly higher prices than the paper versions in their own stores? - havent they earnes from the drm music sites yet?

Ballerinas and fish-gutters beat techies in UK immigration race

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you missed the big one...

according to the bbc news article england is also critically short of english teachers so we now have to recruit non english speakers to teach english to the english...


Cloned US ATM cards: Can they fool Brit self-service checkouts?


probably won't work

theres just 4 flaws in their plan:

1) the self service consoles are chip and pin only

2) most stores dont allow high value items trough self service, our local tesco has signs al over the self serve kiosks to that effect

3) the self serice kioska dont offer cah back

4) stores like argos who do take mag stripe cards require you to sign in front of the person handing you the goods...


BOFH: Testing the obscenity filters

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just like the good ol' days

reminds me of the good old skool bofh's, except it was ewe anchors back then instead of can't, perfect timing tho as i had to ring a mr huan king today (no, i am NOT making the name up!)


'Space gemstone' meteorite crashes at auction


2 million for a rock?

still a hell of a lot less than the british tax payers paying for a somewhat less solid rock

eitherway you must be fukang insane to part with that kind of cash!


Vista volume activation cracked


old news

KB940510 doesnt disable the patch or indeed vista, it just tells you all is not well

the SLIC patches ave been around as long as vista, the only reason this is news is because the KB940510 update has made a lot of people aware of the shafting theyve recieved (mostly "presintalled" ebay buyers)

theres even a few guides around on how to extract the slic key yourself, ive been using a self extracted advent slic file for months to create stable vlited vista installs for my various advent pc's

How Phorm plans to tap your internet connection

Black Helicopters

bloody bt

ah, so thats why theyre calling 3 times aday offering a £2 discount for signing up for another 12 months (so that makes them only 2X more expensive and 6X slower th an BE internet...)

also speaking of advertising how come El Reg refuses point blank to load when all of double clicks comains are blocked by protowall yet any other site happily loads minus its adverts? - is there some El Reg / double click conspiracy?


Broadband big boys waiting on data pimping


i bet its harder to avoid them than you think...

ok, so the story focuses on the big 6 and everyone says theyll just go to the small names to be safe... trouble is a lot of the small names aere just sticking their name over services bought from the big 6 so they still get your private data either way

looks like its time to break out aircrack again, - who cares what data they collect when its not your name on the bill ;)