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Google cloud told to encrypt itself

David Vincent

Vote for Steve Hunter.

Guys wake up.

It will not make any differance being a HTTPS session when the e-mail hits the next SMTP server!

Regarding posting of Doc's. READ THE T&C's! If you don't agree with them then don't use the service!

Don't read the T&C's. Well who's fault is that then?

HMV blames rival for PS3 PlayTV pre-order puzzle

David Vincent
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PS-3 with 8 cores and games utilising only 25% of it's capacity.

Well guys,

It's nice to see that everyone has missed one or two issues.

The drive as previously pointed out is a standard 2.5" Drive. 200Gb cost a grand total of £58. For those that don't have the skills of using a screwdriver. You can connect an external USB drive. Last count was 1Tb for £140. What space issue??

Second, the system can broadcast media stream to a PSP using the RemotePlay with wireless Internet connection. You can therefore play all those missed episodes EastEnders or Cory anywhere in the world. Try doing that on your current PVR.

Setting up a recording or watch live Freeview from the other side of the world or on a ski slop even. Sky+ is the only device that can be programmed remotely. However, still don't think you can watch programmes remotely. (Don't have Sky+ so someone else might be able to chip in here).

The PS3 has 8 core's. As the most demanding PS3 game utilises 25% of the capacity of the PS3. You have ample CPU power to throw at MPEG compression. If this has not already implemented within the PlayTV hardware.

I also tend to try and not look at my PC in the living room. As it is probably not the most pleasing thing to look at. Yes, you can drag it into your living room. But why would you wish to?

Close system? This device has to be bomb proof. Just like a typical electronic device in your living room. Allowing the system to be open would get you into the mess that Microsoft is in. I should know as I earn my living putting the finger troubled Users back to where they need to be. Also, virus hits are in 10-20 range on PS3 kernel against several 1,000 that MS system faces.

You can install a Open System OS on to the PS3 for those that need to.

So the dual FreeView tuners in your PVR's are HD capable then?

You can update the firmware with more features?

The only thing that Sony needs to do is sort out the Flash implementation to utilise version 8 on the browser and add a random musical jukebox play feature like iTunes.

Then they have a entertainment system that can take on most of their competitor's in years to come.


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