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France gives Google three month DATA PRIVACY DEADLINE


Am I the only one...

...who keeps reading CNIL as senile???

I'm going, I'm going.

Moderatrix kisses the Reg goodbye


Mind the gap

All the best on your journey...

...ya meddling ol' bat!! (Now I can troll in peace!!! Yaaaaaay!) :}

How I saved the Macintosh


I don't get it...

You cause Apple to lose a multimillion dollar customer (Disney), you flunk on a much hyped, much vaunted presentation, said presentation is mimicked for a national campaign that fails abysmally, and you're made redundant not too long before Apple goes into a tailspin and several years in the wilderness....so you "saved" the company/Macintosh how exactly???

Interesting story, by the way. Now if you can only work on those titles.

"How I used my innate creativity and Apple products, failed to win a presentation competition or get credit for my work, while simultaneously helping to send Apple into the Abyss" immediately comes to mind.

Nokia asks ever so nicely for return of missing prototype

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Nicely put!!!

We know where those stones were aimed! Well said Nokia

Man coughs to sex with donkey and horse

Paris Hilton

Too easy

No "stable" address????

So where did he take his equine lovers?


Texas cops cuff 176 at illegal cockfight


Sheriff Larry "Fowler"????

Are you kidding me???

Is the irony lost on everyone else?

Gervais pic used in amusingly rubbish failed bank fraud



Ok I'm miffed @ your use of the word "masterminds" to describe these idiots...I'm leaving!!!

Hand me the one with the Benny Hill passport in the inside pocket...

Nokia E72 smartphone



I've been soooo looking forward to this phone - I can't think of a more worthy upgrade from my E71 (certainly not a BB). However, the podcast software is one of my favourite and most-used applications. I really hope Nokia is/will be offering a download for this app.

I am in love with all the improvements on this phone, but the lack of podcasting software will be a heart-breaker (though, perhaps NOT a deal-breaker)

IETF forges botnet clean-up standard


@AC 13:43 - Rubbish!!!

It CANNOT be 100% the customer's fault if they are not responsible for the myriad vulnerabilities foisted upon them under the guise of 'complete' software which happen to be rife with bugs and potential attack points.

Think before you speak.

Software and OS developers need to be held to a higher standard - sadly they get away with putting anything out there as a finished product, or as we see in the Google age, everything is in constant BETA.

YouTube Lad from Lagos stranded in London


This guy is...

...fuckin hilarious!!!!

I laughed til my eyes welled up!!

TechCrunch dubs Linux a 'big ol’ bag of drivers'

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Thank goodness!!

Someone else has seen TechCrunch for what they are (or are NOT)!!!!

I do believe eventually we'll get there (most or all applications will be in the cloud or IP based, and our PC requirement will chiefly be to connect to the Internet/network), but that is a looong way away, and yes, ChromeOS is being over-hyped right now.

But back to TechCrunch :) I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who noticed the barbaric assault on journalism (and the English language) by those huckleberries! Not to mention their arrogance while making some completely asinine assertions.

Nice article.

Vulture Central unleashes RegPad™

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Now El Reg just needs a like button (for when we're too lazy to actually comment that we enjoyed the article)

Jamaica cracks down on 'daggering' after broken todger upswing


Which idiot...

wrote this?????

Jah know!!! Everytime unnu write some foolishness like this mi vex!!!!!!

Penile appendages are muscles and blood vessels - they cannot be fractured!!

As for 'daggering' - I don't know what to say...we come up with the weirdest 'dances'. Please DO NOT TRY THIS @ HOME!!! :} Stick to the 'gully creepa'

Ad-supported webcam border surveillance hits Texas


Pedants Unite!! @Jacob

Sorry mate, as much as Sean kinda blew it out of proportion, he's right.

Read: http://www.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/wile.html

We continue to accept the bludgeoning of the English language (especially by Yanks), and somehow believe if you say the wrong thing/misuse words long enough, then it eventually becomes acceptable.

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet


This idiot...

...shouldn't be allowed on campus in the first place!

I understand that not all indivduals are technologically savvy, but I find common sense (which, alas, isn't very common anyway) and logic can take you a far way.

So you've got this Ubuntu thingy on, like, your computer (OMG!). And like, if you're at the tertiary level of learning, a little reading online should tell you what is this Ubuntu (I hope everyone gets the fact that my insertions of 'like' and 'OMG' are aimed at mimicry). You're attending a technical college, so a quick visit to the computer faculty should also help with getting an appropriate Office Suite installed and some explanations as to how to browse the interwebs, and complete other basic (but important) tasks.

Just thinking logically about the situation, and taking some simple steps to find solutions could have made life much easier.

Being close-minded is the reason you're not in college, NOT Ubuntu!

South American president found on Facebook


Guyana is by no means tiny

It has a small population, as a great deal of its terrain remains unspoilt by development, but it cerrtainly is NOT a tiny nation. It is in fact one of (if not THE) largest nation in CARICOM, by virtue of landsize.

Satanic net neologisms - nominations invited


Evryting 'Mash-up'

So I've been wondering, which Fucktard of a Twatdangle came up with "mash-ups".

A dumb-fuck conjunction which says absolutely nothing!!!

Mash up dat rass!!!

Story withdrawn



...do we get to comment on the dumbest fucking words/terms being bandied about all over the Interwebs??????

Oz driver pulled with todger in pasta sauce jar


Put yer hands where I can see 'em!!!

I'm cumming officer...errr....

Mine's the one with the Jam jar in the pocket

Mark Cuban charged with insider trading

Paris Hilton

Suck it!

You know what?

Mark Cuban is such a fucktard, I actually don't feel sorry for him!

He keeps spouting off at the mouth about technology, and he really doesn't know shit about technology - he's just a lucky, loud-mouth asswipe that benefited from the dot com bubble. Got a good domain name early, and sold it to a bunch of losers before the bust.

Good riddance! If Martha could do time, so should he. (Let's see if he doesn't keep that blow-hole shut in prison, lest his room-mate stick something in it! :D)

Paris - cuz even she's smarter than this idiot (and would make a better room-mate)

Palin didn't know Africa is a continent, McCain aides say


@ All Pedants

That's President Obama to you's too!!!!!!!!!!




@James, Webster Phreaky & Ron Christian

James, Ron Christian and Webster Phreaky - that's President Obama to you.


Get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HP loads PC with nonexistent web browser

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This is wicked!!

Guess I'm the first person to state what a bloody great idea I think this is!!

Wonder if I'm overreaching by suggesting that this could very well spell the death of malware?

Sounds promising...

Did the width move for you, darling?


My 2 pence

I've submitted this before, and I'll ask again (I know I'm not the only one)

1. Show first set of comments under articles (as was done on the older version of the site). This usually piques the interest of the reader(s). There have been many occasions where I've enjoyed the comments section more than the article itself, and a preview of the comments often dictate whether or not I click on the 'comments' link.

2. FLAME ICON SUCKS!!!!!! (As profound as I can muster) (Hehehehehe - I just saw that you changed it back to original, oooooooop! sorry 'bout that!)

OMFG, what have you done?


Comments after articles

Would be nice if you reverted to showing the first lines of the first few comments after each article. Always gave me an idea as to whether they'd make for entertaining reading or not.

Boffins calculate true speed of 'Lightning' Bolt


@ Eryn

Eryn, that comment was aimed at another commenter, "Damn Yank" (quite apropos). Also, Bolt didn't lose focus - he made a statement!

The fact that we are talking about that particular race now, and probably will be in London 2012, speaks to the dramatic statement made by his actions. Can you tell me (without checking 'the Google') who won the male 100m race at the 2005 World Championships, or the Sydney Olympics, for that matter? Thought not :)

Further, he already HAD the record, and stated that breaking it again was not his objective - some spectators are disappointed by not seeing a lower mark, but I think that's just them wanting to satisfy their own desires, Bolt was out to win Olympic Gold, which still means a great deal to some athletes, and certainly to our nation.

This was NO missed opportunity.


@ Damn Yank

I'm really tired of you American Asses!!!

I'm a Jamaican and I had really grown tired of your Tim Mongomery's, Gatlins and Carl Lewises (all of whom HAVE failed drug tests at some time or another) beating their chests and making their proclamations - knowing full well they were pumped up on enough steroids to kill a cow! (Carl Lewis, for the record, was caught by USADA on many occasions, but this information was never passed on to WADA). Then comes a breath of fresh air - a naturally talented Jamaican, who celebrates his win with the 'nuh linga' - ever heard of it?? That's right you ass, you don't know what he was doing because you don't know our culture!!!

'Nuh linga' is the name of one of MANY dances that have evolved from the dancehall genre in Jamaica, and as opposed to disrespecting anyone, Bolt was actually celebrating his victories in our truly unique Jamaican way.

Americans on the other hand constantly disrespected other athletes with their bluster and arrogance, yet noticeably, now that there is SIGNIFICANTLY MORE drug testing (as well as a test for HGH, which previously went unchecked), the very same Americans are no longer dominant in track and field. Years of cheating denied Merlene Ottey and Raymond Stewart (if you don't know them it's because they always had to settle for 2nd or 3rd behind the likes of FloJo and Carl Lewis), and now - finally- with a level playing field, we can be denied NO MORE.

Your hypocrisy is irritating beyond measure - "oh it's OK if our boys celebrate, even if they go over the top, but how dare this Jamaican enjoy his world record breaking, and history making (had to put those in there) victories???".

Yow, tek wey yuself yankee bwoy!!!

Jamaica to di worlllll!!!!!!

Amazon launches self-cloning experiment

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Google Checkout...

...is actually quite good.

It really simplifies shopping to a one-click solution after adding a product to a cart, but more important is the 'TRUST' factor.

If I do a product search online, I'm more likely to select an e-tailer that offers Google Checkout, not only for speed and simplicity, but to a great extent because I feel more secure using GC - a known entitiy, even when I'm unfamiliar with the e-tailer (and my card isn't charged until the product is shipped).

Hope it doesn't go belly up any time soon.

The FDRs of Green explain the gentle art of planet saving


Well said 'Breakfast'!!

Well said, good man!

Substituting one stream of misguided dogma for another, solves no-one's problems. And there are REAL problems out there.

I did quite like the article, but must confess that the evident bias detracts from the larger message and makes it hard to determine whether the author is being practical or merely pejorative.

Intel stinks


@ anarchic-teapot

Thanks Chuck, you beat me to the punch.

A-T sounds like one of the snobbish types that thinks everyone should jump to make sure things are to his/her liking! Even when they come along Johnny-come-lately style and see things already in place.

The article clearly states that the water is treated/purified by Intel before arriving in the pond. It's the waste from the birds and other surrounding animal life that has helped to make it a concentrated cesspool.

And yet Intel has again opted to add another level of treatment (aeration).

I actually hate Intel products, I'll buy AMD until they go belly-up (as my new quad-core black edition will attest), but they've gone above and beyond in this case, and deserve full credit for their efforts!

CBS saves CNet from activist investors



"So how does paying to keep happy more stuffed shirts (fly them around, buy them munchies for meetings, etc.) reverse a slumping stock price exactly?"

I was wondering the same thing!

It immediately brought to mind the clamouring of Yahoo! investors to allow the Microhoo deal to go through. (With all due respect to the Yanks) this all is typical of the capitalist (read greedy) mindset of so many individuals in American business and corporate politics.

These investors (and don't get me wrong - they're in this to benefit financially so I don't fully blame them) are ONLY interested in what gains they can make from the sale of the company - as opposed to what is best for the company in the long term. My opinion, and that of many others, is that Microhoo would have led to the death or stifling of creativity and many projects (including perhaps Zimbra which is Linux-based) as they stripped away everything to get to the search and advertising core. Yahoo, I strongly believe, has a MUCH GREATER potential than that!

Their shortcoming has actually been NOT realising that full potential, and effectively leveraging what is a large user-base, and huge potential in search and advertising.

I also agree that maybe we should watch to see if CBS just uses the news.com and tv.com domains to push their content. As a techie and daily visitor of news.com (although I've been quite disappointed with their content - or lack thereof - lately) it would really sadden me to see the site transmogrified :D into a network wasteland.

I'll go have a few drinks now - Verticals anyone???

The battle of Lesbos: Exclusive combat pic

Paris Hilton


Lester Haines may your scrotum shrivel and rot!!! A curse on your testicular orbs!!!!!!

Imagine my horror, my disappointment, when - sincerely believing I was about to view buxom beauties having a go at it - I clicked on that lousy link to see plastic doo-dahs!!!!!

Rot in hell, Lester Haines, rot in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Paris, of course, because she would have showed the real thing(s))

HTC S730 Windows Mobile smartphone

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Skype works fine...

...for me!

I usually close all other running apps when I'm about to launch Skype, but I'm also sure I've had it running with another programme or two open.

I also got my headset bundled with the package. And yep, I had to revert to the default winmobile screen for the shortcuts as well :)

I do love the phone, though - it ain't pretty, hangs from time to time (which I absolutely hate in a phone!!) but it gets the job done.

Court must reconsider Microsoft Excel patent damages


U little bigots are unbelievable!!

What?? Only Americans and Brits have use for money??

You asses!

Microsoft has made Billions (with a B idiots!!!!) from underhanded practices EXACTLY like this. Which is why they have so many cases currently pending in various courts.

Amado went as far as to approach them with an offer to sell his work to them. They refused, then promptly start to develop and sell Excel with HIS feature included!!!! $8.96m is a drop in the bucket of Billions they have made from selling Office software with HIS work included in it. I hope he gets enough money to by the bloody Coke empire!

Somebody from a third world nation does some honest work and is ripped off, he should be happy to get your damn pocket change, but if this were any of you guys you'd be looking to buy houses for all your family members and (rightly) think your claims are justified.