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iPhone 4 operator contracts compared

Jon Hulatt

Wiener alert

Surely pre-pay means PAYG- contracts are post-pay.

3D TVs to drop below £1000 in 2012

Jon Hulatt


I'm all for progress, but there's still a severe lack of actual HD content out there... not counting upscaled-still-looks-crap stuff.

I think the telly companies are going to have a hard time convincing punters to upgrade their HD ready sets to 3D ready, when they haven't even gotten any HD value yet.

New mega offshore windfarms could supply 2% of UK energy

Jon Hulatt

Hot Air?

Gordo says "This announcement will make a significant and practical contribution to reducing our CO2 emissions."

How's an *announcement* going to make any difference at all? Unless scientists have perfected a technique of harnessing energy from government hot air?

iPhone saves woman from bear

Jon Hulatt

Surely there's an app for that?

There's an app for just about everything.

Jaguar-Land Rover to develop F1-style energy recovery tech

Jon Hulatt

Ca$h recovery?

Perhaps they should focus on some cash recovery tech instead. So they're still in business next year, like.

French train tickets go USB

Jon Hulatt

Maybe I'm dumb, but...

Maybe I'm dumb, but surely a contactless ticket wouldn't have a connector on it?

And what happens when some miscreant sticks some chewing gum in the socket?

easyJet warns 'several websites' to stop selling its flights

Jon Hulatt


Why don't sleazyJet just use a Captcha, like everyone else does?

Start-up boost planned for Windows Vista applications

Jon Hulatt


er... WPF was Windows Presentation Foundation last time I looked. And Extensible Application Markup Language was also known as XAML.

Sort your QA out, Reg