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Vague data retention proposal draws IIA ire and friendly fire

Jason Tan
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No no no.

Don't want.

The govt has the laws it needs now to get our data.

If they suspect us of a crime they go to a court and ask for a warrant, present to the carriage provider and the carriage provider provides the data - as well as the meta data.

This is the exact same as requiring couriers and Australia Post to photo copy/scan every document and photograph the contents of every package they carry and retain hte images for however long.

No No no.

I think I might become a politcal refugee if this goes forward.

From the Universal Declaration of HUman Rights:


"Article 12.

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks."

Roxon: right let's just keep all the data!

Sounds pretty arbitary to me.

No no no.

Forever no.

Verizon CFO: 'Unlimited' data is just a word

Jason Tan

"I agree to pay for my service" - just words on a contract

"I agree to pay for my service"

Those are "just words" on my contract.

They don;t mean I'll actually give you money.

How dumb do you have to be to not understand that if every one gets to redefine words as they want, no one gets paid?

Obviously Verizon execs are dumber than the relevant threshhold of dumbness.

Greens launch anti-TPP Internationale

Jason Tan

Re: Who listens to the Greens?

No, privatisation makes us pay the highest electricity bills in the world.

Understandably so - after all that's what private companies are intended to do - extract funds from customers as efficiently as possible.

The carbon tax will contribute to further price hikes, but the price hikes had been happening for many years before there was even a scent of a carbon tax.

Still putting the power companies in the hands of private companies, was dumb

Of course the claims by both the various state govts and the companies, was taht competition would lower the prices.

Still I trust the various ministers and their family members have their comfy sinecures now, directorships, consultancies etc.

I reckon the public should band together and bribe the politicians to do the thing that is best for the people, not the businesses... oh wait we do already.

Ok I reckon we need to t

Australia threatens telcos with mobile roaming price laws

Jason Tan

The hilarious thing is that (I beleive) the Commonwealth of Austrlia) (i.e. the federal govt) is the (10% or so) major shareholder in telstra - the largest telco in australia.

So if the minister really cared, he could just exercise his shareholder muscle.

The 'experts' who never see BBM will never understand RIM

Jason Tan

Dead tech

Dead technology.

Companies can't see far enough ahead towork with each other.

So BBM won't end up on iOS or Android and on Blackberry it will die.

Sad but execs are given bonusses for market share and profiut this quarter/year, not next year.

Larry Ellison buys island 1000x bigger than Branson's

Jason Tan

Sir Richard I declare thee Pwn3d!

Larry wins.

Apple desperate to prevent nightmare scenario of iPad in Iranian hands

Jason Tan

A beautiful thing.

The really beautiful thing was that the employee who refused to sell the iPad tot eh Farsi speaker, could recognise Farsi, because they were from Iran.

So you can sell a single iPad to someone with possible Iranian connections, but it's OK to leave someone who is actually from Iran in charge of the store...?

Ah, America, it'sa beautiful thing.

iPhone denies existence of Gibraltar, other bits of British empire

Jason Tan

Re: That's part of

So who's that bloke who designed the iPhone.

Jonathon Eyeves?

Scots council: 9-yr-old lunch blogger was causing 'distress and harm'

Jason Tan

Re: "I bet the lunches at the council offices are better than they serve the kids."

"Then again, most Scottish kids like shit food. Or at least you'd have thought that if you'd seen the kids tucking into the shite we got when I was at school."

Just a thought - any chance the little buggers were not getting fed at home so perhaps did not have a great deal to compare against?

I.e. not so much that that love shite food, just they are so hungry they'll eat anything?

Here in Aust some schools (in the more proletariat areas - like where I grew up, before any one calls me condescending) have breakfast for kids so they can concentrate in class - as so many kids were coming to school unfed.

Jason Tan

Re: "I bet the lunches at the council offices are better than they serve the kids."

You think the lunches are setting the kids up badly - you should see what we're doing to the economy!!!

Can Oz compete in the outsourcing market?

Jason Tan

Been there done that

Around 2003 me and a team of 6-8 others Aussies were working for an Adelaide, Australia based company.

We spent about 30-6 months as a team in the UK, learning a forx trading platform, and then we deployed and supported it from Adelaide - with one team member rotating through London at all times.

We got the boot and the work went to Russia - cheaper labour costs, cheaper network costs, cheaper air fares.

There were to be sure some internal problems, like the team kept growing with the workload as teh client would not let us script deploys, so they were always manual and error prone.

But still it was still cheaper in Eastern Europe, especially the logistics.

It is true the time zone did help though.

Electric mass-driver catapults to beat Royal Navy cuts?

Jason Tan
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Special amphibious Type45s with wheels?

And how exactly will these Type 45s escort a strike force say 300 nautical miles inland?

Jason Tan

How have those Tornadoes been ....

doing against the Hornets in Air to Air?

Jason Tan

Actually the F18E is a fairly comprehensively upgraded beast...

- not really the same as a F18A/B/C/D at all.

Semi stealthy , larger fuel fraction etc.

iPhone customers lay into Apple after iOS 4.0.1 update fails to install

Jason Tan

Been here before

They're just holding it wrong... um I mean, it's just a bug in the installer software.

The software is installed, just the algorithm we sue to confirm it is not right.

Here, have a free bumper.....

Oz government in filter paranoia meltdown

Jason Tan

Oh son your an embarrasment...

This sort of sh*t really does make it embarrasing to be an Aussie.

For some reason, both sides of the political spectrum here want to fsck up the 'net.

The liberals also tried to go down the censorship, - uh I mean filtering - route.

Ironic he says claims that Google has a "trust us to know best" postion, when teh Aussie govt is not willing to publish it's ban list.

Apparently that is to stop those who would otherwise not know about the sites visiting them.

Of course if the filtering system works as well as claimed then knowing about the URLs would not be any help, unless of course you could get aroujd the system.

Of course the govt have also claimed that would be non trivial to do, so there really is no reason not to trust us Aussi'es with our own block list - is there?

As for google collecting wireless info.

If people want to keep their data private they should.

The number of unsecured wireless nertworks inAdelaide (a small Australian captial city) is incredble.

If they want to blame industry, they should blame the wireless access point industry, who ship WAPs in an insecure config (i.e. no encryption) because it would be too expensive to support WAPs with encryption turned on.

Blaming Google for collecing info that people are voluntarily publishing is beyond farcical.

Fscking clown.

In the 90s we had an adjective down here based on the then current Communications minister.

That was to Alston something. E.g. that badly implemented thing has really been Alstoned.

I think we have a new adjective.

The Aussie govt is really Conroying this issue.

If the govt really want to do something about net safety and risk reduction, then education including the concepts behind SSL, phishing, spamming, the 411s, wireless network security and the like would be a far better way to help protect the community.

I.e. actually provide people with the witherwerall to protect themselves from a wide variety of threats, instead of trying to implement a system which only concentrates on a very narrow area of net risk and has no chance of doing it well.

This would as far as I know be a revolutionary step in terms of community net risk reduction, instead of yet another destined to fail net filtering program.

Joke alert - this guy is not a minister he's a joke. And if I don't laugh, I'll cry.

'Virtual sit-in' tests line between DDoS and free speech

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Not trying to DoS - read the FAQ Luke...

Looks like he's knowinglyu tryi8ng to disable to target server.

Below are the first two paragraphs of the help page.

I don;t see how he can claim his intent was anything but to cause a DoS.

# The action page send multiple, fast and repeating querries to the website of the UCOP. If there are enough numbers of people running the action at the same time, the massive traffic load causes the President's server to drastically slow-down and/or, hopefully, come to a halt.

# If you see messages saying the server is 'too busy' or 'not available' or 'cannot be found' it means our collective action is having the desired effect. Even if you do not see these messages, you can be sure that the server admin is going to take notice of the action; in other words, they're going to know that we're sitting in on them. This form of electronic action is legal: All we are doing is visiting their site.

Ammo rationing at Wal-Mart as panic buying sweeps US

Jason Tan

The rerst fo teh world knows sh*T

Re this comment:

"Ok, for all you yanks saying the author knows dick and that the .45 is fantastic... sorry guys, we know it's the traditional weapon of choice for every red neck yank, but the rest of the world thinks it sucks. Author never said it had poor stopping power. He said it performed no better than a 9mm and worse against an armoured target."

As an Aussie and an ex shooter - before our gun laws got screwed - the rest of the world may not like the .45 but most of the rest of the world does not shoot very often and consequently know much about guns.

The Americans shoot a lot more than most people and therefore have more experience what's your experience?

'Dragon's Egg' hurlable weeble-cams for US digi-troopers

Jason Tan

US Cav table of org

I thought US Cav squadrons had troops too. The US cav troop being the same size (i.e. company sized) as a UK/commonwealth squadron.


Extreme porn law goes live - are you ready?

Jason Tan

Prohibtion - this should be great for the LE industry

Alcohol, Drugs, Guns.

Prohibition has never worked in the past - why will it work now?

Prohibition of previously legal items

- pushes up prices

- criminalizes the otherwise innocent people

- usually helps organised crime obtain better control over markets, police, govt and judiciary

- usually lines someone's pocket - police overtime, auctroned confiscated assets, law enforcement tools sold, presumably in thsi case software and I dare say a vast number of prosecutions once they start taking single frames of movies out of context and start judging images on the juries and judges perceptions of them rather than the owner or creator of them.

The idea that your guilt is defined by how turned on (or guilty feeling) someone else gets by an image! Amazing.

Letting UK magistrates judge extreme porn? Cat amongst the pigeons there.

If worse comes to take it to the house of lords, you're guaranteed to "get off" - they apparently have some very extreme tastes.

Aussie air zealot savages prêt-à-porter stealth fighter

Jason Tan


Well I think we are quite happy with our P3s and C130s thanks.

If your country was silly enough to employ people who take Lockheed's bribes to buy the Starfighter - then silly you.

You didn't think to have a pilot test the starfighter first or your bribed offical didn't listen to the pilots?

Silly you.

No one forced you to buy F104s.

Caveat Emptor

American auto dealer offers free handguns

Jason Tan
Paris Hilton


The funny thing here is that I suspect many Reg readers would be the tpes to bag the US for cultural imperialism - and what these self same Reg readers are doing is for want of a better term laughin at the US's culture, just because it is not the same as UK culture.

Whats more amusing is that the Reg and its readers are known to be anti Nanny state - but when a non nanny state doesnt behave the same as their own nanny state they moan.

I wish I could say incredible, but its not, its totally credible and pedictable.

Australia to restrict laser-pointers - Minister

Jason Tan

Ban laws dont work

Hmmm a guy with a gun goes and kills a pile of people.

Answer create a law to ban guns.

But wait, killing people is already illegal under murder and manslaughter laws - if the guy is willing to break taht law - not to mention the taboo and social progamming against killing, what makes you think he will obey a law about not owning guns.

Same with laser pointers.

There are already laws here about pointing lasers at planes, and I'd guess there were more general laws that prohibited endangering aircraft in flight before the laser pointer specific laws.

More laws won;t help, they will just criminalize legitmate users and create a blackmarket.

Aircraft in landing and taking patterns are vulnerable.

Get over it.

Data pimping: surveillance expert raises illegal wiretap worries

Jason Tan

wide interpretation

I don't know about UK law, but I suspect in a lot of jurisdictions that server logs are considered "business records" rather than "interceptions".

Whether or not they would be subject to other privacy laws and the like is another question.

I suspect if the good professors interpretation were correct sys admins could not do things like run tcpdump to debug problems. I.e. I think his interpretation is likely too wide and would not stand up, as it would not be in the public interest.

Lenovo intros skinny, low-weight ThinkPad

Jason Tan

@spec comparison

Why limit the assessment of Paris to aesthetics, where as you say she is not too bad?

After all we have video evidence she puts out, and she has a lovely bank balance.

Wrap her up. I'll take her!