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Lumia sales fail to set world alight

Jason Sweby

Can't buy them if you can't find them

I'm hardly surprised when they're just not available. The Reg ran a story yesterday about O2's website saying they don't sell them, when they've said they will. Even today, the O2 shop site still says this phone does not exist.

Sad thing is I'm really interested in the Windows 7 Phone - but trying to buy one is not exactly easy.

BBFC logos to vanish from future games releases

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Typical that the Govt didn't listen to the advisor that they very publicly put in place on this matter.

In all of the arguments over video game violence, we've always been able to say "Look, they're rated the save as films" but this argument will be watered down now that a European-wide system is in place that the non video-gaming public don't understand.

Swindon twins with Walt Disney World

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I lived in Swindon. Picturesque? HA ha ha ha....

Beeb iPlayer blocked by Xbox velvet rope

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I pay for Xbox Live but...

... even I disagree with MS on this one. iPlayer is free in the UK so take the opportunity to add it to the list of features that the Xbox provides and use it as a marketing tool for selling consoles, rather than being pig-headed and trying to extract less money via Xbx Live. I know people who have chosen a PS3 because it supports the iPlayer where the Xbox doesn't.

Yahoo! loses spot at Britain's biggest ISP

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Yahoo provided by Google

As part of this new agreement BT Yahoo!’s web search will be provided by Google?!

I wonder if Microsoft's new Zune HD will be provided by Apple?