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Revealed! The new face of the Eee PC

Elmars Ositis

No cleavage on the new one

Noo.... the beach blonde is better. The cleavage at least makes my heart rate pick up a bit. The new girl... nice. Wouldn't throw her out of bed, not that I could do anything about it anyway, but... just does not do anything for the ticker...


Mr. and Mrs. Boring sue Google over Street View pics

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The Borings may have a legal problem with that pool

I don't know what the laws are in their state, but in California, where I used to live, a property with a swimming pool was required to have a 6 foot (1.8m) fence either around the pool or around the property. The reasons for this are to prevent unauthorised and unsupervised children from playing in the pool and drowning. Generally people then install wood fences around their property, with few if any peep holes and then have all the fun they want.

I think the attorneys at google can also have at the couple on the hypocrisy of their demand. If their privacy is so important, they should have built a fence, or they should have put the pool in a place where it cannot be seen.

Finally, their interpretation of 'private road' in yankee understanding does not mean 'unauthorised persons do not enter', but it means 'road maintained by local homeowners'. If they check the laws and precedents, they will find that the law is quite specific on the public access of a road which is not gated...

Stupid move by the Borings. They will loose and it could turn out to be expensive.


Asus Eee PC gives Sony the willies

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I completely forgot about the sony rootkit. I thought the rootkit reference was more of a carnal nature related to the beach photo. Silly me.

I am considering getting a pair of these (machines, silly!) for my gradeschool kids. Add wireless kb/mouse and monitor and you have a perfect package.