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'Sunshade' global-cooling plan would ruin solar power

Geoff Thorpe

... and Arthur C. Clarke rolls in his grave

Isn't it obvious that the sunshade should be kept *outside* the atmosphere? I'm no physicist, but wouldn't some of the diffuse light from such a shade be deflected away from earth due to angle of incidence anyway (reducing the initial shade requirement)?

Also, can't help thinking that it'd be easier to spiral a non-atmospheric shade off into the sun (or burn it up on reentry) than it would be to depollute the atmosphere (or oceans) of aerosols... I mean global warming is an issue, but it's just one class of the more general problem of *pollution*. (Eg. a food supply full of mercury will leave us with significant problems even if we don't cover the planet in hot water.) So polluting the atmosphere to address warming seems to ignore the one thing we've learnt from all the Great Ideas of the past, which is that their most remarkable consequences were rarely intentional. (Cane toads anyone?)

New trojan in mass DNS hijack

Geoff Thorpe

Geoff Thorpe

Someone said "the network is the computer". They probably didn't realise at the time that this also means "the network can contract the virus for you"...

Boffin: Coconut jumbo is millstone in disguise

Geoff Thorpe
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Whereas Branson, Bush, Blair, Ballmer, Bono, Bill and the other B(S)-artists comment strictly within their fields of "expertise" and the media are quick to play down the significance of any unqualified observations they might otherwise feel obligated to make ...

Let's see then. Subject == efficient conversion of matter and consequent generation of energy + minimisation of agricultural and environmental impact. Commentator == leading chemist. Yeah I can see the need to strictly contain his credibility here, wouldn't want just any bozo to influence public policy now would we?

Paris icon, as you're perhaps more concerned with her opinion on matters such as these?