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Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56

Keith Crooks

You're joking right?

"If you'd used a windows pc in the last decade you'd know windows has been a high quality product all that time."

Seriously? After using Windows since 3.1, it was the dog that is Vista that finally pushed me over to the 'dark side'.

Now lets get back on topic! RIP Steve. You will be missed!

Amazon solves wait-at-home-for-deliveries problem

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In a perfect world

The trouble is half of the time HDNL don't even bother to deliver the item and thus don't leave a delivery card so you don't even know that the package is sat at their depot unless the company you ordered the item(s) for has online order tracking. And even then because you don't have the 'failed delivery' card with the relevant number on, the depot staff don't want to know.

I've lost count of the amount of times I've had HDNL say they haven't delivered my item because I "wasn't in" when I was or they "couldn't find my address" despite me giving them specific directions and a contact telephone number in case they still couldn't find me.

Why should I waste my time making a 30+ mile round trip to do a job they are being paid to do and have to put up with their obnoxious staff to get my order?

If I could pick it up from my local supermarket or town centre then I would jump at the chance rather than waste my time having to rely on companies like HDNL.

iPhone users richer, brainier, more tasteful than Android-ers

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Missed oppertunity

You've missed an excellent opportunity to use the 'no shit sherlock' icon there. For that I'm going to play the 'fail' icon.

Good day!

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Incorrect correction...

Did any iPhones actually get looted? I thought all the looters were happy with their Blackberrys ... it sounds like Burberry init blood!

People don't want tablets, they want iPads

Keith Crooks

Stop kidding yourself!

So you want something that works like an iPad, looks like an iPad and cost the same as an iPad? I think you want an iPad!

Oh sorry I forgot, you don't want it to BE an iPad. You just want an iPad with a different name. Samsung it is then! (That's a joke btw!)

Haters make me as sick as fanbois!

"I just want to be different!"

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Big Brother

Baby you can fill me in!

Care to fill us in on what these 'occasional tasks' are?

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Not for me thanks

I'm not a fan of flash heavy websites anyway. In most cases it's style over content IMHO. And with more and more people viewing the web on their phone/tablet, who really wants to wait for a flash heavy site to load and then fiddle round with it on a touch screen? And a lot of the functionality Flash is used for can be accomplished with JavaScript or HTML5 which degrade more gracefully on devices that can't handle Flash. I'd rather miss out on a bit of icing than not get the cake at all!

Corporates love iPhone, iPad more than Android kit

Keith Crooks

I love these comments!

Android pots call Apple kettles fanbois!

Major overhaul makes OS X Lion king of security

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My dad is bigger than your dad!

Yeah but my dad is harder than your dad!

Well my dad is a black belt in kung fu!

So is mine! But my dad was a black belt before your dad so my dad is better!

Yeah well ... your dad is a big stupid stinky poo!

Counter-Strike gamers explore bin Laden bag site

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A simple solution to those opposed...

If you don't like it, you don't have to play it!


Android, Steve Jobs, and Apple's '90%' tablet share

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Sand in your vagina?

I think you missed the point slightly. Maybe it was all that red mist clouding your view.

It was simply an example of how stupidly easy the iPad is to use that even my baby can work it out.

But yes I am also proud that she is clever enough to unlock it at will (not by accident) as it shows she is developing well.

I'd like to say I'm sorry if that offends you - but I'm not.

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iPad - it's easier than walking!

I have an iPad in work which I sneaked home last week. My button-pressing-loving 15 month old daughter managed to get her grubby little paws on it and within minutes she worked out that if she pressed the nice round button on the front and then swiped the glowing bit on the screen with her finger, it would unlock the device. A few minutes after that she was searching for 'gfdshfd' on google in safari. Not bad for somebody who can't walk or talk yet!

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I'd be thankful if you left my pig of a wife out of this thank you very much!

Apple sues Samsung over Galaxy look-and-feel

Keith Crooks

Not just the icons

It's not just the rounded corners of the icons it's also their positioning (4x4 grid with 4 in a bar at the bottom) in addition to the similar design of the hardware as well. While it is a bit of a pointless lawsuit, you can't deny that the side-by-side picture of the two phones in the article is a spot-the-difference job.

I'd be interested to see the reaction if it was the other way around and it was Apple copying Samsung.

Game offers pre-orders on pre-owned titles

Keith Crooks

I vant to suck your blood!

Game is becoming more and more of a leach on the games industry as each year passes. Maybe it's a general shift in retail patterns and more people are just generally shopping online.

But a visit to most Game stores these days shows more and more shelf space taken up by pre-owned games with new games taking a backseat. How long before they become the Smack Converter of the games industry and just deal in pre-owned?

I guess it makes sense though - let the supermarkets and online retailers make a tiny markup on new sales then buy those same games for half the price and then sell them on to idiots at nearly full retail.

Although it seems the supermarkets want a slice of the greed filled pie and have jumped on the band wagon. So what happens when there is nowhere left to buy new games from? Are the same pre-owned games just going to go round and round until everybody is bored of playing the same games?

No new strings for Guitar Hero

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The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long ...

Maybe the series would have lasted a little longer if they hadn't over-saturated the market with constant 'sequels' and cheap, cash-in, band-specific offshoot games and put better songs in the actual games rather than saving the best songs for overly-priced DLC.

Or maybe they did the 'right thing' milking it for all it was worth before it got boring.

Paris because she likes 'milking it' for all it's worth!

Axl Rose sues Activision

Keith Crooks

Just stop already!

Just when you thought Axl Rose couldn't be any more of an idiot! It's a guitar-based game featuring a song that Slash played guitar on and co-wrote. It's not rocket (queen) science!

I think he just likes having something to get a bee in his bandana over.

I wouldn't mind but the current "GnR" (or Chimps 'n' Roses as I like to call them) are just a bad parody of what used to be a fantastic band.

Dominican lad suffers six-day stiffy

Keith Crooks

In the words of the old adage ...

... waste not, want not!

Apple MacBook Air Early 2008

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Pick the right tool for the job ...

I think people disregarding the MacBook Air because of it's specs and high price are missing the point here. Obviously when you buy a laptop you look at what's available and you weigh up what is most important to you out of size / weight, spec. and price. If one person decides that they want a high-spec. machine at the expense of a bigger / heavier machine at a higher price then how is that any different to somebody who decides that the size is more important than spec. and price?

Personally I wouldn't buy a MacBook Air. For me the size doesn't warrant the extra ... I have a 13" MacBook which is slightly more powerful and half the price but in my opinion is already pretty small. But I still think it's a pretty funky machine and if somebody else decides that the extra reduction in width is worth the price then the Air has served its purpose!

Sun will swallow Earth: Official

Keith Crooks

"...completely impossible for life of any kind to exist."

"After a billion years or so you've got an Earth with no atmosphere, no water and a surface temperature of hundreds of degrees, way above the boiling point of water. The Earth will become dry basically. It will become completely impossible for life of any kind to exist. It's a pretty gloomy forecast."

Don't want to get too picky, but should he not have instead said, "It will become impossible for life as we know it to exist."?

How do we know that there isn't some life form out there that we don't know about that thrives in that kind of environment.

The truth is out there ...