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I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working

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I still have people who phone me at random times of the day to fix their computers, I have even changed industry working offshore with only a Sat phone and connection that makes a 9k6 modem look like a luxury item. Yet when I get back to land I still receive random calls about my mums, cats, granddaughters printer has a broken button and can I fix it over the phone?

Again when I was younger I would have been more than happy to help out, alas I was young and far too stupid to fix these things then..

..Must resist the temptation to throttle someone next time they ask for a little help.. ARGHH!

Forty Canadian birds BONKING against windows EVERY MINUTE

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Reminds me...

When I was working for a large Turbine company, a couple of years back, they had statistics of bird strikes.. As you can imagine you get a few with those big blades whooshing about a bit.. Anyway there was a massive outcry initially because of these deaths until some bright spark pointed out more birds die each year from BT phone boxes than Turbine blade strikes... Which might explain why the newer BT phone boxes have all that rubbish advertising on the glass these days..

... Failed to take into account that you wouldn't get an eagle flying into a phone box (well very unlikely, after all who would they call?) and that there are many more phone boxes than Turbines (although that's changing too)...

Still this article made me chuckle as we have had three of four crash into our windows this year.. Not to mention the damned Doves that insist on making a nest behind the Sky mini-dish and landing on the LNB to hand over grass and what not.. :P

Cloud support brings WikiLeaks back online

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It's legal to DDOS a site because of it's content?

I don't see the FBI rushing to punish these people, or a call for them to be dragged kicking and screaming through the media.

No comment on WikiLeaks in general but it does surprise me no one is asking this question (of course we all know the answer ;) ).

Google Nexus 7 shipping cock-up enrages fandroids

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Computer2000 unless then..

Wish I had checked here earlier I might have stood a chance of getting it today, instead I had to call TNT at 5.30pm and ask them where it was only to be told that Computer2000 had not put the complete address on the shipment... Thing is I thought you had to have a complete address to actually ship these through the system.. Seems now eh? Anyway got something else arriving tomorrow so not too bad, of course pretty annoyed to think I could have bought it down the Tesco store and saved money to boot..

Ho hum... Hope my speaker and screen are ok not liking the reviews on them at the moment!!

Wind power: Even worse than you thought

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Taken a long time to realise the truth..

I have been involved with wind farms for quite awhile now and have to say this is pretty spot on.

EVERYONE involved knows that they are just a way of the energy companies getting out of paying fines etc...

They are pretty impressive in engineering terms but then so were those follies back in the day ;)

Mines a jacket as it protects against trolls and people are blinded by the boobies in the Sunday sport (you know who you are).

Solwise Piggy 6 multi-device powerline network adaptor

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I like a lot of the SolWise products but sadly as everyone knows these PLT products don't just create hassle for the Amateurs, CB and shortwave listeners they also create problems for other services too.

There is no point arguing the point they do create huge amounts of interference and it has been proven time and time again.

By all means reviews should be carried out but perhaps a note of caution should be attached, after all I would hate to see someone buy one only to have a knock on the door and be told to remove it.

Sadly OFCOM just don't care right now, wait until someone dies because of one of these things (creating interference on the Marine or airband for instance) and you might see a change.. doubt it though..

McKinnon UK trial decision delayed

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But it wasn't ..

However if he was to walk into a Bank and nick everything because it was unlocked or fitted with no locks at all.. Well.. Would you still feel the same way?

Not sure if it would ever come to court in the US because frankly it would be highly embarrassing to admit that no security was setup on the effected systems.

I think he should be hailed a plonker and let off with a slap on the wrist, I mean that's what happened to the sysadmins of the effected systems after all.

'Interfering' BT Vision attracts campaigner glares

Shane Mussell

OFCOM = Business leaders after work party

OFCOM are useless..

As for us HAM's well.. As we may be about to lose 70cms (airwave) and are seen as old men in tweed jackets moaning about young peoples motorbikes causing interference with our valve radio, chances of anything good happening/coming out of this.. Nill.

I'm looking forward to the OFCOM ruling that tells HAMS to encrypt radio transmissions to save the spectrum... lol..

Sometimes I wish I worked for one of these organisations, then again would I be able to live with myself doing what they do?

EFF wins request for reexamination of ringtone patent

Shane Mussell

compressed.. hmm how about -

If we are talking Mid etc should we not also look at .SID (C64 files) these were the same thing surely (as the person above mentions soundtrack mods too).. Have to laugh at these people sometimes.. Wonder if he will sue me for making my portable music player back in the 90's.. sad...

Pipex upgrade causes email snafu

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And you think thats bad?

If you think that's bad how about little old me then I have been trying to talk to someone at Bulldog/Pipex/Tiscali about my phone line since and supposed cancelled account since July this year and in fact I have been to CISAS who have been unable to resolve the issue.

Basically since December 07 I have been trying to keep my phone number, only to be told yes its ok till April when I asked in an email what was going on and they just cancelled my account!

Pretty annoying as they actually cancelled my line after CISAS asked them to explain what they were playing at and to keep it.

But then I see I'm not the only one suffering with a lack of Customer Service, what made me laugh is they came top for CS in a poll the other day?

Now I'm getting demands for the calls and line rental up to the last day of service with threats of court action.. *sigh*.. Oh did I mention the line still works? Well it does but for how long? This is a very long story suffice to say I'm certainly cheesed off..

Disintegrating wind turbine caught on camera

Shane Mussell

Not the first and not the last

I have worked for Vestas (in fact I have been to the main offices in Aarhus too), and having been involved in a few wind farms I can confirm that the turbines in question do have the three features mentioned. Also when communication is lost the PLC they should shutdown and operate the emergency brake system. However some engineers have commented that sometimes this breaking system can become faulty due to the conditions they work in/under. As this is onland I can't comment on the conponents used (I work with the offshore ones which are slightly different due to the marine enviroument).

However where man and machine are involved it is often proven to be a missed failure during inspection of man made fault which is the reason. Vestas engineers are very well trained (I know I took part in a fair bit myself) but they are only human and when you arrive to something like that you can do nothing but sit back and watch.

Surprised they left the Van that close though.. Looks like an old V52 too...

I'm a little surprised that the video made it onto TouTube however as this is not the first and Vestas have managed to keep the others off the internet.

To keep it in context they are not the only company that has suffered problems and Wind Turbines are still very much an experimental way of harnessing renewalable energy.

Blimey I could tell you some stories.. ;)