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Artemis Fowl scribe to pen sixth Hitchhiker's novel


The end is nigh

Ok so you're going to have a tough time believing this but the universe ended long ago and all survived was a hologram that subsisted purely on human imagination. It is now fading and flickering as we run out of ideas - globally. Look at the cinema. All we seem to be getting is rehashing, extending and re-interpreting the wonders of old. All Marvel characters have been resurrected, some of these many times over. The classics, written ages ago by truly creative people, have been turned into film because hardly anyone can dream up a new storyline any more. Richard Matheson's masterpiece 'I am legend' became a film, then another 2 (the 28 days/months duo) that didn't even acknowledge the original.

Now we try to revive the DNA legacy by resorting to a living (all a hologram though, remember?) writer, albeit a very capable one. I know I'll read it because although I knew the Hollywood movie of H2G2 would be shite I needed a fix. I confirmed that it was terrible when I paid to see it but still went out and bought the DVD when it was released. Some fans are sick/suckers in that way. It won't be long now. When the last original idea runs out the whole place will vanish without so much as a Big Un-bang. In this and other realities.

O2 prices up the latest iPhone


@Alex Johnson & others

First off, thanks Mr Johnson for a polite and structured response to the eager posters whose fingers work faster than their grey matter.

Secondly, as an iPhone user, I have had the time to work around the majority of the issues. Natural exceptions are hardware ones. MMS etc all possible with FREE 3rd party apps. Jailbreak phone, install 'Installer' and download free apps and tweaks to your heart's content. 3G and GPS can't be 'installed', and it took a Belkin adapter to fit non-apple headphones into the silly, recessed jack. The Firmware 2.0 improvements sound great and I have never needed a download so flipping fast that EDGE just wouldn't do.

Personally, 2.0 on my iPhone should do and I would encourage existing users to try this option for a while before shelling out for the new one.

Lastly, iLiberty and Zibri both do an excellent job of activating, unlocking and jailbreaking the iPhone so all the talk of expensive contracts fall flat. It took me 15 mins to download both apps, run the three steps to a free iPhone and stick my SIM card into the phone. I've been using it for months now without any network issues so do stop agonising over the plans.

Nokia unwraps bendy nanotech phone



For a start, we'd need flexible batteries (already exist, I know) flexible speaker & mic, flexible little motors with eccentric weights (vibra-thingies), and, more importantly, a market that actually demands flexible mobile phones. The "smaller phone=greater sales" trend is so 2005 as the success of behemoths like the Nokia N-series, E-Series etc can demonstrate. How can I use a QWERTY hologramic keyboard on a phone that insists on bending whenever I press a pseudo-button?

I'm very firmly with the gimme-the-hovercar-first faction.