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Source code for world's first MUD, Essex Uni's MUD1, recovered

David Barham

kill gazebo with broadsword

Doing a computer science degree at Essex in the mid-80s I would do my assignments in the middle of night to use less 'RCUs' on the DEC 10 saving them up for a game of MUD. I got to wizard and along with a group of friends used the Muddle compiler to generate MIST which featured a Flu virus that you could catch from other players. I also remember FRAGGLE which was a MUD based around Fraggle Rock.

The title, I remember watching a newbie (a term not known then) playing...

you enter a woodland glade, a slender gazebo stands here.

> kill gazebo with broadsword

happy times

97% of INTERNET NOW FULL UP, warn IPv4 shepherd boys

David Barham
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Back when I worked for GE they had a class A '3.' but it was never actually used on the internet.

Quake rocks Britain

David Barham

Expecting an article in the Daily Mail

This has got to have been caused by the number of migrant works and illegals working in Lincolnshire.


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