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Commuters shouting into their mobiles? Just jam 'em


tube guy

I have witnessed a slightly drunk guy underground on the Jubilee Line at Waterloo (really quite deep underground) get out his phone and start a very loud conversation to impress a woman nearby...

Oono Transmita Vii wireless music system



Frankly, the Apple Airport is better. We are a house of die-hard PC users, but have succumbed purely to the Airport, which we use with our PCs not with iTunes but with Airfoil, a 3rd party program that interfaces.

We are able to get our music running through the local computer and two further 5.1 sets in the house, with our two airports. We can run them over the long ethernet cables we have hardwired into the house, or else on the wireless network, on which they act as signal boosters.

Airfoil also lets you sync the music properly, so that the various outputs are all playing the same thing at the same time. I would imagine that with the "Transmita", you would find that there is a delay involved.

How to watch TV on your PC


nay the naysayers

I have a suspicion that the ones so quick to damn the windows TV viewing experience haven't actually tried it. I have been using the vista media centre with my TV card for months now, and love it. It is stable, attractive and slick. It "just works". The quality of digital broadcasts on my 24" screen is superb.

Furthermore, the recording features of the vista media centre are beautifully streamlined - it records back a few minutes all the time without you telling it to, so that you can watch the thing you just missed again. If you set it to timer-record a program and then subsequently decide to watch it when it has started recording, you can do this from the begining whilst media centre continues recording ahead in the background. These sort of features are missing or poorly implemented in proprietary software that comes with the cards - i.e. the Haupaggue software.

Student expelled for high school Counter-Strike map



Obviously, this is ridiculous beyond belief. It's a terrible terrible shame that this child's life is being ruined by the ignorance of adults who should know better - and are clearly ashamed to defend their arguments in a public forum.

Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot K800i photo phone



In all seriousness John, if all you want is a phone, then why on earth are you even reading this?

It's marketed as a high end CAMERA phone, not a low end phone with a cmos sensor.

If all you really want is something to make calls with, then you're either a silly poser who wants the flashiest thing on the market to show off with but never use, or just woefully unaware of the fact that there are plenty of phones out there that would meet your requirements adequately.

Testing a phone's liability to drop out is as much about the network as the phone, and it is completely unfair on a phone to rate it based on network performance which varies from user to user, location to location, and network to network.

All sony ericsson phones of this type share basically the same menu setup - trust me, it's nice and easy to use and really not worth 5 pages of still images of the address book.