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LG eyes 'second biggest phone firm' status


i dont think so

1.2 billion phones means every man woman and child in the uk bought 20 phones each, if your gonna make stuff up at least make it believable

Conficker seizes city's hospital network

IT Angle


i cant believe they dont use wsus on a wan that big! who is running that network?

US teen cuffed for disposable camera 'Taser'

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well done lad, sign him up

Although there is a seriousness about this. I have myself made a tazer from a disposable camera with a flash after reading about it. I think that this lad has shown great intelligence and although misguided, it still a brilliant use of science to help his situation.

I accidentally zapped myself with my home made tazer and they are quite harmless, painful but harmless (actually 2 friends hurt themselves laughing when I stunned myself but this doesnt count)

That Wi-Fi network you thought was secure? It ain't


how reassuring this is ..

WPA PEAP wifi is so rare that im sure that the world must be at peace if this is all ther is to report. Does anyone here use PEAP ? most people have never heard of it. The fact ther is a weakness in it mean FA to me.