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US Army inks $66m deal for Judge Dredd smart-rifles

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"it shoots 25mm exploding fragmentation mini-shells which are fitted with a very precise time fuse set at the moment of firing by the gun's electronics"

I wouldn't like to be the soldier's shoes (or gloves) if the damn thing decides to jam.

Paris? She had more than her fair share of the 'money shot'.

Microsoft's Silverlight 4 - Flash developers need not apply

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Ok for now but..

Whats the chances that some future revision of SL stipulates that the only browser that can run the product is IE <insert revision here> - vendors who used earliers version of SL would then be left with the painful decision of either redoing something in flash (if its still around by then) or being forced by MS to continue down the SL path and thereby inadvertantly also forcing their consumers to be browser specific.

Firefox nabs 30 million users in eight weeks

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The result of poor QC

Well its hardly surprising considering that Microsoft are completely failing to acknowledge this issue where IE8 hangs at 'connecting' and are attempting to blame third party add on's.

Everyone I know who has this problem has switched over to FF because it is just so frustrating.

O2 buckles under 3G iPhone demand

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More CPW woes (follow on from effing CPW II)

.. well I sauntered down to the shop today to find out they havn't done a damn thing with my noPhone so I picked up the kit and headed up home to call CPW Customer Services direct.

After a 5 minute conversation with someone who actually seemed to know what they were talking about, I was then informed I need to go back to the shop so they can transfer 'the stock' (ie the phone) to their store (from the CPW website store code) so they can close the order down! Totally opposite to what I was told in the shop and apparently the noPhone *will not* activate until the order is closed.

Roll on Monday evening, or Tuesday if I dont want to skip the gym again.


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F*cking Carphone Warehouse II

Well what can I say..

1) Ordered the phone via their website to be sent to their gateshead store (MetroCentre) and eagerly checked the tracking of the parcel the following day but to no avail as at 6pm it said delivery failed. Rang up said courier - they said the address that they've been trying to deliver to doesnt exist. Muggins here checks the address and sure enough they've attempted to send it to a store that closed down 12 months ago!

So then.. I toddle off down to CityLink in an attempt to retrieve the parcel even though my name wouldnt be on it (addressed to a non existant shop y'see) but CityLink were pretty understanding and with a bit of phoning they handed the goods over so top marks to them.

Roll on 8pm last night..

Activate - Fail

Activate - Fail

Activate - Fail

Activate.. get the final stage.. works.. no FAIL. Problem being is that iTunes seems to think its now activated (as I dont get the option any more) but the phone sure as hell doesnt.

So then.. I decide to stop swearing and take it down to the shop it should have been sent to the following day (today).

I arrive - tell them the story and politely ask them to fix it. However the sales guy hits an immediate snag - they are unable to close the account as its assigned to a shop that performs the web sales so he duly rings them up but guess what - so are about another 60 shops in the UK so he is in a queue of 60 with about one numbskull dealing with all these enquiries. 2 hours later I just the bloody phone with that lot and as far as I'm concerned if they dont sort it buy tomorrow I'm cancelling the damn contract.

What a complete bunch of utter incompentant fools.

HMRC pays criminal for 'tax dodger' discs

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No case to answer

Considering that the information has came from a non reputable source then the HMRC should expect an absolute hammering in the courts. Fact is, if Lichenstein refuses to verify the accounts then basically all the HMRC have in their possession is a bunch of names and account numbers with a monetry value that could have been made from pure fiction as far as anyone else is concerned.

Anyone can obtain account numbers against names and then make up a bunch of figures claiming that these are authentic accounts. The only downer is if there is a transaction history with the accounts and this corresponds to transaction information that the HMRC have in their possession - if not, the HMRC are on a high road to nothing.