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Windows 11 22H2 is almost here. Is it ready for the enterprise?

Wade Burchette

Local account

"Slightly more worrying for consumers, however, is that users will require a Microsoft account in order to set up a Windows 11 system."

A workaround that once worked, no longer works for 11 Home. My workaround was after the first restart to disconnect the ethernet cable; if you had WiFi only, do not check the box to automatically connect. Being the morally bankrupt people that they are, Microsoft took that away in 11 Home. Still haven't tested it in 11 Pro. Still, the "net user" commands still work to create a local account.

I suggest everyone here continually send Microsoft negative feedback about forcing people to use a Microsoft account. I repeatedly do this, and always say it is high priority. Furthermore, I do not use language that would cause it to go straight to the bin. But I do make it a strong point to tell them how morally wrong this is, and there is no ethical justification for it. All of need to spam Microsoft's feedback about this.

Spain, Austria not convinced location data is personal information

Wade Burchette

Re: Hm, I'd say..

This is one of the reasons why I keep my phone's GPS antenna off. The best the government, Google, and my mobile phone provider can do is see which towers my phone went to. That may provide a general idea of travel, but never my exact location.

Intel details advances to make upcoming chips faster, less costly

Wade Burchette

Re: Good

I hope Intel can deliver. Competition is a good thing because it means lower prices for us. I saw what AMD before Intel's Alder Lake 12th gen line came out.

So I hope Intel can deliver. But I am not confident than they can. Where is Intel's discrete GPU? Here it is the middle of June and there is still no hint of an actual release date. It is looking more and more like that, instead of competing against current generation from Nvidia and AMD, it will be competing against last generation. It also appears that Intel's 13th gen of CPU's are also delayed. Once again, Intel could be finding themselves competing against a last gen product.

AMD has been meeting their roadmaps. The only thing that delayed them was COVID, something out of their control. Intel needs to focus on first delivering on time first. What good is the announcement about how good their '4' fab line is if I cannot buy a product with it?

(Oh, and please please please Intel, make your socket last more than two different lines. It would be nice if, like AMD, I can upgrade my processor to a processor that came out 4 years after the motherboard was released.)

Warning: Colleagues are unusually likely to 'break' their monitors soon

Wade Burchette

Re: Consumption

Samsung TV's are already obsolete the day they are released because none of them support Dolby Vision, just Samsung's own HDR10+.

California Right-to-Repair bill quietly killed in committee

Wade Burchette

The people in a position to enable corporate lobbying are the ones who will lose the most when it is ended. Every federal and state politician leaves office far richer than when he went in. Part of that reason is because businesses are bribing politicians. You may get one or two politicians who are in favor of ending the bribes, but most will not. And so the problem will always exist.

France levels up local video game slang with list of French terms to replace foreign words

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Re: Now that is a fine example of administrative busybodies

The English language is an amalgam of many other languages - Old Frisian, old German, old French, old Viking, some Greek, Latin, and Hebrew due to the church. The English language does not mind adopting foreign words. The language has been doing that for hundreds of years!

I may be wrong about this, but the impression I get from some French is that they are bitter that French is not the lingua franca. So it seems like they are trying to protect their language from any English influence. Which I think is stupid. Every language has a strength and weakness. Why not use the strength of another language to make yours better? Okay, so "weekend" doesn't sound French? Well, "hacienda" doesn't sound English, but it is now part of the English language.

Also, languages are living. So, it is only natural that Quebec French would differ from France French. Just like American and Canadian English differs from British English which differs from Scottish English which differs from Australian English and so on.

Big Tech loves talking up privacy – while trying to kill privacy legislation

Wade Burchette

Re: Let's Pretend to Care

When a company says "we value your privacy", what they really mean is "your privacy is valuable for us".

Start your engines: Windows 11 ready for broad deployment

Wade Burchette

Re: Thanks for the reminder

Doesn't work. I had a friend whose desktop kept wanting to force a Windows 11 upgrade. I was able to reverse that by uninstalling the recent updates in the recovery console and I turned off TPM in the UEFI. The next day, the same prompt came back telling me that they were going to install Windows 11. There was no option to say no.

Wade Burchette

I just helped someone set up a new Galaxy S22. And yes, I could do it without having a Google account. Unlike Windows 11, it actually lets you do this after a few nag prompts. Although I cannot install apps through the Google or Samsung stores without an account, I can manually install them by turning off a security feature.

I also just helped set up a new iPad. And yes, I was also able to do so without having an Apple account.

So far, the only way I have found that you can install Windows 11 without requiring a Microsoft account is to disconnect the internet after the first restart. Otherwise, you don't even get a nag prompt like Google and Apple do.

Ad-tech firms grab email addresses from forms before they're even submitted

Wade Burchette

The paper does out some domains in it on page 7. (https://www.usenix.org/system/files/sec22fall_senol.pdf) I am going to use that list to make sure all of them are on my NoScript block list.

Anatomy of a campaign to inject JavaScript into compromised WordPress sites

Wade Burchette

Re: "ads will look like they come from the operating system"

Then you are not the target. The target is the majority who don't know what you know. These notification scams work quite well for them.

This is why I always tell my browser to block new notification requests. I also block it on all my friends computers. If I could, I would permanently remove that feature from the browser.

The end of the iPod – last model available 'while supplies last'

Wade Burchette

Still use my ipod

My ipod stays connected to my car. I have a playlist that takes me months to go through. I know what it does can also be done by the iphone, but I take my phone with me when I leave the car; I can leave the ipod in the car at all times. When I get in, it starts playing. I don't have to listen to DJ's prattle on about their life -- I don't know them and I don't want to know them. I don't have to listen to this modern banal music -- the recording industry's greed has killed creativity. And I don't have to pay a subscription service or listen to commercials. The ipod lets me do all that. I will be sad to lose it.

Ransomware plows through farm machinery giant AGCO

Wade Burchette

Re: There is some weird stuff going on

The number of fires at food distribution plants is not abnormal. The news tend to latch on to a story and amplify it. I am not sure you remember several years ago in the US it was the "summer of the shark". The news reported on shark attacks quite often. But the reality was the actual shark attacks were below normal. The news moved on, but shark attacks still happen.

The same thing is going here with food plant fires. Just because something is being reported on more does not mean it is happening more. According to this tweet, there are 27,728 food processing plants in the US. I think I saw that there were 24 fires. If that is correct, then only 0.09% have caught fire.

Just because something is reported on more does not mean it is happening more; also, just because something is reported on less does not mean it is happening less.

Only Microsoft can give open-source the gift of NTFS. Only Microsoft needs to

Wade Burchette

Microsoft should move beyond NTFS

I think Microsoft should move beyond NTFS. And I am not talking about their ReFS. What we really need is for the Apple, Linux, and Microsoft people to all get together and come up with a universal, open-source, free, and interoperable file system. No more proprietary file systems. This would benefit everyone, including Apple and Microsoft. But I am certain that because everyone would benefit, a universal file system will never happen.

Samsung unveils hardened SD card that can last 16 years if you treat it right

Wade Burchette

This will be perfect for my new Samsung S22 phone!

Oh, wait. It no longer has a microSD card slot.

After historic win, Amazon workers at another NYC warehouse reject unionization

Wade Burchette

Re: Oh the humanity...

The world is not black-and-white. Unions can be both good and bad. Unions can protect a worker's rights, but they can also screw the worker too. These things need to be considered on a case-by-case basis and never a blanket "ALL UNIONS ARE GOOD!" or "ALL UNIONS ARE RUN BY THE MAFIA!"

Considering the appalling conditions Amazon puts their workers through, I support them unionizing.

But I also know unions can be bad. This is the true story behind the bakery company that invented Twinkies. The company was in financial ruin, so the company gave the union an ultimatum: take a pay cut or we will go out of business. The union voted against the pay cut. Finally, after negotiations continued to fail, the company went under. All the employees lost their job and the company sold off the rights to Twinkies to pay off their debts. This union screwed the employees.

But Amazon has enough cash that that will never happen. I'm sure Amazon could double the number of warehouse employees, double their pay, and still make a large profit. Things aren't black-and-white. We need to view each situation as unique.

There are nearly half a billion active users of Start news feed, says Microsoft

Wade Burchette

Two of the most requested features in Windows 10 beta were a proper start menu and the return of Aero. Neither feature made it into Windows 10. I have concluded that Microsoft doesn't really want feedback; they want affirmation. In other words, if I told Microsoft "this weather thing by my taskbar is annoying and gets in the way, so get rid of it NOW!" gets immediately thrown in the trashbin while the employees put their hands over the ears and go "LA LA LA LA. I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" But if I sent feedback that says "I like what you are doing, just tweak this a little." then the Microsoft employees read that.

I have been complaining for years on how Windows 10 auto installs drivers without my permission. That is something that should never ever be done, no exception.

Scraping public data from the web still OK: US court

Wade Burchette

Re: Surprised there is much to scrape

I did have a LinkedIn account. But I deleted it soon after Microsoft bought it. I am sure I was not the only one.

European Right to Repair resolution headed for vote

Wade Burchette

My wishlist

Every device with a battery is required to include instructions with the product on how the user can change the battery. Also, the device may not block or limit batteries from third parties.

Every laptop, desktop, tablet, phone, and printer is required to have a service manual that is available free online, except for custom made devices built by independent repair shops.

All devices that can be updated must receive support for at least 5 years after the last device was made by the company. The manufacturer must replace devices at their full cost if an update damages the equipment no matter when the update was applied.

Mobile phone companies must allow devices that have the compatible hardware to use their network even if the device was not purchased from the company.

All desktops and laptops must have user-upgradable hard drives and user-upgradable memory slots.

A person can repair or upgrade their device without the permission or knowledge of the manufacturer and it may not void the warranty provided that the upgrade was done without damaging the hardware.

(Feel free to add to this wishlist.)

Rivals aren't convinced by Microsoft's one-click default browser change

Wade Burchette

Re: Browsers

Two reasons why Firefox is a good browser:

(1) It supports the NoScript add-on, which allows me to tame websites that try to load 5, 10, or even 20 scripts each from a different website, which in turn allows websites to load so much faster and protect my privacy and security due to malvertising.

(2) See reason 1.

UK suit over reselling surplus Microsoft licenses rolls on

Wade Burchette

My opinion

It is my opinion that all software is tied to the user and never to the hardware.

It is my opinion that all software is to be owned, never leased, with subscriptions only allowed for security products that require daily updates, i.e. antivirus software.

It is my opinion that all software must have a fully transferable product key and may never be connected to any personal information at any time. The product key may be transferred or resold to anyone without the permission of the original company as long as the original owner is no longer using the product.

It is my opinion that if a software vendor allows you to download their product at any time, then that vendor must allow you to re-download as many times as needed forever, even if support for the product has ended.

Nvidia outlines subscription-fueled journey to $1tr revenue

Wade Burchette

Try the new NVidia RTX 5090 Ti, now free for the first 30 days.*

* Credit card, valid email, and active mobile number required. After the first 30 days, a one-time payment of $499.99 will be processed and you will automatically be enrolled in the NVidia PLAY! program for $34.99 per month. DLSS, PhysX, and NV encoder are additional monthly fee each. By enrolling in the NVidia PLAY! program, you agree to allow NVidia to collect usage telemetry and insert relevant advertising into the game. Failure to pay will limit the video card to 20 FPS in all applications, including the operating system.

Win 11 adds 'requirements not met' nag for unsupported hardware

Wade Burchette

Re: Nix it in el Reg

Every so often, I get a message from Windows 10 that an app is not compatible. The last time it did this, I renamed the .EXE file to a random letter, and the program worked just fine. I also fired off some feedback asking them who gave them the authority or right to determine what I can or cannot run on my computer. I also told them that when I renamed the file -- which I never told what program it was -- that it worked just fine.

Meta sued for 'aiding and abetting' crypto scammers

Wade Burchette

Re: Facebook knew about the situation, but still did not act to stop the ads appearing

I think a more appropriate punishment would be to permanently bar "Meta" from ever tracking you, using your location to serve ads, or scan your content to serve ads. This will hit them will it hurts the most; a one-time fine will be a tax write-off.

This browser-in-browser attack is perfect for phishing

Wade Burchette


<< Asked how it might be done, he replied, "The simple answer is: you would create an ad creative that has a JS payload. When the ad loads on an end user device, and detects that the iframe it's loading inside isn't sandboxed, it would trigger a pop-out window that looks like a login page." >>

So, this and other malvertising attacks can be stopped by BANNING JAVASCRIPT IN ADS! But that will never happen because of greed. Advertisers view their wallets as more important than my security. Whenever an advertiser tries to shame me into turning off my ad-blocker, I always tell them my security is more important than your profit. My ad-blocker allows all ads without javascript, which is now 0.0000000000% of the ads out there. Malvertising can die immediately if advertisers went back to the successful ads of the early internet, which were static and had no javascript.

Microsoft slides ads into Windows Insiders' File Explorer

Wade Burchette

I don't know that one, but I do remember this one about the phone company.

New Windows 11 build boasts inbox updates and UI tweaks

Wade Burchette

There is only two things I want my search box to discover: files on my computer and installed programs on my computer. Full stop.

I was helping someone with their Windows 11 machine yesterday. After getting out of S mode, I wanted to open the command prompt as administrator to manually add a local user. Since Microsoft somehow made the start menu even worse, I went to the search box and typed "CMD". At no time the option to run the command prompt come up. Instead, all I got was Bing searches about the command prompt. It did this even though I had already switched out of S mode.

The search box should never ever, without exception, search for anything except for what is on my machine. I have long believed that the purpose of Windows is to make money off you after the first day. Having a Microsoft account to log in is part of that, so is making the search box use Microsoft's search engine. Since the purpose of Windows is to be profitable after the initial sale, that means its purpose is not to make your life easier. That idea ended with Windows 7.

Chinese rocket junk may have just smashed into Moon

Wade Burchette

Not content with just polluting the earth, the Chinese are now polluting the moon. Just great.

Google kills download-shrinking Lite Mode browser tech

Wade Burchette

Re: Obligatory XKCD

"This change follows the trend of the last decade, whereas instead of striving at catering to everyone at the price of tolerable cmbersomeness, companies, that do have the means to cater to everyone, build their services only for the mainstreamest main stream and the rest is welcome to bugger off."

I've noticed that some websites are so bloated that it even taxes my Ryzen 3000 and 2000 MBPs internet unless I am using Firefox + NoScript. I have also noticed that when you call tech support to say a website is not working, the answer is almost always "Just use Google Chrome".

I have concluded that these people design websites they like, not what you like or want. I call this myopia. They have powerful computers and they have ultrafast internet because they live in a big city. But they don't realize that not everyone can get or afford ultrafast internet and not everyone can afford a powerful computer. A website should be designed so that all your potential customers/visitors can use it, regardless of how good or bad their computer or internet is and regardless of which up-to-date browser is being used.

Internet connection now required for Windows 11 Pro Insider setup

Wade Burchette

I found a workaround for my new Windows 11 Home laptop. During the initial setup, you have to connect to a network. If it is WiFi, simply uncheck the box that says "connect automatically". If it is ethernet, simply remove the wire after it reboots. When the initial setup starts after the reboot, you can create a local account only. But it is still the same annoying steps that were in Windows 10 -- you have to click on a hard-to-see phrase "I don't have internet".

I am sure Microsoft will take away that workaround. So be prepared for a temporary one-time sign-in with a Microsoft account, followed by a series of "net user /add LocalAccount MyPassword" then "net localgroup administrators LocalAccount /add" commands. You can then login your new non-spying account and remove the one that is profitable for Microsoft.

Expect sales reps' calls if IT wants to ditch Oracle

Wade Burchette

I really do believe

I really do believe that Oracle has a factory dedicated to punching puppies and kicking kittens. They are just that evil.

Journalist won't be prosecuted for pressing 'view source'

Wade Burchette

Re: There’s more than what meets the eye

I have believed that a politician's only concern is to get elected or re-elected. Our needs and wants are a distant third, if there is even a third. This is true no matter what political party the politician is part of. Now, there are a few good apples in the bunch. But these are far outnumbered by the bad ones. And, as the 1939 classic Mr. Smith Goes to Washington showed, the good politicians are quickly destroyed by the bad ones. It was true back then; it is even more true today.

Full-time internet surveillance comes to Cambodia this week

Wade Burchette

Re: The Internet is Dying...

I don't like where things are going. It is my opinion that the truth can survive the harshest attacks thrown against it whereas the lie needs a strong fortress of censorship and propaganda to protect it.

I am bothered by how many people are okay with censoring "misinformation". Okay, it may be a lie. Prove it is a lie. The answer to "misinformation" is more speech, not less. You start down this path today, and when the winds change, then you will find that your speech is being censored, not theirs. But the precedent has been set and there is nothing you can do about then. But there is something you can do about it now: Condemn censorship in all its forms today, whether by a government or by a business.

Right-to-repair laws proposed in the US aim to make ownership great again

Wade Burchette

And batteries

I think I am going to write my representatives and tell them to support these bills, but add a provision for that a manufacturer must provide a replacement battery, or allow a functional equivalent, and instructions on how to replace the battery. This would prevent Samsung, Apple, et al from having devices where it is impossible to change the battery without destroying the product.

OpenShell has been working on a classic replacement for Windows 11's Start menu

Wade Burchette

Re: "If it ain't broke..."

The changes to the start menu from Windows 95 to Windows 7 were all small and logical. In each case, it was not too difficult to learn because the change wasn't drastic and the way it was done made it easy to learn.

Then along comes Windows 8. The change was drastic and illogical. Worse, it was a UI meant for small touch screens, not large non-touch screens. No wonder it was unpopular. All we wanted was the start menu from Windows 7 - which you could customize and make it look like the one from Windows 2000 if you wanted. What we got was a mini version of the Windows 8 start screen for Windows 10.

And, not surprisingly, I find the Windows 11 start menu even worse. Stuff that was once a short distance away with large, easy-to-find words is now a long distance away with small, hard-to-understand icons. And what is there? Pinned apps, which default to apps that are good for Microsoft's wallet with a few useful ones thrown in. It is like Microsoft asks everyone about a start menu, except for their customers and people who understand smart UI.

In a first, FTC extracts millions of dollars from online store accused of blocking bad reviews on its website

Wade Burchette

Re: Good, but

The fines need to be paid by the CEO. Watch how quickly bad business practices die when the person in charge is paying is being held financially liable.

LG promises to make home appliance software upgradeable to take on new tasks

Wade Burchette

Re: A clothes drier that adapts itself to prevailing conditions

"I consider an electrically powered clothes drier an utterly pointless waste of energy. You may of course have a different opinion."

I don't know how it is in new European homes, but in America the laundry areas in new houses aren't big enough for a drying rack and worse, these homes are almost always built in communities that have a Homeowner Association (HoA). I despise HoA's because they make you pay for the privilege of being told what you can and cannot do on your own property with the rules enforced by a bunch of retired busybodies who make it their mission in life to meddle in your affairs. Almost every HoA also prohibits you from have an outside clothes line on your property. The result of small laundry areas, not rooms, and no outside clothes line means the only practical way to dry your clothes is with a machine.

Throw away your Ethernet cables* because MediaTek says Wi-Fi 7 will replace them

Wade Burchette

Re: You can pry the ethernet cable out of my cold dead hands!

How to connect with an ethernet cable:

1) Connect cable to device and then to a switch or router.

2) Enjoy.

How to connect with WiFi:

1) Find wireless access point or router.

2) Make sure signal is strong enough.

3) Walk to access point and push WPS button.

4) Walk back to device.

5) Enter password anyway because the WPS button didn't work for some reason.

6) Re-enter password because your fat fingers messed up.

7) Enjoy.

WiFi has a useful purpose, but replacing ethernet ain't one of them.

'IwlIj jachjaj! Incoming LibreOffice 7.3 to support Klingon and Interslavic

Wade Burchette

Re: Well done Liam...

During World War II, the Americans used the Navajo language to confuse the Japanese.

Dutch nuclear authority bans anti-5G pendants that could hurt their owners via – you guessed it – radiation

Wade Burchette

Re: Rocky atoll for sale

In the United States these people can move to Greenbrier, West Virginia. By federal law, no terrestrial radio waves are allowed due to the radio telescope. The mountains and the law block all human radio waves so that there is no interference with outer space radio waves. There is no 5G there, or even 1G.

Several weirdos have already moved here because they have "WiFi sickness". I have driven through the area, and it is beautiful. But I wouldn't live there just because I don't want to be associated with these irrational people.

Google advises Android users to be careful of Microsoft Teams if they want to call 911

Wade Burchette

Re: Surprising bug

"the Teams app on my OpenSuse computer swaps the keyboard layout from UK to US"

Sounds about right. At least here in the US, Windows 10 and 11 assumes that you live in the same timezone that Microsoft is in. Windows 7 would ask you what timezone you lived in. Now everyone lives in the Pacific timezone. Unless you buy a Dell computer, then everyone lives in the Central timezone.

The point being is that it seems Microsoft assumes everyone is like them. The programmers live in Pacific time, so do you. The programmers use a US keyboard layout, so do you. The programmers like that abomination of a start menu, so do you. Do you see the point?

Flash? Nu-uh. Windows 11 users complain of slow NVMe SSD performance

Wade Burchette

Re: From Startup Mode to "Ultracompetitive Mode"

I thought the new term was "agile".

PC market pulls past peak pandemic demand, and IDC says it will keep growing

Wade Burchette

Well, this confirms it ...

"While the PC market is cooling following two straight years of double-digit growth spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, analyst firm International Data Corporation (IDC) has predicted shipments will continue to grow over the next five years."

Well, this confirms it. PC shipments will slow soon. The track record of these analyst firms like IDC is currently not good. I would love to have a business where I am never right, and yet people still pay me to provide predictions. Seriously, why does anyone give IDC's prediction any weight considering how they are always wrong?

Intel audio drivers give Windows 11 the blues and Microsoft Installer borked following security update

Wade Burchette

Re: Late Adopters Rule OK!

The problem with the new Microsoft is that even in mature OS's they will find a way to screw up. Remember earlier in the year when people printing in Windows 10 caused the BSOD?

The only way to avoid any bad updates from Microsoft is to have an OS so mature that Microsoft stops providing any updates. This is what you get when the current CEO wants the company to be "agile".

Epic battle latest: Judge reminds Apple it has 30 days to let apps link out to non-Apple payment systems

Wade Burchette

In the United States, many politicians are former lawyers. It is not in the financial interests of lawyers to have a speedy resolution to a trial. Reform will never happen.

The result is the rich and big business can use the courts to ruin another person. If a rich person wants to silence another person, he can sue. The victim -- the person the rich does not like -- will have to pay for lawyers with his own money. Even if the rich person loses in court, he still wins. The rich person can keep dragging this out until the victim is ruined financially. Big business can do the same. Apple can afford to drag this out forever, hoping that their victim business will be forced into bankruptcy and no longer able to mount a defense. I think that is Apple's goal here: To bankrupt Epic.

Reg reader returns Samsung TV after finding giant ads splattered everywhere

Wade Burchette

I feel like the Beatles covered this situation in a song.

Let me tell you how it will be

There's one for you, nineteen for me

'Cause I'm the ad man

Yeah, I'm the ad man

Should five percent of the webpage appear too small

Be thankful I don't take it all

'Cause I'm the ad man

Yeah, I'm the ad man

If you drive a car, I'll put ads on the street

If you ride a bus, I'll put ads above the seat

If you get too cold, I'll put ads for the heat

If you take a walk, I'll put ads for your feet

'Cause I'm the ad man

Yeah, I'm the ad man

Don't ask me what I want it for

If you don't want more ads to find

'Cause I'm the ad man

Yeah, I'm the ad man

'Cause I'm the ad man

Yeah, I'm the ad man

And you're living for no one but me

European Commission sticks 'in-depth' antitrust probe into Nvidia-Arm merger plan

Wade Burchette

Re: "boost competition and innovation"

If there is one thing NVidia is known for, it is for burning bridges and stifling competition. There is a reason why NVidia was forced to use Samsung instead of TSMC for their current video cards. There is a reason why Apple refuses to use NVidia anymore. Remember when NVidia blacklisted Hardware Unboxed? Remember the Geforce Partner Program?

NVidia has a history of trying to restrict competition and hoard innovation. A leopard can't change its spots, and NVidia can't change who it is. An ARM-NVidia merger will be bad all around for everyone.

Intel claims first Alder Lake chip is the fastest desktop gaming silicon in the world

Wade Burchette

Intel and AMD define TDP differently. Intel defines TDP as the minimum cooling needed whereas AMD defines TDP as the typical amount of energy needed. This means you cannot compare TDP of Intel and AMD processors. The result is AMD processors use only about 50% more power than the stated TDP whereas Intel processors can use over 200% more power.

To Intel's credit, they told us up-front the TDP of the boost speed of Alder Lake, which I think was around 240 watts.

Antitrust battle latest: Google, Facebook 'colluded' to smash Apple's privacy protections

Wade Burchette

<< "Just because [Texas Attorney General Ken] Paxton says something doesn't make it true," a Google spokesperson said in an email to The Register. >>

At the same time, just because a Google spokesperson said something doesn't make it true either. We will have to see what the courts discover.

Apple's Safari browser runs the risk of becoming the new Internet Explorer – holding the web back for everyone

Wade Burchette

A man after my own heart

"I should probably admit now that I hate the modern web. I find the experience of modern websites so unreliable, slow, and overall user-hostile that I prefer to do literally anything else. I dislike the experiences enabled by JavaScript-driven web APIs so much I've taken to browsing with JavaScript disabled."

Some websites try to load scripts from 15+ different sites. Many times they try to load multiple analytic websites; why is one not enough? There are multiple unscrupulous, abhorrent privacy-hating advertisers; internet ads once worked quite well without tracking, which means they can work today. And worst of all, some websites will not load unless you enable javascript. All this is bad and wrong.

It seems to me that modern programmers have myopia. They use Google Chrome, they test on Google Chrome, therefore it works. They don't test with Firefox or Safari. If it doesn't work, their solution is to use what they use. They create websites on powerful computers with ultra-fast internet. If a website is too slow, their solution is to buy a stronger computer and get a faster internet. Not everyone can afford a new computer, not everyone can get or afford fast internet. Instead of people conforming to you, you need to conform to your users. And that means assuming they use a different browser, assuming they have a weak computer, and assuming their internet is slow.



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