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Doctor Who recruits new sidekick

Charles Daniels

K9 Romance

Stuart Clarke wrote:

>I also dont understand why all the modern assistants are in love with the >Doctor. Bring back K9!

Oh come on! Don't live in denial. K9 was always calling the Doctor "master" and Romana "mistress", there was some scary stuff happening in that TARDIS I tells ya!

Poland probes gay Teletubbies

Charles Daniels

10 years ago

10 years ago I remember the same argument within the UK. There was moral outrage at Tinky Winky's handbag and I believe the actor who played Tiny Winky was fired.

I also remember seeing complaints from parents that, as the actress who played Po was Chinese, their children might develop a strong Chinese accent!

MS pulled over for 'dangerous driving' Xbox ad

Charles Daniels

Easy Targets

As an American I am rather comfortable with my grasp of the English language. I have been spared from the surreal fetish for the letter "u" that my co-workers endure. Also I enjoy a more standardized language where there is only ONE correct way to spell the word "program". And perhaps best of all we don't have archaic vowel sounds haunting place names, such as Southwark and Derby, which are two good examples of pronunciation and spelling being happily divorced from one another.

As I am currently planning to apply for British citizenship and have been in Britain for quite some time at this point, I feel I have some grounds for complaint against this nanny state we seem to be trapped in.

Assuming that the commerical was shown in a good slot during a popular show, we have a potential for approximately 8 million viewers.

Out of these 8 million viewers, you get 1 complaint!

What this means is that the British media can be controlled by a minority of 0.000000125% of the audience.

Is the really appropriate to have the touchiest, most overly sensitive 0.000000125% of the population telling the other 99.999999875% what to do?

That is the path to EVERYTHING being banned.