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Phillies fan tasered for field incursion

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It's tough being a Phillies Fan

Who says American Football is the only violent sport in the USA? ;-)

iPad stuck in US for extra month

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No comments until you try it

Yeah, I'm talking to you AC. While I am a Linux user, I have had an opportunity to work with the new pad for an extended period of time (even though I don't own one). I can honestly say that being a version 1, this thing is pretty solid. Not to say that there isn't room for improvement because there most certainly is but I'll be curious to see what the next versions of the hardware will deliver (like read and forward facing cameras). Not to mention the competition that seems to be occurring thanks to this baby....and that's a Good Thing (tm) for all of us.

Mozilla plots Firefox interface overhaul

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No shame in copying

ALL of the others have stolen\copied enough from FF. It's their turn to make FF look a bit more modern. I for one welcome this change especially on the Linux side since KDE 4's update did a really nice job of modernizing its UI.

Exploding iPhone injures French teen

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I wonder if the new iTablet will suffer from the same "non-issues".

Microsoft nails retail store logo and locations

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Dead Vulture

@ k98sniper

k98sniper...this is what you can expect at the MS Store:



Ubuntu man extends olive branch to irate Debian devs

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Oh, for Pete's sake!!

WTH is the problem with the freakin' Debian community?!! So WHAT if this freeze will help Ubuntu! It will help Linux across the board and ESPECIALLY Debian as THE de facto Linux distro! Stop living in the past already, guys! I've been running Linux full time since '98 so I'm pretty sure that something like this will help ALL of us.

Hurt yourself? Try f**king swearing

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It's about F*&$ING time someone scientifically proved what I've been telling my F#$%ING wife all of these years about why I curse.

NASA unleashes Moon-attack probe

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Hello?? Are you guys TRYING to push the moon out of orbit and cause mass chaos!!?

Microsoft releases Vista virtualization

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One thing comes to mind:


Thanks but no thanks, Johnny-come-lately. I'm already doing all of that.

Red Hat sprints past ESX on VM running

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Management Tools

Obviously in an Enterprise situation, us admins like tools that make our lives easier. While Virtual Center isn't perfect, it does a pretty good job and continues to get better. Citrix XenServer obviously has the Citrix management framework wrapped around it and does a good job too. What kind of Enterprise level tools does KVM have? Also, what about vMotion capabilites?

London Stock Exchange limps back online

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There's only one thing I can say......

bwaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Guess they didn't have a DR plan, eh? Nice going LSE.

Date bug kills VMware systems

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I guess it's a good thing that I wasn't able to update VC and ESX last week to this revision level. For once in it's miserable life, our Change Management process actually did something useful. I'll have to make sure that management doesn't find out :-)

VMware vuln exposes the perils of virtualization

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What VERSION of VMware Workstation?

Is the Linux version of Workstation vulnerable to this bug? The bulletin from Core doesn't go into details on what OS version or what release version of VM Workstation is affected.