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Pirate Bay supporters ram Swedish IFPI website


@I still can't wait...

Interestingly, after reading your first sentence I wasn't sure whether you were referring to the pirates or the IFPI. The rest of your comment used terms that suggest you meant the pirates, but I still found my initial reaction interesting.

/me is no fan of either side, to be honest.

Homework late? Blame Russian hackers


True stories

I didn't have to make up stories like this, they actually happened to me. One was entirely my fault (reformatted hard drive to discover that My Documents hadn't actually been backed up as I thought), the other wasn't really. We were doing a project in Smalltalk V, which dates back to the 80's (this was around 2005), and it had a nasty habit of crashing and destroying what you were working on. This was supposedly no problem because there were always two backup copies you could restore from. Unfortunately at some point it crashed on me and somehow managed to take both backup copies with it. It was stored on a network drive so in theory it was being backed up nightly, but the only backup they could find was about two weeks old and nearly worthless. After that I did my own backups every three minutes while I was working on anything - I don't make the same mistake twice (though apparently I find new ones to make from time to time :-).

Microsoft Silverlight: 10 reasons to love it, 10 reasons to hate it


Re: Hating on the Haters

"If Silverlight were a Linux based, community developed, unfunded project NO ONE would be saying a single bad word."

Correct. If it were an open project it would have something to differentiate it from Flash. As it is it's just one more annoying web plugin from a highly proprietary company whose history with web standards is...well, less than good if we're feeling charitable. I suppose it's good that it exists to keep Adobe honest, but I'm honestly not sure I care enough about having the ability to put annoying animations on web sites for that to be a convincing argument for me.

Apple US retail sales leap past PC par

Paris Hilton

Re: More money than sense?

"I've always been interested in that phrase........

Tell me, how do we make the money in the first place, if we are such fools?"

Paris because...well, it's obvious to everyone except her, right?;-)

Taliban demand night-time cell tower shutdown


So next time...

...there's an article about some hypochondriac getting a headache and wanting a cell tower shut off I can respond with "Shutting off cell towers supports terrorism"?