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China sacks officials over faked big cat snaps


Do a better job in Photoshop yourself then!

To all you that picked on Zhou Zhenglong's photoshopping skills, I challenge you to take his picture and improve it!

I know you can...

C'mon El Reg, this story is just screaming for a photoshop competition followup! (sans office lego men regularly seen re-enacting Heathrow security incidents on fridays)

North Carolina targets WTF licence plates


WTF - A Perfectly Legal choice in Australia

A good friend of mine in Melbourne has WTF (just the three letters) as his custom numberplate, and there wasn't a problem getting it issued there.

World's smallest economy dives into web scrum



C'mon now, someone had to do it...


'You're a f**king moron'


Black Helicopters sent to investigate

So now it seems El Reg are using the Black Helicopters for the benefit of us all. Excellent to see them being used for good rather than evil.

I look forward to seeing what the Helicopters report back to Vulture Central...

Vista upgrades not so 'express' after all


I got my upgrade disc fast...

I know that you in the UK have been waiting and waiting but my Vista upgrade arrived two weeks after sending in the coupon. I'm living in The Netherlands and it was an English version of Vista and it was sent to me in mid March.

I'm not going to install it though, as the reason I got an XP PC was due to Vista-unsupported Logitech peripherals.