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UK BOFHs face psychometric dissection

Jonathan Janowski

Bah! Dealing with sysadmins and operators is easy

Do what myself and my fellow developers do: Whenever possible don't saddle them with extra work and bribe them when you have to. Which for us isn't often.

For users that aren't as self sufficient, remember that lunches and shouting drinks at happy hour work as bribes.

You don't need a uni course for that, a pamphlet of simple rules written in large print will do.

Apple is Fisher-Price of sound quality, says Neil Young

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@Ethan Grammatikidis

"Separate to my other comment, the number of people I want to HIT in this thread is... well, I don't usually want to hit anyone. What on this planet possibly gives so many people the right to ground their statements in the fantasy that if they can't hear something, no-one else possibly could either?"

Yeah, someone saying that "nobody can hear those frequencies" is annoying. I'll out myself as one of the ACs (when I stop buying food...) and defend my angle on this.

Those of you that still have hearing can enjoy your crazy good sound systems. I will call you an audio snob, but I do understand that it's your deal not mine. I know that you may not be targeting my post in particular but this is the internet, where all things are taken personally. My original post was a plea for the audiophiles to stop telling people that it was somehow wrong for not wanting insane gear.

Hearing audio at 192-320 kbps is perfectly enjoyable for me. When I say that I can't hear the difference, I mean it. The gear I've got is decent, but not decent enough to tell any discernable difference between the mp3 and the cd (128kpbs is another story altogether).

I can't see paying an crapload of money on an uber sound system so I can hear how terrible the music I've bought off of beatport or itunes sounds on it. It sounds perfectly fine on what I have and the better gear would actually detract from my enjoyment of the music.

My 2p

The evolution of Crystal Reports

Jonathan Janowski

@Solomon Grundy

>What they fail to understand though is that if they are having problems

>learning to use one of the most powerful reporting tools out there, it's

>their problem and a failure on their part to learn to use it correctly. There

>is a reason it's so popular you know.

Popularity isn't a reason to purchase a product. I've seen plenty of purchasing managers suckered by the sales pitch of "Fortune 500 Company X is using it and they love it" and buying it after a hasty (crap) demo.

I suspect folks that are pissing and moaning are doing so because someone else saddled them with the tool and said "Make it do this! The vendor said we could" after a demo like that.

Crystal does one thing very very well. It takes a query and makes it presentable to your end users. When used like that it's a valuable tool. When coupled with tools like business objects (DeskI or WebI) or Microstrategy and a business plan that allows the tools to play to their strengths it becomes even more valuable.

Having been saddled with a "one tool fits all" environment, I can see why folks would be pissed (it was microstrategy in my case, which sucked at handling presentable reports).


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