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Inside Nvidia's GK110 monster GPU


Re: So.

No, it won't.

All the pics of the K20 Tesla boards so far show that they don't have any output adapters of any sort other than the PCI-E lanes.

EA sued over broken Battlefield pledge


the game that never was

What a surprise, another group get bitten with the false promise of BF1943.

I was one of the PC gamers who bought and paid for BF1943 nearly two years ago for the PC, before they finally backed out of delivering it. EA then refused to refund the money for it, as "no money was taken on credit cards for this game" which conveniently ignored the fact that those of us who paid using debit cards did have the money deducted from our accounts at the time.

After several days of wasted time arguuing with EA CS people I was eventually issued a £10 voucher code, which of course failed to work. My problem now is that chasing the b'stards up for this is costing me far more of my time than it's worth.

Opera 11.50 debuts with Speed Dial extensions

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It's just you

@ L.B. That's just you, it works fine for me every time.

Looking forward to trying out the new version in a bit. I just wish that Microsoft would stop being such tossers and actually allow their hotmail live services to work properly with it again.

Asus lights up 1TB SSD Lamborghini laptop


What sort of graphics chip is that?

What with Nvidia renaming all their old parts yet again, I've got no idea now what the hell a GT 130M is. Is it just one of their old 8200m's with a bit more memory, which frankly would be quite poor when matched with a 1920 x 1200 screen or what is the deal?

Minister trashes ex-spook chief's liberty warning


typical New Labour bo****ks

It seems like any time somebody with actual real experience of anything says anything it's get ignored or ridiculed by them, whether it be to do with policing, terrorism, drugs, etc. All the more so if the person was actually employed to give them advice on the subject in the first place.

EFF seeks shelter for iPhone mobile 'jailbreakers'


agreeing to the conditions that come with it?

"If you buy a mobile phone, or any other kind of product, you agree to the conditions /contract that it came with.

If you buy software, you could easily duplicate and distribute copies (free or for a fee), but the agreement forbids that."

Except that we all know that a lot of the time companies use terms in their contracts and EULAs which will never stand up in a court of law. Maybe it's different in the States, but here our consumer rights take precedence over any rubbish a company hopes might frighten cutomers into doing things their way and their way only.

The Plan is only a part of the contract and the payment side of the contract, ie: the consideration, is another. As long as the user honours those parts of the contract which are important legally on their side (the consideration) then I see few reasons for objection which'd actually hold up.

Your house analogy is just irrelevant when we're talking about people buying a product and paying for it as agreed, but deciding to use it in a different way.

If you buy it, it's yours to do with what you want. Company control stops once they've got my hard earned readies.

Tories release MP office raid footage


Much though I dislike the Tory party

I sincerely hope that they succeed in tearing new ****holes for Jaqui Smith and Michael Martin over this issue.

Flames because Guy Fawkes would be setting the powder again if he was alive nowadays.

Virgin Media calls foul on web speed testers


RE: What's the point if you can't use it?

I'm currently in the process of persuading my landlord to ditch the Virgin connection so that I can get Be in. I'd been with Be for the last few years and moving into a house with Virgin already installed was a worry from the start for me. I was only surprised at how much worse the service was than I'd thought it could be.

Get my coat pic, because in this case it's an accurate portrait of Virgin riffling through my wallet in my coat pocket.

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manipulative b'stards

It's amazing how traffic to speedtesters on their network seems to get prioritised, but all of my other traffic around the same time is barely moving above dial up rate for downloads and is even more pitiful for uploads.

PS: No, I'm not on about P2P, I've actually got a lot of stuff to post up on an ebay shop, but what should have been ten minutes of uploading has taken hours.

Oz cops sound iPod road cross death warning


@ Stu

It's not just the Ockers suffering at the hands of scrotes with laser pointers. Yesterdays local papers in Mankychester were running with the story of a particularly dumb young scally who decided it would be fun to shine his laser pointer into the cockpit of a Police Helicopter. Apparently after getting over being dazzled, the pilot and crew did what they do best and hovered around until they spotted where the beam was coming from and promptly bathed his bedroom window in light from their searchlight and then called the ground plod units in to arrest him. Job done, scrote caught.

The idiot shouldn't really have tried it on with an aircraft capable of hovering, taking the time to work out where the beam was coming from and then pointing it out to all and sundry.

Fire because some kids haven't got the sense to be trusted with matches.

DivX shutters also-ran cat piano video site


That's a pity

Though there are lots of similar sites, they were the only one I know of that would accept files of pretty much any size and resolution. The quality of video on there was a lot more watchable on a large screen than anything youtube and it's other rivals can offer.

I'm sure that the huge bandwidth issues they suffered from had to do with people gaming the system, ie: hiding copyrighted films away on there and then linking to them via joost and redcurtainmovies etc. from which I'd hesitate to guess how many people were streaming or downloading them. More than enough to screw them into closing the site at the very least.

It's a crying shame as all the competitors offer lousy video quality or absurdly short maximum lengths for clips. I only wish that they'd found a way to make some more money out of it or shoved banner ads on from the beginning.