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BBC ices launch of free iPhone news app

Vikash Joshi
Paris Hilton


Surely if they were going to be released next month, then most of the development cost will have been spent. Fair enough, there is still cost to maintaining the app going forward, but seems crazy to cancel it at this late stage.

Paris: She goes down quicker than BBC iPhone apps.

Vultures circle over IT jobs

Vikash Joshi

@Jon G and Gordon Pryra

Or in our case, get rid of the plants as we pay a company £7k a year to look after them.

Global Finance company? Not when sign off for anything more than £500 has to go to a senior manager.

Yahoo! email! fans! get! more! domains!

Vikash Joshi
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Blast from the past!

My god, I used to have a rocketmail address years ago, until Yahoo took it over. I then stopped using it as I didn't like the GUI.

Paris: As her online activities cause expansion for web users too.

Man accused of using LinkedIn to steal clients

Vikash Joshi
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Tough one to call

Mmm, thats a tough one. Does the fact that LinkedIn has nothing to do with Hays give him a way out? I think its a little unfair to use a social network site to prove that he has stolen details.

What about if he had made a note of phone numbers on a piece of paper before he went? People have been doing that for years!!

Paris: Because she's been dirty online too!

Boffins build self-replicating replicating machine

Vikash Joshi
Paris Hilton

Paris Clone

I wonder if it could build another Paris Hilton?

Paris: Because 2 Parises in the hand would be worth it for the bush!

*I'll get my coat*

Dubai impounds cable slicing ships

Vikash Joshi
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Ships & Cables

Wonder how long before "No Parking" signs and double yellow lines start popping up in ports?

Paris because she goes down quicker than an anchor.

Royal Mail sites hit by downtime cock-up

Vikash Joshi

FAO Dave


EU wants RFID tags turned off

Vikash Joshi

RFID Supermarket

So what happens at the RFID supermarket?

Already got my coat......


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