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Facebook phone goes on sale


When will the reg be doing a full review?

Indeed you can faceook on any phone, but the point of this is its running on the phone software and can bring all your contact over different mediums into the one inbox

and at 15 quid a month its competetivley priced

its getting good reviews elsewhere i'd love to know what El Reg thinks, as i might get one of these

3 pledges 14.4Mb/s HSDPA in 2010


Might be worth a go

Anonymous scottish coward, in the wilds of the highlands

"Thank gawd I've read this and dodged what sounds like a bad experience ?!"

it might be worth you giving it a go if you order online you've got a 3 day trail period in the first 2 weeks of it arriving

the 2.8mbps is sharded amongst everyone connected to that cell tower ive found it works ok in sparsley populated rural area such as lincolnshire and northumberland where there arent to many people to connect to it

its better than dial up just dont expect to much of it


acompliment not alternative

"If what you want is e-mail on-the-go and a bit of surfing, PAYG 3 dongles are the business!"

i got a 1 gig a month deal from at half price for £5 a months its not that quick 1/3rd of a meg per second

3's coverage area does seem wider than the others mind, if not as fast

Im happy with it

Carphone Warehouse Webbook


aspire one


its an scc at £179 quid mind!

Colonel: Bowman army comms 'astonishingly bad'


Buy American

Im not at all supprised to see that Lewis "buy american" page has failed to mention that Bowman was the American "off the shelf option"

Racal were taken over by Thales after they lost this contract so we can't buy british anymore!


Land Rovers

"I find it hard to believe that a vehicle-mounted Bowman set is too heavy, and consumes too much power for, a military Land Rover."

the Short Wheel base Fitted For Radio can't carry bowman at all and have been sold, the LWB ones have had to have the suspension beefed up and better anti roll bars fitted

imagine a small server rack with a radio bolted to it

UK MoD tries to resell surplus Eurofighters to India, Japan


nice try but

"Perhaps, in fact, the MoD ought to be focusing more on its negotiations in Italy, Germany and Spain "

the Germans and the Spanish want all their jets so a non starter im afraid

US Air Force may allow killbots to be flown by non-pilots


Non pilots

"There is control software in test nowadays which will allow a single, not especially highly trained operator to handle up to six drones at once"

and it'll be a roaring sucess right up until they crash one into a 747 full of GI's on short Finals into Bagdhad/ Kabul

just a shame a few hundred people may die to prove a point, maybe with luck it'll just be a Cargo flight

Roumor has it the Royal Artillery have already managed to crash one of their Bugger-off into the moving rotors of a helicopter, on the ground at the time


Acer Aspire One: the new sub-laptop to beat?


Release date?

any news as to when this is out in the UK?

BAE 'skips a generation' in killer robot tech


Sat coms

"This potentially spares the British forces' pay-as-you-go PFI satcomms budget, and could be a popular feature."

that and availible statelite capacity is usually maxed out during most warfighting opps, the less comms needed the better

and pilots don't nessesrily have to be expensive, its just the current one's we have are, and they're a damn site cheaper than crashing a UAV into a packed Tristar on short finals because you haven't been trained to read an avaition chart

Bic punts 'disposable' pre-charged phone



only twice the price of a cheap PAYG nokia!

Eurofighter at last able to drop bombs, but only 'austerely'


Multinational projects because

"Perhaps if we just developed our own aircraft then the initial cost may be higher but they would more likely be fit-for-purpose from day one"

Supersonic hunter- cancelled, supersonic harrier- cancelled, TSR2- flying......then cancelled

from the RAF's viewpoint at least with multinational projects they actually you get an aircraft in the end

Now if we could just build the next project without the Germans



"RAF Harrier IIs DO carry "big guns" - 30mm Aden cannon in underbelly pods."

No they do not, RAF harrier GR5/7/9's have NEVER carried the 30mm aden cannon

there are quoted in some publications as having done so, that is incorrect


Tiald mk2 vs Litening

essentialy the UK couldn't decide between the 2 for typhoon at which point the other partner nations decided they were buying litening regardless of what we did

as we needed a Pod asap we decided to go with the group tiald was good in its day but that was 15+ years ago

re harrier the US gun needs both of the same pylons we put the Laser pod on, so it cant carry both

USAF ramps up kill-bot fleet following Gates sackings


Non pilot's incharge of UAV's

this may have somthing to do with the resistance of the pilot community


the USAF was looking to bring a UAV pilots career stream, "pilot" doesn't nessesarily have to equal expensivley trained Fast jet type, though the are proabaly the best people we have avialible right now