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IBM's cool zero-emission data centre idea

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...dump the Power CPU - come on IBM, show your real green credentials and develop something that doesn't chew the planet even when in deep sleep.

Sun unsheathes shiny new blades

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...for once I'm going to have to help Matt 'Sun is pants' Bryant...

Sadly for AC, the IBM Power6 does instruction retry.

Happily though, the P6 is being spanked by the T2+ on Siebel and Spec2006 benchmarks!



IT industry needs more women

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@Leona & @Ash

Spot on the pair of you.

My fiancee is near enough an IT widow as it is. She wouldn't come close to considering a career in IT and I certainly won't be convincing any children of mine to take up a career in IT, its full of overpaid management clowns, overpaid senior technician clowns, and lazy overpaid colleagues for the most part.

The day when an IT department can just get on with it and be staffed by competent people just can't come soon enough IMHO. Oh, and at least 60 days holiday would be nice to cover all those weekends I end up working...

IBM gets back into PCs

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More buggy hardware then!

Lets hope this doesn't hit Red Hat too hard. As previously mentioned, the 300GL was an absolute dog in hardware terms. The last thing Linux needs is to be shown up running on crap hardware.

Or perhaps its an IBM ploy to ship more overpriced and under-performing pSeries fridges...?

Apache daddy walks out on OpenSolaris

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err, remind me again of something IBM has contributed to the community (ie, not something bought, not something thats unmarketable junk being offloaded, not something buggy (eg JFS))? They've certainly not open sourced anything as big as So.laris

Where's OpenAIX? OpenDB2, OpenWebsphere? Ditto HP, wheres OpenHPUX? Nada, rien, nowt. Certainly in the case of IBM, I see nothing but take take take in open source cropping up in their 'solutions'.

In the case of Solaris, I think one or two strings attached is ok, for the price (free!) you are getting one hell of a deal (a truly enterprise class OS + complete software stack). Sun truly are major open source players, and yes, they sometimes don't get it, but show me another big company embracing open source like they are... Oh, and show me someone else opening their latest hardware?

I have to agree though that this trademark issue is just dumb. I guess Ben Rockwood (www.cuddletech.com/blog) has the best overview on this IMHO.


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