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Germany says NEIN to purchase incentive for Tesla Model S

Scott Wichall

Re: nope.

So the power company specifically sends electrons to your house that were generated from renewable sources do they? Its not like nipping to Tesco and buying a packet of organic spuds and some soy milk...

Well this is awkward. As Microsoft was bragging about Office at Build, Office 365 went down

Scott Wichall

"User Impact: Users may have been unable to log in to Office 365 services.

Final status: We monitored the service and worked with some affected customers to confirm restoration. In some cases, affected users may need to restart their browser or application in order for sign-in to begin functioning properly.

Scope of impact: Customer reports indicated that many users likely experienced impact related to this event. Our analysis indicated that this issue could have potentially affected any of your users intermittently if they were routed through the affected infrastructure.

Start time: Wednesday, May 10, 2017, at 7:32 PM UTC

End time: Wednesday, May 10, 2017, at 8:12 PM UTC

Preliminary root cause: A recent change introduced a configuration issue that caused authentication for Office 365 services to become degraded.

Next steps:

- We're reviewing our monitoring services to find ways to reduce detection time and to improve our automated recovery processes.

- We're reviewing our update procedures to help catch this kind of problem during our testing cycle.

We'll publish a post-incident report within five business days."

So someone made a change and it went wrong. It happens.

Big Pharma wrote EU anti-vaping diktat, claims Tory ex-MEP

Scott Wichall

Re: its an interesting business

Don't get me started on that blundercunt Chapman or his sidekick Bubblegum. Let alone the aircraft engineer...

Scott Wichall

They have effectively banned vaping. Protect the MSA, trebles all round at GSK, Altria, J&J et all. Plus all the bankrupt states with maturing MSA bonds. Awful bastards, I just hope the legal challenge(s) that have already been launched against the FDA succeed.

Scott Wichall

Whilst this is true (I have over 1.5 litres of homebrew in the cupboard at the moment), that's not going to help the people who are unable to get homebrew supplies, are not inclined or just don't know about it. They will drift back to smoking with the massive hit to public health that entails. These evil fucks in the EU (and that backsliding little shit Soubry) should all hang their heads in shame.

Scott Wichall

Re: Time to stock up on 24mg strength e-juice

Worse flavour I have tried was cheese & onion. Wow. Just wow.

Vinyl LPs to top 3 million sales in Blighty this year

Scott Wichall

Re: Nice to see....

And what business of yours is it what they spend their money on?

Virgin bins Webspace, tells customers they can cry to GoDaddy

Scott Wichall

Re: GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is worse than Fasthosts? Say it isn't so....

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua 4G: The Android smartie that can take its drink

Scott Wichall

Plastic back is far superior IMHO. I say this as the glass back on my Z3 has cracked all by itself, the phone has never been dropped and I always take it out of my pocket before I sit down. Lots of reports of this and the screen cracking by itself on the Z3 without being dropped.

Reddit meltdown: Top chat boards hidden as rebellion breaks out

Scott Wichall


I shall just file this in my "Things happening on the internet that I don't give a shit about" folder...

Neil Young touts MP3 player that's no Piece of Crap

Scott Wichall

Re: Another one?

I do stream stuff for convenience, on the PC its FLAC24 with a Xonar Essence, iPod its ALAC...

If I want to do some serious listening though, out comes the vinyl :-)

Russians drill into buried 20 million-year-old Antarctic lake

Scott Wichall

Would that environmentally friendly freon be the same freon that purportedly kills the ozone layer?

It's ALIVE! Broken Russian Mars probe finally answers calls

Scott Wichall

I just did a big grunt if that helps?

Marantz NR1602 AV receiver with AirPlay

Scott Wichall

Looks good but...

Nice to see Marantz have forgotten all about people with turntables, yes I know the purists will argue you need a seperate pre-amp, however, my Denon AV amp has a fantastic phono input stage.

Virgin Media preps firmware update for glitchy SuperHub

Scott Wichall

Its Shit

Truly shocked when this piece of shit was installed after my upgrade to 50 meg.

Constantly drops wireless connections and locks up. I have turned off the wireless, DHCP is provided by my server and my old d-link router is working quite nicely now as a wireless access point.

@StooMonster there is a work around to put the IP address into the 192.168.1.x range, if I remember correctly you change the router address in advanced settings, then reboot it. This changes it. There are a couple of thread's on VM's crappy forum talking about it.

Shopping mall mulls Supreme Court bid to back no-speaking ban

Scott Wichall


California, home to a lot of the worlds authoritarian, weapons grade cockwafts.

Enough said really.

'Electronic fags' are useless - US prof's startling claim

Scott Wichall

John Smith 19 - Nicotine Is Carcinogenic

Fail for you:

"The carcinogenic properties of nicotine in standalone form, separate from tobacco smoke, have not been evaluated by the IARC, and it has not been assigned to an official carcinogen group. The currently available literature indicates that nicotine, on its own, does not promote the development of cancer in healthy tissue and has no mutagenic properties. "

Defra tenders for sheep tracking database

Scott Wichall

Watch the welsh

The welsh hackers will be getting all fired up and ready to breach that database then

eBay cans free P&P requirement

Scott Wichall

High value items

I have sold some higher value items on ebay before, and the only way I would send them is using Special Delivery insured. This could be £10 for postage quite easily, which buyers were comfortable with. In fact this delivery type was the only one I would allow.

Why on earth would you send a high value item by normal postage - the buyer only has to claim its never received, you get charged back and loose the item in the process, even with proof of posting.

They can stick it, just they way they could stick their free postage bollocks

Save DAB! Send FM radios to Africa

Scott Wichall

AV reciever

Yeah, like I am going to send my AV processor (which is FM only).......

Plus the sound quality from DAB is inferior IMO.

NuLabour 'Bribo' laptop pops up on eBay

Scott Wichall
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Did I laugh

When i first saw this a couple of days ago. I am surprised ebay haven't pulled the auction yet tbh.

And yes, this one does hit the nail right on the head.

Loud sex woman coughs to ASBO breach

Scott Wichall


Makes me think of Lassie in Porkies...

RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700

Scott Wichall
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I used to laugh at BlackBerry owners

Right up until the moment I got my Bold 9000 last year. I came from an LG Viewty, and the BB was an absolute revelation.

Its sad to say, but I wouldn't want to be without the BB now, and the 9700 looks like good incremental improvements on an already fantastic mobile device.

New gizmo means working electropulse rayguns at last

Scott Wichall


I would be more interested if they had developed a magnetron that could flash chill beer

Most expensive RAF aircraft ever takes to the skies

Scott Wichall
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Its a gorgeous looking aircraft....and compared to the money pissed away on the Shining White Edifice (NHS) thats a drop in the ocean!

Brown pledges to make Britain's drivers greener

Scott Wichall
Gates Horns


"we wonder if this means sticking Whitehall Mandarins in a fleet a G-Wizzes. We hope so as surely that can only be beneficial to our democracy"

It will be beneficial if we then drive a fleet of trucks over said G-wizzes populated with the Whitehall Mandarins.

BMW driver follows satnav to edge of cliff

Scott Wichall

Hmmmm, lots of hate here

Seems to be a lot of people here who hate BMW drivers. I presume you are all referring to the wankers (reps) in 320/520D cars who are slowly moving onto Audi's.

I drive a proper petrol big 5 series....and I can assure all of you twats who are complaining about typical BMW drivers, that the indicators all work, quite correctly every time I change lane/direction. More than can be said for the idiots driving insignificant little shitboxes at 90mph down the motorway. I watch them all kicking each other in the balls every day while I sit tucked in behind the lorries in the left hand lane and have a quiet chuckle to myself.

Oh, and the arrogant wankers who do not bother to acknowledge you when you have given way to them...just because you are driving a BMW. Cocks.

They say people with big cars have small dicks...so why is it then that all the little shitboxes are the ones screaming around everywhere...clearly trying to prove something or make up for something lacking in the trouser department?


And there is no way on gods green earth he would have been able to reverse that BM back up there. People do rely on Sat Nav too much, but that looks like the sort of typical rural non classified road/track that a Sat Nav would send you along.

Personally, I write down directions, take a map and only use the Sat Nav for emergencies!

Texting peer gets prison

Scott Wichall
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It couldn't have happened to a nicer ferret faced piece of scum. IMHO he should have got 12 months in pokey - any normal citizen would have.

Google's email service goes down

Scott Wichall

I can't get mail either

So someone has tripped over all the cables at google central again then....

Scottish firm pays £120,000 over unlicensed software

Scott Wichall


Just file their self important software audit form in the correct folder.....the bin.

Teen-bothering sonic device now does grownups too

Scott Wichall
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I can hear them...

Well, I am a proper old fart of 34, and when a local shop installed one, I could hear it clearly. Very painfull it was too.

Didn't seem to stop the chav's sitting around outside the shop though lol

Lapdancing 'not sexually stimulating', MPs hear

Scott Wichall
Paris Hilton

Not at all

No, of course a neatly trimmed fur burger 6 inches from your face isn't going to turn you on.

Yeah right

Got to be Paris again!

Police poison speed debate with fuzzy figures

Scott Wichall

@Paul McConkey

[QUOTE]As the only self proclaimed bikers in these comments also appear to believe in speeding, it is clear that 100% of bikers are speed freak knobheads and that the simplest way to reduce speeding incidents in the UK will be to ban, with immediate effect, every motorbike. I challenge anyone to dispute my statistics.[/QUOTE]

You Sir, are clearly a phallus of the worst variety. In other words, you are the knobhead.

The challenge to your statistics is that 70% of motorcycle accidents are single vehicle. EG no one elses family is affected by a biker misjudging a bend or hitting a pothole/diesel etc.

The other 30% of motorcycle accidents are caused by knobs, probably similar to youself who only spend 0.5 of a second looking to see if a road is clear before pulling out AKA "Sorry mate didn't see you"

A simple fact for you is that although many bikers exceed speed limits, very few do it in built up residential areas like all the mums on school runs, chavs, bus drivers etc and they are also a damn sight more aware of whats going on around them, unlike CAGE drivers busy fiddling with the stereo/heating controls/mobile phone/twat nav.

So what do you think of them apples?

David Davis tells El Reg that Labour is 'mesmerised' by tech

Scott Wichall

Silly Me - A song about it by dreamflower

I found a song all about it. Go to http://www.dreamflower.co.za/ to download it. Its quite catchy!

And fair play to David Davis for taking a stance on this....I personally feel "trapped" in this country now, compared to only 10 years ago

Armed police swoop on MP3-packing mechanic

Scott Wichall
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@Ferry Boat

Yeah, its lovely that isn't it. They won't be happy till big brother/nanny has all of us on there

Head banker leaves job over Muslim gaffe

Scott Wichall

I laughed as well

So he told a crap joke. So what, it made me laugh and I am sure many other readers had a chuckle as well.

I do not think he deserved to loose his job, but then again, that's the PC world we live in now.

Gene Simmons blames college kids for ruining music biz

Scott Wichall

@steve hive

[quote]"Gene Simmons can use his enhanced tongue to lick that spot between my sack and my a**hole."

In medical terminology, that's called the "t'isnt".

T'isnt yer sack and t'isnt yer arse"Gene Simmons can use his enhanced tongue to lick that spot between my sack and my a**hole."

In medical terminology, that's called the "t'isnt".

T'isnt yer sack and t'isnt yer arse[/quote]

I think you will find that spot is actually called a twernt.

If it twernt there your guts would fall out.

Ubuntu's latest OS not so Gutsy

Scott Wichall
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My experience

Well, the first thing I had to do was disable IPV6.

Then get the restricted ATI drivers for my card.

After that, CompizFusion started up and gave me all the eye candy.

I must say though, this is the easiest distro I have found yet. I have only really played around with linux, but I was so impressed with Ubuntu I am now running it at home instead of XP and even the wife likes it!

Shocked Shatner shunted from Star Trek XI

Scott Wichall

:Steve Charlton

Firefly......Oh yeah. Fantastic:-)

Judge parks 172mph Porsche driver for 10 weeks

Scott Wichall

Police snipers

Well, all I can say is if the (mainly civilian) operators of speed camera's can target an object moving towards them at 172 mph and holding a consistent aiming point (which they are required to do)....then they are in the wrong job. Perhaps they should be top military snipers!

I am suprised he only managed 172 mph along that stretch though LOL

Derbyshire cops get into deep water

Scott Wichall


Laugh.....I nearly fell off my seat!

Icebergs collect mini ecosystems, lock up carbon

Scott Wichall

Oh dear Tony


By Tony

Posted Friday 22nd June 2007 13:29 GMT

This article is obviously a plant by climate deniers.

There is scientific consensus that absolutely no good can come from global warming.


Interesting that the scientific consensus comes from a vested interest lobby group who's turnover is worth billions of pounds. Sorry I meant the UN climate change panel and its job program.

So no good can come from global warming, even though climate changes are perfectly normal occurances that have occured throughout history? It is a recognised fact that there was a "hot" period in the middle ages (warmer than now), followed by a "little" ice age that we have been recovering from in fits and starts through the 20th century. That is only in recent times that affects our living memory and well documented history.

I suggest you read the book The Chilling Stars by Svensmark and Calder (I am half way through), unless like all AGW proponents, you cannot accept the heresey against doctrine that there may be another way of explaining climate change.


And this is news?

By Stuart

Posted Friday 22nd June 2007 15:13 GMT

Not that we shouldn't all be sensible here and recycle, use our cars a little less and generally be more healthy by walking and even cycling (if you want to take the risk in a big city).

But the rash of taxes and demands for wholesale changes to lifestyle are not supported by reasoned scientific facts


Well said, and I agree Stuart. We should be doing all we can to protect our environment in terms of pollution for our children to inherit a pleasant world. But let's face it, in the industrialised world there are strick controls compared to the junk emitted during the industrial revolution and early 20th century. The same kind of poisons now being emitted by the countries trying to industrialise themselves out of poverty, ie India and China.

Polar caps wane as Mars tries global warming

Scott Wichall

Hmmm Global Warming

"Phil Christensen, a planetary scientist at Arizona State, cautions against over-extrapolating from the data, however. He told Nature.com that it is unlikely that in 500 years time the Martian ice caps would be completely gone:

"They're looking at a piece of the cycle, other processes could turn this around to a place where the ice-caps start growing again. You can't take 10 years of data and extrapolate out to 1,000 years.""

Mr Christensen should tell this to his fellow earth climate scientists then....

UK Gov deploys lie detectors on benefits claims

Scott Wichall


This is headline grabbing at its very poorest.

What a complete waste of tax payer's money......again

CCTV nails sheep-shagging Turk

Scott Wichall

God help the welsh then

Let's hope no one installs CCTV in the welsh farms then LOL


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