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Nike pulls Air Stab trainers


Not funny?

Oh but it is. It’s frickin’ hilarious Ms. Fatima – maybe you need to lift your burka and look closer. And who knows, maybe one day someone will be saved by stabbing someone with their shoe. Maxwell Smart swore by (and at) his.

On the other hand, the Nike Cut Your Head Off And Piss Down Your Neck And Use Your Skull As An Ashtray line of trainers was deemed officially Not Funny At All.

BOFH: Insecurity complex


Other Jeffs/Jims

What about the Jeffs/Jims that do apparently know everything even though we don't care?

I can't count the time wasted listening to hours upon hours about perfume or wine or some video game intricacies or the color of the power supply cables on a PDP 8/e.

Arrg, just thinking about him makes me want a pint.

Why yes, thank you, the one with the Persian cashmere belt (only found on the underside of a rare species of underground frog) and the filigree buttons (from a small craftsman in the back room of a coffee shop once frequented by the Duke of Earl) and matching (oh never mind)...


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